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Your digital partner in Mobile App development and Marketing.
Pixels is a group of digital agencies focused on innovation and multi-channel marketing. Pixels is headquartered in Switzerland and active since 2011. We are specialists in digital strategy consulting, omnichannel marketing, e-event, design and branding, mobile and web application development, websites, and e-commerce platform development. We continuously invest in research and development to ensure the use of the latest technologies and the most adapted solutions to serve the most ambitious strategies. The group also includes specialized communication agencies: -Pixels Health (www.pixelshealth.com) focuses on healthcare. -Pixels Banking (www.pixelsbanking.com) focuses on banking and finance. Specific to our healthcare branch: Pixels Health offers medical writing services. We are certified IQVIA, VEEVA, Salesforce, Adobe, and ISO 27001. We also benefit from a number of partnerships in place to offer the best e-event and services across our offering. Some of our references: Sanofi, Merck, Pierre-Fabre, Servier, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Diabetes patient association, and multiple start-ups and SME. Specific to our Banking branch: We offer a number of solutions including which a workflow solution and a mobile and internet banking solution. Some of our references: Lombard Odier, Pictet, Octogone Management SA, Square stone Capital, BT, STB, Credit Mutuel, Acolin, and a number of start-up. Pixels Trade also serves other industries with innovative solutions (including AI, VR, IoT). Some of our references: Franck Muller, Cote Magazine, United Nations, SGS, Cargill, Total. _______________ Pixels est une agence digitale axée sur l'innovation. Le siège de Pixels est en Suisse et est activité depuis 2011. Nous sommes spécialisés dans le conseil en stratégie digitale, le marketing multicanal, l'e-événement, le design et le branding, le développement d'application mobile et web, le développement de sites web et de plateformes e-commerce. Nous investissons continuellement dans la recherche et le développement afin de garantir l'utilisation des dernières technologies et des solutions les plus adaptées pour servir les stratégies les plus ambitieuses. Le groupe compte des agences de communication spécialisées : -Pixels Health (www.pixelshealth.com) spécialisée sur le domaine de la santé. -Pixels Banking (www.pixelsbanking.com) spécialisée dans le secteur bancaire et finance. Spécifique à notre branche santé : Pixels Health propose des services de "medical writing". Nous sommes certifiés IQVIA, VEEVA, Salesforce, Adobe et ISO 27001. Nous bénéficions également d'un certain nombre de partenariats afin d'offrir les meilleurs services et événements électroniques dans l'ensemble de notre offre. Quelques-unes de nos références : Sanofi, Merck, Pierre-Fabre, Servier, Novo Nordisk, Novartis, Association de patients diabétiques et de nombreuses start-ups et PME. Spécifique à notre branche bancaire : Nous offrons un certain nombre de solutions dont une solution de workflow et une solution de banque mobile et internet. Quelques-unes de nos références : Lombard Odier, Pictet, Octogone Management SA, Square stone Capital, BT, STB, Crédit Mutuel, Acolin et un certain nombre de start-up. Pixels Trade propose également des solutions innovantes à d'autres secteurs d'activité. Quelques-unes de nos références : Franck Muller, Cote Magazine, Nations Unies, SGS, Cargill, Total...
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Founded in 2011
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  • Description
    Pixels Trade has designed mobile app since 2011 and won multiple awards including a Lion d'or in Cannes thanks to innovative and well designed mobile application

    Pixels Trade design et créé des applications mobiles depuis 2011 et nous avons gagné beaucoup de prix pour nos réalisations dont le Lion d'Or à Cannes.
    Skills in Mobile App (34)
    Web DevelopmentMobile Application DevelopmentErgonomieApp DesignMobile App DevelopmentUser Interface DesignReact Native DevelopmentApp DevelopmentInterface DesignAndroid App Development+24
    Works in Mobile App (17)
    United Nations (UN) - Emergency management - Mobile App
    DiabApp Application mobile pour patient diabétique - Mobile App
    PixelsBeacon - Lombard Odier - Mobile App
    Sanofi - Flukehero - Application mobile - Mobile App
    Reviews in Mobile App (2)
    mohamed Ridha bouhafs
    Mélisande Piota
    Clients in Mobile App (17)
    Hugo FundsBanking & Financials | international
    SGSLogistics & Supply Chain | international
    SanofiPharmaceuticals & Biotech | international
    La Phamarcie Rive GauchePharmaceuticals & Biotech | local

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  • Description
    Since we started our activity we have designed over one hundred of websites. We adapt messages and style to the graphic charter and the industry codes.

    Depuis le début de notre activité nous avons créé plus d'une centaine de site Internet en adaptant les messages et le style aux codes des différentes l'industrie et aux chartes graphiques.
    Skills in Website Creation (29)
    Omnichannel MarketingVitrineImageSur MesureIdentité visuellemoderneresponsive websitesnewsletterssite webgraphique+19
    Works in Website Creation (17)
    Groupe Solaire Suisse - Site Wordpress - Website Creation
    United Nations (UN) - Emergency management - Website Creation
    DiabApp Application mobile pour patient diabétique - Website Creation
    Pierre Fabre - Oralcare Coach - Website Creation
    Reviews in Website Creation (3)
    Ursula Geoffroy Siegrist
    Larbi CHABABE
    Virginie Vivès
    Clients in Website Creation (17)
    Groupe Solaire SuisseEnergy & Oil | national
    Vesta BiosciencesPharmaceuticals & Biotech | international
    La Phamarcie Rive GauchePharmaceuticals & Biotech | local
    Société Tunisienne de BanqueBanking & Financials |

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  • Description
    Our software development service is a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals looking to build, enhance, or optimize their software applications. We offer a wide range of expertise, from crafting intuitive mobile applications to creating robust web-based systems. Our team brings together a diverse set of skills to address your software development needs.

    At our software development service, we combine the skills above to provide you with tailor-made solutions that meet your unique requirements. Whether it's a mobile app, a web-based system, or CRM integration, we have the expertise to deliver top-quality software that enhances your business or personal objectives. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore how our skills can bring your software development ideas to life.
    Skills in Software Development (17)
    .NET DevelopmentMicrosoft AzureGoLang DevelopmentC++ DevelopmentC# (C-Sharp) DevelopmentApplication DevelopmentMobile Application DevelopmentMobile App DevelopmentMobile DesignWeb Application Development+7
    Works in Software Development (15)
    United Nations (UN) - Emergency management - Software Development
    DiabApp Application mobile pour patient diabétique - Software Development
    PixelsBeacon - Lombard Odier - Software Development
    Sanofi - Flukehero - Application mobile - Software Development
    Reviews in Software Development (2)
    Amaury Masbernat
    Lionel Gaillard
    Clients in Software Development (15)
    PictetBanking & Financials | national
    United NationsNon-profit |
    Vesta BiosciencesPharmaceuticals & Biotech | international
    Geneva Compliance GroupBanking & Financials | regional

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  • Description
    At PixelsTrade, we offer a comprehensive web application development service that brings together the technical expertise necessary to create high-quality applications. Our team of experienced professionals has deep knowledge of web programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Symfony, and PHP...

    We have hands-on experience in managing web application development projects, which means that we are able to efficiently manage development teams and deliver successful projects. Our team uses project management techniques such as planning, organization, resource management, and budgeting to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget.

    We also have in-depth knowledge of database technologies and storage systems, which ensures that we can create robust and durable web applications that are both secure and reliable. Our team has a strong understanding of database management, cloud storage, data backup, and data restoration techniques, which allows us to develop a solid infrastructure for all our web applications.

    We are also experts in designing visually appealing and user-friendly web applications. Our team has the necessary skills in graphic design, user interface development, and user experience design to create modern and functional web applications.

    We follow rigorous development processes such as Agile and DevOps, which ensure that all web applications meet high-quality standards throughout the development cycle. Our team also conducts security and performance testing to ensure that all web applications are reliable and efficient, even under high-pressure conditions.

    Our project management techniques, such as Kanban and Scrum, allow us to effectively plan and manage project resources and deliverables. We are agile and able to quickly adapt to changes in client needs and market trends, enabling us to consistently deliver solutions that meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

    In summary, our web application development service at PixelsTrade encompasses a range of technical expertise, including programming languages, project management, database management, and user experience design. We prioritize quality, security, and agility in all our web application development projects, ensuring that our clients receive the best solutions possible.
    Skills in Web Application (19)
    Quality AssuranceWeb DevelopmentPrototypingResponsive DesignLaravel DevelopmentAPI DevelopmentIoT DevelopmentFull Stack DevelopmentWeb Application DevelopmentCI Integration+9
    Works in Web Application (16)
    United Nations (UN) - Emergency management - Web Application
    DiabApp Application mobile pour patient diabétique - Web Application
    PixelsBeacon - Lombard Odier - Web Application
    Serious Game - Sanofi - Web Application
    Review in Web Application (1)
    Arcantaël Lagarde
    Clients in Web Application (16)
    Hugo FundsBanking & Financials | international
    SGSLogistics & Supply Chain | international
    SanofiPharmaceuticals & Biotech | international
    La Phamarcie Rive GauchePharmaceuticals & Biotech | local

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  • Description
    Our graphic design service is a creative hub where visual concepts come to life. We provide a wide array of design solutions that cater to diverse needs, from stunning illustrations to brand-defining corporate designs. With a team of talented graphic designers, we bring your ideas to the forefront through captivating and innovative visuals.

    Our graphic design service is a one-stop destination for all your design needs. We pride ourselves on creativity, quality, and the ability to turn your vision into stunning visual reality. Whether you need a new logo, a brochure, or innovative 3D designs, we're here to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of exceptional graphic design.
    Skills in Graphic Design (23)
    2D DesignIllustrationPrint DesignLogo DesignBrochure DesignMagazine DesignBrochureEditorial DesignPackaging DesignCreative Design+13
    Works in Graphic Design (17)
    Groupe Solaire Suisse - Site Wordpress - Graphic Design
    United Nations (UN) - Emergency management - Graphic Design
    SébFruits - SÉB L’ ARTISAN DES FRUITS - Graphic Design
    PixelsBeacon - Lombard Odier - Graphic Design
    Clients in Graphic Design (17)
    Octogone Management SABanking & Financials | international
    Côte MagazineLuxury Goods & Jewelry | international
    SquareStonesBanking & Financials | international
    Frank MullerLuxury Goods & Jewelry | international

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

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  • Description
    Our digital communication agency, specializing in the health sector, stands out for its expertise in omnichannel marketing and the implementation of intelligent campaigns. We offer a comprehensive range of services and skills to help businesses in the industry connect with their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

    We begin by integrating omnichannel marketing strategies to provide a consistent and personalized experience for your customers across all communication channels. Our expertise in this area allows us to coordinate and synchronize your campaigns for a unified and optimal customer experience.

    Intelligent campaigns are designed and executed by planning and implementing targeted and automated email marketing initiatives to achieve your business goals, strengthen relationships with your clients, and optimize your return on investment.

    Our team of copywriters creates captivating and relevant content for your email campaigns, taking into account the specific needs of your industry and audience. As experts in email campaign creation and management, we adapt content and design to maximize engagement and conversion rates.

    Newsletters are crafted to be informative and engaging, keeping your audience informed about the latest news, special offers, and upcoming events. Our email marketing expertise enables us to optimize your campaigns and achieve a high return on investment.

    Email marketing automation is employed to help you efficiently manage your campaigns while saving time and resources. We set up automation systems that streamline the process and improve overall effectiveness.

    We incorporate WhatsApp into your communication strategy to facilitate connections with your target audience by offering personalized notifications, automated responses, and real-time interactions. Our expertise in using WhatsApp for businesses in the health sector allows us to provide effective solutions that enhance engagement, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

    By seamlessly connecting these various components, our agency crafts a comprehensive, expertly designed marketing approach tailored to the unique needs of the health sector.
    Skills in Email Marketing (17)
    RemarketingEmail Template DesignHubSpot EmailMailchimpEmail MarketingDirect MailingSms MarketingEmail Marketing AutomationEmail Marketing Campaignwhatsapp+7
    Works in Email Marketing (5)
    Email Marketing - Email Marketing
    WhatsApp Marketing - Email Marketing
    SMS Marketing Campaigns - Sanofi - Email Marketing
    United Seychelles - Mobile App for political party - Email Marketing
    Clients in Email Marketing (5)
    SanofiPharmaceuticals & Biotech | local
    AssetsManBanking & Financials |
    United SeychellesPolitical Organization | national
    SanofiPharmaceuticals & Biotech | local

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  • Description
    Our Graphic Identity service is your key to establishing a strong, memorable, and visually cohesive brand presence. We specialize in crafting distinctive and effective visual identities that resonate with your target audience. A well-defined graphic identity is more than just a logo; it's the visual representation of your brand's personality and values. Whether you need a complete brand identity design, branding graphic design, or visual identity overhaul, our skilled team is here to help you make a lasting impression.
    At our Graphic Identity service, we understand the significance of a cohesive and powerful brand image. We work collaboratively with you to capture the essence of your brand and translate it into visual elements that make a lasting impression. Whether you're building a brand from scratch or looking to refresh your current identity, we have the expertise to make your brand stand out. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of a distinctive graphic identity.
    Skills in Graphic Identity (5)
    Visual IdentityIdentity DesignBrand IdentityBrand Identity DesignBranding Graphic Design
    Works in Graphic Identity (5)
    Groupe Solaire Suisse - Site Wordpress - Graphic Identity
    Acris Management - Graphic Identity - Graphic Identity
    illico1 - Graphic Identity - Graphic Identity
    SquareStones - Graphic Identity - Graphic Identity
    Clients in Graphic Identity (5)
    Groupe Solaire SuisseEnergy & Oil | national
    SquareStonesBanking & Financials | international
    Frank MullerLuxury Goods & Jewelry | international
    Acris ManagementBanking & Financials | national

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  • Description
    We offer a digital communication agency service that specializes in creating artistic and scientific 3D videos for the pharmaceutical and scientific industries. Our team includes highly skilled professionals in the field of 3D animation, medical experts, writers, sound engineers, and designers. Together, we work hand-in-hand to create complex and unique scenarios, and we take great care in ensuring that our work is scientifically accurate and informative.

    Our process begins with a thorough consultation with the client to understand their specific needs and goals. From there, we develop a detailed plan that includes storyboarding, concept design, and pre-visualization. Once the plan is in place, we begin production using the latest software and hardware technologies. We also make sure to collaborate closely with our clients throughout the entire process to ensure that the final product meets their exact specifications.

    Our 3D videos are of the highest quality, and we pride ourselves on creating visually stunning content that accurately represents the scientific and medical concepts at hand. We use cutting-edge techniques to produce realistic animations that engage the viewer and help them to better understand complex ideas. Additionally, our videos are optimized for SEO and we make sure that they are easily searchable and accessible to our clients' target audience.

    At our agency, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and quality results. Our team is committed to staying at the forefront of the latest advancements in 3D animation and technology, and we take pride in delivering the highest level of expertise and professionalism to our clients.
    Skills in 3D (10)
    3D Architecture3D Exhibition Booth Modeling3D Virtual Visits3D Product Rendering3D Game Development3D Visualisation3D Design3D Modeling3D Animation3D Rendering
    Works in 3D (3)
    Tridem Pharma - 3D Video - 3D
    Serious Game - Sanofi - 3D
    Sanofi - CardioRisk Calculator (Webapp) - 3D
    Clients in 3D (3)
    SanofiPharmaceuticals & Biotech | international
    SanofiPharmaceuticals & Biotech | national
    Tridem PharmaPharmaceuticals & Biotech | regional

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  • Description
    Our SEO service is a comprehensive solution for businesses and individuals seeking to maximize their online presence and reach their target audience effectively. We employ a range of advanced techniques and strategies to improve your search engine rankings, increase organic traffic, and boost online visibility. Our team combines expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with a specialized focus on app store optimization and multilingual SEO.
    At our SEO service, we understand that the online landscape is highly competitive, and being visible is crucial for success. We employ advanced techniques and up-to-date strategies to ensure your content is not just visible but also engaging to your audience. Whether you need to optimize your website, improve app store rankings, or expand your reach to international markets, we have the expertise to make it happen. Contact us today to discuss your project and explore the possibilities of a powerful SEO strategy.
    Skills in SEO (13)
    Off Page SEOSearch Engine OptimizationLocal SEOLink BuildingOn-Page SEOSEO AuditSEO StrategyApp Store OptimisationSEO OptimizationMultilingual SEO+3
    Works in SEO (6)
    Groupe Solaire Suisse - Site Wordpress - SEO
    illico1 - Graphic Identity - SEO
    SquareStones - Graphic Identity - SEO
    Clients in SEO (6)
    Duty FreeE-commerce | international
    SquareStonesBanking & Financials | international
    Octogone Management SABanking & Financials | international
    Groupe Solaire SuisseEnergy & Oil | national

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StoryThe agency opened up in 2011, originally focusing on development of mobile and web application. Over the years we have set 2 branches focused on banking and healthcare and offer the full range of multi-channel engagement services.
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Pixels Trade was awarded 9 times

ISO 9001:20152023-1-1Certification
Lion Cannes (Gold award)2017-4-30Healtchare / santé
e-Banking award2019-5-31Banque et Finance
Pro d'Or Award2017-12-31Healtchare / santé
Telecom People Award2017-3-31Telecom / Healthcare
Veeva certified2020-12-31Healthcare, Multi-Channel-Marketing
IQVIA certified (MI and OCE)2020-1-31Healthcare, Multi-Channel-Marketing
ADOBE Certified2021-3-1Certification
Magnolia Certified2021-12-1


21 reviews for Pixels Trade

(21 reviews)
Henry GirardChef de produit marketing at Confidentiel

What was the objective behind your collaboration?L'objectif était : le Développement du HTML Veeva

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?Compétences, Expertise, Communication, Flexibilité

Are there any areas for improvements?N/A

Henry Girard recommends this agency


Arcantaël LagardeCheffe de projet at Confidentiel
ServiceWeb Application
SectorHospitals & Healthcare

What was the objective behind your collaboration?Le développement de Medical Device Web application.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?Expertise, Connaissance approfondie du domaine médical, Communication, professionnalisme, flexibilité.

Arcantaël Lagarde recommends this agency

ServiceWeb Application
SectorHospitals & Healthcare

Virginie VivèsAssistante de direction at Groupe Solaire Suisse
ServiceWebsite Creation

**Quel était l'objectif de votre collaboration ?** Développement d’un site Wordpress pour Groupe Solaire Suisse. **Qu'avez-vous le plus apprécié pendant votre collaboration ?** La créativité et la disponibilité des équipes, ainsi que la mise en place d’outils qui nous permettent de gérer nous même le site.

ServiceWebsite Creation

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