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  • Nilead offers all-in-one, fully managed Digital Marketing solution with the tools and services to make it easier for you to Attract, Acquire, Engage, and Support customers. 


    Attract customers:

    1. Website design & development. We do REAL CUSTOM websites that impress and engage.
    2. Website hosting & maintenance. We host and maintain your websites to ensure they are fast and secure.
    3. Website management. We help you to update content on your website and keeping it fresh.
    4. Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing. We help you get in front of the ones that matter.
    5. Social Media Management & Social Media Marketing. We assist you in up-keeping your brand image on social networks.


    Acquire customers:

    1. Landing page. We create landing pages that help you impress and acquire leads.
    2. Activity tracking. We record customers’ interaction with your digital marketing materials for you to analyze and interact better with them.
    3. Marketing automation. We improve your productivity by automating repetitive tasks such as sending mails to clients that stopped giving work, alerting sales person if a deal is not progressing.
    4. eCommerce system. Sell your products and services online with our built-in eCommerce features.
    5. Sales System. Create deals, communicate with your clients on private channel created for each deal, create quotation and later convert them into sales orders with invoice, payment request, shipment.


    Engage customers:

    1. Content Management System. Keep your website updated using our built-in CMS.
    2. Personalized marketing. Segment and create personalized messages for your customers, automate your marketing campaigns with our automation tool.
    3. Conversation hub. We help you to aggregate conversations from email, social networks, instant messengers so you can stay on top of your game.
    4. Content planning and writing. We help you to reach more customers, create a sense of connection and trust via useful and personalized contents.


    Support customers:

    1. Ticket system. Never lose track of any customer’s request with our built-in ticket system.
    2. Online chat. We provide deep integration with Crisp chat service to allow you to support your customers in real time.
    3. Automation System. Automatically escalate tickets, remind due dates, notify managers with our automation system.


    Contact us today to setup a free consulting session to see how we can help you.

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Website Creation
  • CUSTOM DESIGN THAT SPEAKS FOR YOUR BRAND We provide Bespoke Website Design & Development services that deliver the results you want and impress your customers while doing it. Our High Conversion Website package can be used as standalone service or as part of our Digital Marketing service.
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Online Advertising
  • We provide Online Advertising service for clients that have websites, micro sites, landing pages designed, developed, and hosted by Nilead. Our process and tools are built from the ground up with best performance and search engine optimization in mind. Our Online Advertising doesn't stop at promoting your website on various channels, we help you collect valuable leads, build up relationships, create deals and quotes, manage the whole sales execution pipeline with our built-in CRM, Sales and Automation tools. When you partner with Nilead you work with real people, see real results, and get transparent pricing.
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Solid Interior´s Corporate website design

Solid Interior´s Corporate website design

April 2017
April 2017

Solid Interior´s Corporate website design

Solid Interior is a collaboration project of TheLabSaigon and Nilead. In this project, Nilead took the position of the web technical service provider to implement the new website interface of Solid Interior:  

  • We collaborated with TheLabSaigon design team to turns the still design into a working website.
  • We helped TheLabSaigon and Solid's team to work out improvements on the design using our web design experience.
  • Nilead team provided technical training and documents for Solid Interior team to manage their website.

We started Solid Interior's project by analyzing the designs created by TheLabSaigon team and researching their current website (at the time). We kicked off the project by meeting the client to learn more about their requirements and goals for the website and presenting our thoughts and suggestions for the design. Before actually doing any coding, we made sure to cover all the design details and worked with the client and the design team to fix all possible issues that can hinder the users' experience while navigating the website.     



The design of Solid Interior was done mainly by our partner, TheLabSaigon. After receiving all the design and guidelines from the creative team, Nilead team collaborated with the design team and the client to improve the design making it responsive and user-friendly, creating a general website style that complies with the brand guidelines.


Solid Interior´s website was designed based on a 12 columns grid layout, that allows a more flexible element arrangement. Also, based on this structure the developers and designers can create a more accurate and compelling responsive version of the site for the mobile devices, enhancing the user experience.



One of the main goals for Solid Interior´s website was to showcase the projects and clients they have worked with, allowing the user to see their creativity, experience, and high-end delivery for each project. Based on that we create a portfolio section with a gallery function for each project, where they can upload as many media contents to demonstrate their work. Besides watching the media content and the technical information of the projects, the users can share the projects they like through embedded social media on the page.


For the main navigation bar, we created a simple drop down menu in each section, showing to the user the different subpages. With this, we avoid saturating the navigation flow and confuse the user, also allow Solid Interior´s management team to add more subpages in each section without worrying about breaking the design.   The scope and type of projects that Solid works with are very wide, for this reason, we implemented an intuitive and fast sub navigation system in different sections of Solid´s website, making easier for the user to navigate through the pages and subpages within the site.


Promoting and selling the company values was one of the main goals of Solid with this website project. In addition to creating a page with the different projects and clients related to Solid Interior, we develop different sections that explain the Solid´s values and philosophy, the capacities of the company, its work process as well as its members.

Another purpose of Solid project was to showcase not only their new up-to-date brand identity but also their new mindset and work philosophy. Using the company timeline page Solid shows their history, main projects, achievement and growth from the beginning to the present day. Solid allows the users, potential customers, and partners to see their capability and maturity as an architectural and interior design company.


Solid Interior in addition to being an architectural and interior design company, a business, is also a place formed by people with different backgrounds and personalities. These real persons are the responsible for generating ideas, drawing strategies and implementing the best methods to complete each project. Showcasing not only the working process within the company but also the moments of entertainment and social works outside of work as normal individuals gives the visitors a different image of the Solid team.


We conceptually redesigned and upgraded Solid Interior’s website to enhance all types of mobile devices. By adapting the aesthetic and functionality of the desktop version of the site and making it fully responsive through a custom made design and enhanced user experience, we align Solid with the risen demands of the region´s consumers.


Check the complete version of Solid Interior's case study

Website Creation
116´s Portfolio website design

116´s Portfolio website design

April 2017
April 2017

116´s Portfolio website design

OneOneSix (116) is a collaboration project of TheLabSaigon and Nilead. In this project, Nilead took the position of the web technical service provider to implement the new website interface of OneOneSix:


  • We collaborated with TheLabSaigon design team to turns the still design into a working website.
  • We helped TheLabSaigon and 116's team to work out improvements on the design using our web design experience.
  • Nilead team provides technical training and documents for OneOneSix team to manage their website.


Nilead's objective was to create an outstanding website based in the original design provided by TheLabSaigon to elevate 116's brand, showcase their philosophy and hard work through their versatile portfolio. The website also serves the purpose of a communication portal aiming to attract potential customers and partners, and generate new leads.

To accomplish this: we focus on creating a flexible layout with an easy and intuitive management system that allows 116 to showcase multiple gallery sections with their projects in a minimalist style. At the same time, the website should be easy to navigate and work for all the major devices with special focus on mobile devices.    



One of the small yet fascinating features we did for 116 was a fake single application effect. With the client's requirement to have the website to load like a single page application, we considered several options and did not feel confident that using AJAX to load the website is a good solution for Search Engine Optimization purpose. Even with Google bots now capable of processing javascript on websites (only to a certain extent), not all search bots can do the same. What we did, in the end, was to fake a one-page loading effect while still keeping each website page under its own URL and capable of being accessed directly via unique URL.   



Based on the client's need to edit and upload new content (images and videos) regularly to the gallery sections on the website without breaking the layout, we created a block design system. Depend on the number of blocks in the design, the blocks size and position can be adapted to fit the layout design automatically. This flexible block design system and Nilead's CMS empowers 116’s management team to update content in an easier and efficient way.



We implemented a sub navigation system that is only displayed under specific sections when necessary to avoid cluttering the navigation system. Throughout the design and improved UI/UX, we never lost sight of the end goal: The user, after seeing the portfolio, should be able to contact 116 for their services in an easy and fast way. To remove all complication and distractions we placed a call to action button on the navigation bar, allowing the user to contact 116's team with a simple two clicks process.    



Today’s users can access online information from diverse devices, and they expect the mobile experience when navigating a website to be as good as in a desktop computer. The responsive designs for 116’s website aren’t just scaled down version of the desktop design; they are designed and developed deliberately and uniquely, with an absolute focus on every element. We adapted the responsive functionality and overall design aesthetic of the site in order to improve the user experience on the website and meet their expectations on usability and load times.   We have run various tests to ensure best user experience on these devices and made many changes along the way using real users' feedbacks. While it's impossible to run tests on all mobile devices, we picked the most common Android, iOS, Windows phones to run test ensuring better compatibility.


Check the complete version of Oneonesix's case study

Website Creation
Pharmascience's website design

Pharmascience's website design

April 2017
April 2017

Pharmascience's website design

We partner with Pharmascience to create a public-facing website focusing on their Vietnam based operations. The main goal was to promote and sell the company values, from their background story, quality standards, philosophy to their diverse pharmaceutical products; targeting the patients and healthcare professionals in Vietnam.  

  • Based on Nilead experience and knowledge of the Vietnamese culture and target audience, we design and develop a website for the Vietnamese branch of Pharmascience Inc., following the brand identity and guidelines provided by the headquarters in Canada.
  • Nilead team provided technical training and documents for Pharmascience's team to manage their website.

Pharmascience needed a multi-language and responsive website based on its already established brand identity, but at the same the new website time should stand out by itself and could engage with Vietnamese users. To achieve this, we focused on designing an engaging, informative, and easy to use the website for visitors and invested parties seeking information on Vietnamese-based services offered by Pharmascience Inc.



Our work from the design perspective was to connect their aesthetic vision and standards with Vietnam’s users. Pharmascience is already an established company with a strong graphic image, we design everything based on their branding guidelines. Because of the language barrier we have to modify some of the elements of the brand identity to be compatible with the Vietnamese culture, always with the supervision and authorization of Pharmascience’s marketing team, we know how important is to maintain the integrity of the brand identity.    



Pharmascience´s website was designed with 12 columns grid layout as a base, this allows a more flexible element arrangement in the design. With this flexible structure, the developers and designer can build a more fluid and detailed responsive version of the desktop version of the site for all major mobile devices.    



One of the main goals of Pharmascience was to engage the Vietnamese users, promote and sell the company values. On the basis that 30% of the Vietnamese population are active social media users, we focus in to establish a connection with the site and Pharmascience social media channels.   By including Social Media feeds on the website, the user will be able to check on real-time every Pharmascience’s posts without having to leave the website. We integrate different sections of the website with the most popular social media platform in Vietnam, that way the user will be able to share the content on the site, increasing the brand awareness, traffic and leads for the business.    



Based on the main target audience of the site were the healthcare professionals and the need of Pharmascience to promote their products, we developed a product section with every medication commercialized in Vietnam by Pharmascience. In this section, the users can check the properties, treatment usages, category, selling format and general prescription information of every product.  

Besides selling their products, Pharmascience website has a purpose of promoting the company values. Creating a news page will help then to communicate their philosophy and standards, at the same time they will publish information about the latest discoveries in the health and pharmaceutical community, and different subjects regarding Canadian society that are in the best interest of their target audience. With this Pharmascience aims to become a reliable, easy and fast source of information for their users.    



With the number of smartphones approaching almost 40% of the population of Vietnam, the cheap data plans and the nearly coming 4G, Vietnamese users tend to navigate the internet more through their mobile devices than regular desktop computers. With this in mind, we designed and developed every element of Pharmascience´s website thinking of the mobile user experience. We custom designed the responsive version of the website featuring touch gestures that match the user experience, improving the navigation of the site.    



The website was designed and developed mainly for doctors who use or may want to use Pharmascience products. These doctors are mostly 40+ year old and thus would prefer a simple, straight forward navigation system. We worked with Pharmascience team to keep the menu as easy and simple as possible while still trying to provide all the necessary information for the users. Having in mind the wide range and amount of content that Pharmascience provides on their website, we designed a search function that elevates the user experience on the site.With a simplified and friendly responsive design, we let the user search the different types of content within the site in the least possible amount of clicks.    

Check the complete version of Pharmascience's case study

Website Creation
Yen Thanh Brand Identity and Ecommerce Web Design

Yen Thanh Brand Identity and Ecommerce Web Design

April 2017
April 2017

Yen Thanh Brand Identity and Ecommerce Web Design

Yen Thanh is an On-Going project, we plan to launch in the first semester of 2017. We have the task to create the brand identity, product packaging and the digital marketing campaign for this brand. The main goal of this project is to promote and sell this new brand, their company values, philosophy and the quality standards of their products; targeting several spheres of the Vietnamese population through Yen Thanh's new brand identity, products, and e-commerce website.  

  • Create a brand identity that represents all the values of Yen Thanh.
  • Design all the stationary and packaging of Yen Thanh´s products.
  • Nilead team will design and develop an e-commerce website for Yen Thanh, following the brand identity and guidelines previously designed.
  • Nilead team will provide technical training and documents for Pharmascience's team to manage their website.



The vision when creating Yen Thanh's brand identity was to design a new, strong, effective identity that appeals to customers in the Vietnamese market, at the same time showcase the product's benefits and outstanding quality. To stand out Yen Thanh brand from the rest of the competition brands, was to get a more modern approach, using a simple and minimalistic design with a clean, yet bold typography.



With Yen Thanh, we’re in the process of developing the packaging and their website. We focus on a clean design based on the brand guidelines created by our design team after finishing the brand identity design. Our current goal is to create products and a website that represents Yen Thanh´s core values: food hygiene, difference, and ethic farming; at the same with an instructive approach to the health and nutritious properties of the edible bird's nest.

Packaging: Yen Thanh´s products are being designed based on the guidelines previously created by Nilead´s design team during the brand identity process. We are creating these products with a simple and minimal style, but at the same time, we need to communicate to the consumer: the ethical harvesting, food hygiene, and the difference that Yen Thanh represents in comparison with other brands in the same industry.

Website: Yen Thanh website is been design based on a 12 columns grid layout, that allows a more flexible element arrangement. Also, based on this structure the developers and designers can create a more accurate and compelling responsive version of the site for the mobile devices, enhancing the user experience.


Check more information of Yen Thanh's on-going project:

Graphic Design
Website Creation
Online Advertising

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