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Description of Digital Marketing Group

We are Digital Marketing Group South East Europe – a dynamic developing and innovative marketing and communication company working actively in 6 countries in SEE.

We love the marketing from the time when  nobody talked about digitization. Nowadays, when this is the trend, we are the ones that support the developing companies to exploit their potential. Using the best of the proven and of the state-of-the-art methods for development of working and effective marketing campaigns, we together with you will determine a new broader boarders of your business, we will help you to communicate better with your audiences and  to build more explicitly your progress.

We offer marketing strategy development, creative and design services, media management, web development, SEO.

Our top benefits:

Strong team with impressive experience Our management team has more than 60 years of experience in the development, implementation and management of marketing strategies and local and international campaigns. Thus, based in the successful practices from the past, we succeed to deliver the best to these that search and want to develop their business.

Proven partnerships with established companies We believe in successful partnerships. Our business partners are leading suppliers and producers of various products and services. Relying on them we create valuable products and services that support the ideas that are generated together with our customers.

Preferred supplier for leading brands Our clients are leading international and local companies, which together create the best of our work. We help local and start-ups companies to establish and develop their activities and thus invest in improving the business environment at the region.

Large experience in more than 20 industries We know how important is your marketing partner to know in detail the business which you develop. We have expertise in more than 20 industries and we can deliver quality services to meet the requirements of our clients.

Constantly studying innovation and technology The dynamic development of technologies requires our daily training in the field of innovations. This way we support our customers with the implementation of the newest marketing discoveries.

Responsible Business Management We believe that the long-term successful business is the one which is loyal to the community, its employees and partners; businesses that have stable values stand; businesses that thinks outside their comfort zone and act big.

Services offered by Digital Marketing Group

Digital Marketing Group offers these services:

Experts in Branding & Positioning

We are offering professional services for the development of marketing strategies that improve the performance of your business in South-East Europe. We believe in the power of digital technologies, but we know that they alone, are not sufficient enough for your business to stand out. We put to work our know-how in marketing, in order to build, together, a fulfilling environment, in which your digital advertising will be effective.

Experts in Content Strategy

Because we know that you need a content that sells. We know how much you want your communication materials to look good and to be understandable for your users. That’s why we are offering you complete visual and textual concepts for your digital marketing appearance. By combining modern technologies with the skills of our copywriting, design and marketing teams, we are offering you adequate solutions that will make your brand to stand out and leave pleasant memories with those who have touched it. Because we know, how important it is to have your own style, we are offering you:
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