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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Your Future. Our Hands.
We produce digitally accelerated solutions. Focused on the digital connection of your business we can advise, research and identify new opportunities. From your leadership through to the marketing team, we inject our knowledge and craft into all levels of your business to transform and deliver against your company’s growth objectives. Mapped across all aspects of the digital ecosystem, we can deliver end-to-end solutions to stimulate your digital footprint and beyond. Structured to unlock your potential, we can research and investigate opportunity, consult on your challenges, produce brand experiences or bolster your outreach to improve engagement.
75 people in their team
Speaks Arabic, English, Italian, Maltese
56 projects in their portfolio
4 collaborations started on Sortlist
Works remotely across the globe
Sortlist member since 2018
Founded in 2012
4 awards conferred
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  • Description
    We create winning brands.

    To succeed in branding you must understand the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. You do this by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every point of public contact.

    Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of customers, clients, and prospects. It is the sum total of their experiences and perceptions, some of which you can influence, and some that you cannot.

    A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies day by day. It's important to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand. After all your brand is the source of a promise to your consumer. It's a foundational piece in your marketing communication and one you do not want to be without.
    Skills in Branding & Positioning (25)
    BrandingBrand PositioningCorporate IdentityLogo DesignBrand StrategyBrand GuidelinesBrand BookOffline & Online BrandingBrand IdentityBrand Development+15
    Works in Branding & Positioning (29)
    Social Media Campaign for Bastion Pool - Branding & Positioning
    Digital Strategy, Website & Brand Development - Branding & Positioning
    Sports clothing brand that inspires dreams in KSA - Branding & Positioning
    EBO - AI Automation Rebranding - Branding & Positioning
    Reviews in Branding & Positioning (7)
    Pietro Andrea Romeo
    Rabia Peerzada
    Sean Borg
    Clients in Branding & Positioning (29)
    Sharjah Arab Child Parliament’sGovernment & Administration | national
    Al Majal AlarabiConstruction | international
    World Health OrganisationGovernment & Administration | international
    Intercontinental Hotel MaltaHospitals & Healthcare | local

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  • Description
    We define leading digital strategies, them being brand or conversion focused.

    Creative Implementation: Execute the strategy through the perfect creative, be it websites, brandings, or creative campaigns.

    Results Driven Digital Marketing: Test, iterate and improve on your campaigns to consistently increase results and cost efficiency.
    Skills in Digital Strategy (33)
    Competitive AnalysisLead GenerationContent StrategyOnline MarketingRetargetingStrategyCommunication StrategyDigital TransformationStratégie digitaleSocial Media Strategy+23
    Works in Digital Strategy (25)
    Digital Strategy, Website & Brand Development - Digital Strategy
    Yahmi - Digital Strategy
    Foster Clark’s 2020 Ramadan campaign - Digital Strategy
    HalaHi Digital and Product Strategy - Digital Strategy
    Reviews in Digital Strategy (5)
    Debbie Mangion
    Mark Wirth
    Klaus Jensen
    Clients in Digital Strategy (25)
    Malta Financial Services AuthorityBanking & Financials | regional
    Nema BankBanking & Financials | international
    BiteMyCoin.comBanking & Financials | international
    Air ArabiaAviation & Aerospace | international

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  • Description
    Graphic design is the art and practice of visually communicating ideas, information, and messages through a combination of typography, images, and other visual elements. It is a creative process that involves designing graphics for various mediums, such as print, digital, or multimedia, with the goal of engaging and captivating the intended audience. Graphic designers use their expertise in color theory, layout, composition, and visual hierarchy to create aesthetically appealing and functional designs. From logos and branding materials to posters, websites, and social media graphics, graphic design plays a crucial role in shaping the visual identity of businesses, organizations, and individuals, enhancing the overall user experience and conveying meaningful narratives through compelling visuals.
    Skills in Graphic Design (11)
    Corporate DesignDigital DesignLogo DesignMagazine DesignInfographic DesignBusiness Card DesignCanvas DesignMockup DesignCartoon Design2D Design+1
    Works in Graphic Design (14)
    Digital Campaign & Creative Concept for Natrue - Graphic Design
    Digital Campaign for Farsons Beer Festival - Graphic Design
    Online Advertising for Code Sprint Malta - Graphic Design
    Social Media Campaign for Bastion Pool - Graphic Design
    Clients in Graphic Design (14)
    Bastion Pool, Bar & RestaurantTravel & Leisure | national
    Campus Hub MaltaTravel & Leisure | national
    NestleFood | regional
    NatrueBeverage | national

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  • Description
    We have a team fully focused on making digital products 'feel good, with a high satisfaction score'

    Have you ever wondered what makes your favourite website or app so easy to use and enjoy? it’s human nature that we tend to remember the clunky websites, broken links and confusing design layouts over the other, simple experiences.

    That’s why a great UX (user experience) is key for many businesses. If you’ve ever deleted an app or refused to shop online at a certain site again, you’ll know that the value that could represent across thousands of people can really hit businesses where it hurts. UX is a huge, ever growing field and the expertise behind each decision we make and path we follow in our digital lives are carved out by champions in the field.

    Our UI & UX designers deliver modern concepts, which are completely in sync with your business objectives. Our experience across many different industries and cultures has determined our framework which quickly provides supreme digital solutions.

    We’ve got you sorted with:
    ✓ Wireframing & Prototyping
    ✓ Creative, Mobile-First, UI & UX Design
    ✓ Enterprise Web Application Development
    ✓ Web Integration (CMS, CRM, Loyalty, ERP, and more)
    ✓ E-Commerce Solutions
    ✓ iOS, Android & Windows Mobile Apps
    Skills in Ergonomy (UX/UI) (19)
    Interface TestingDesign SprintsWireframingUX DesignUI DesignCMSWireframingLuxury BrandingUser TestingInterface Design+9
    Works in Ergonomy (UX/UI) (25)
    Web Application for KomunikAPP - Ergonomy (UX/UI)
    Web Application for BCRS Malta - Ergonomy (UX/UI)
    Digital Strategy, Website & Brand Development - Ergonomy (UX/UI)
    Revamping a Tech News Portal UX/UI & IT - Ergonomy (UX/UI)
    Clients in Ergonomy (UX/UI) (25)
    CrosscraftConsumer Electronics | international
    LufthansaAviation & Aerospace | regional
    World Health OrganisationGovernment & Administration | international
    Maori YachtTransportation | international

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  • Description
    We create winning Website, Mobile and e-commerce experiences, that convert and give our clients an ROI..

    Websites aren’t just a way of presenting your brand online, but a way of empathising with your audience and making their online journey as easy, informative and delightful as possible. This is why we always pour our hearts and souls into understanding your users and crafting the best very best experiences for them.
    Skills in Website Creation (26)
    Showcase WebsiteWireframe DesignWebflowWixResponsive DesignResponsive WebsiteWebsite LocalizationWebsite OptimizationWebsite Redesignweb store+16
    Works in Website Creation (28)
    Web Application for Frankie - Website Creation
    Web Application for BCRS Malta - Website Creation
    Digital Strategy, Website & Brand Development - Website Creation
    Revamping a Tech News Portal UX/UI & IT - Website Creation
    Reviews in Website Creation (2)
    Sarah Alhomyied
    Alex Buttigieg
    Clients in Website Creation (28)
    Sharjah Entrepreneurship CenterEducation | national
    Dr JuiceBeverage | local
    Dean GeraClothing & Accessories | local
    Yamaha MaltaConsumer Electronics | international

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  • Description
    Welcome to our cutting-edge web application. Our platforms are designed to empower users with seamless access to a range of powerful tools and services. With a sleek and user-friendly interface, navigating through our app is a breeze. From collaborative project management to interactive learning modules and immersive entertainment experiences, we've got you covered.
    Skills in Web Application (15)
    Prototype DevelopmentFront End DevelopmentWeb Hosting ManagementCMS DevelopmentCI IntegrationWordpress DevelopmentFull Stack DevelopmentQuality AssuranceInternetDevOps+5
    Works in Web Application (5)
    Web Application for KomunikAPP - Web Application
    Web Application for Frankie - Web Application
    Web Application for BCRS Malta - Web Application
    AllianceJet Branding - Web Application
    Clients in Web Application (5)
    FrankieFood | national
    LufthansaAviation & Aerospace | regional
    BCRS MaltaOthers | national
    KomunikAPPEducation | national

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  • Description
    You are just one step away from choosing the best eCommerce solution and growing your revenue online.
    Wondering how to find the best eCommerce solution so you can sell online? You’re in the right place! Whether you’re keen on kick-starting a new business idea online or long to take your brand to the next level, our 100% world-class and agile eCommerce solutions will be a game changer for your brand.

    Technology Development

    Solution frameworks, Back-end Development, System Integration, Enhancements & Support
    With our team of developers and tech architects, we can deliver website front and backend implementation as well as bespoke technology products.

    Experience Design

    User Experience Research & Strategy, UX & UI Design, Front-end development, Websites, Apps Digital platforms and products that succeed have a considered experience. Our interactive design practice explores how experience design marries your business requirements with the needs of the user across the whole customer journey.
    Skills in E-commerce (11)
    Back-End DevelopmentE-Commerce Hostingecommerce seob2b ecommerceonline ecommerceecommerce hostingecommerce designEcommerce Website DesignEcommerce WebsiteWebshop Development+1
    Works in E-commerce (6)
    Revamping a Tech News Portal UX/UI & IT - E-commerce
    Arkadia E-Commerce. Going Digital. - E-commerce
    Crosscraft - eCommerce 3.0 Platform - E-commerce
    Digital Voting - Sharjah Arab Child Parliament’s - E-commerce
    Clients in E-commerce (6)
    JuniorsToys | international
    Mgarr FarmsFarming | national
    Sharjah Arab Child Parliament’sGovernment & Administration | national
    CrosscraftConsumer Electronics | international

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  • Description
    Ranking on Google could be the most important aspect of your online marketing strategy. ANCHOVY. is so committed and dedicated to its SEO practises that we own our own affiliate websites that rank high organically in some of the most competitive niches. Our SEO team will crawl your site, build an SEO strategy that factors in all the latest updates from Google, such as Rank Brain.
    Skills in SEO (22)
    eCommerce SEOMultilingual SEOSeo ConsultingSmall Business SEOE-Commerce SEOSEO CopywritingOnpage SEOseo rankingOff Page SEOseo management+12
    Works in SEO (5)
    SEO Project for Malta International Airport - SEO
    SEO Project for EC English - SEO
    SEO Project for Pragmatic Play - SEO
    Intercontinental Hotel Marketing Campaign - SEO
    Clients in SEO (5)
    BiteMyCoin.comBanking & Financials | international
    Intercontinental Hotel MaltaHospitals & Healthcare | local
    EC EnglishEducation | international
    Pragmatic PlayVideo games | international

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  • Description
    Email marketing design and execution refer to the process of creating and implementing effective email campaigns to engage and communicate with a target audience. It is a crucial component of digital marketing that leverages email as a direct communication channel to promote products, services, events, or share valuable content.

    The design aspect involves creating visually appealing and user-friendly email templates. Key elements include a compelling subject line, a well-crafted message body with relevant content, images, and a clear call-to-action (CTA). The design should be mobile-responsive to ensure a seamless user experience on various devices. Additionally, the email's branding and layout should reflect the company's identity, using consistent colors, fonts, and logos.

    Executing an email marketing campaign involves several steps:

    Audience segmentation: Targeting specific groups based on demographics, behavior, or past interactions helps deliver more personalized and relevant content.

    Content creation: Crafting engaging and informative content that aligns with the audience's interests and needs is essential. This could include product updates, special offers, educational content, or event invitations.

    Scheduling: Determine the appropriate timing for sending emails to maximize open rates and engagement. Avoid spamming recipients and consider time zones for international audiences.

    Automation: Utilize email marketing platforms to automate the delivery of emails based on triggers like user actions, time intervals, or specific dates. This ensures timely follow-ups and reduces manual efforts.

    A/B testing: Test different variations of subject lines, content, and CTAs to identify which elements resonate best with the audience and optimize campaign performance.

    Tracking and analysis: Monitor key metrics like open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and conversion rates. Analyze the results to gain insights, identify strengths, and areas for improvement for future campaigns.

    Compliance: Ensure compliance with relevant email marketing laws, such as obtaining permission from recipients to send emails (opt-in), providing an easy unsubscribe option, and adhering to anti-spam regulations.
    Skills in Email Marketing (5)
    Sms MarketingEmail Template DesignHubSpot EmailHubSpot IntegrationNewsletter
    Works in Email Marketing (4)
    Email Marketing Campaign for ICE Malta - Email Marketing
    Engaging Customers via Email Marketing - Email Marketing
    Lufthansa #howfarcanyoufly - Email Marketing
    BiteMyCoin | Taking a website from 0 to 100,000 - Email Marketing
    Review in Email Marketing (1)
    Maha Taher
    Clients in Email Marketing (4)
    ICE MaltaEducation | national
    BiteMyCoin.comBanking & Financials | international
    LufthansaAviation & Aerospace | regional
    NestleFood | regional

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  • Description

    No description provided for this service.

    Skills in Software Development (4)
    HubSpot EmailCRM App DevelopmentHubSpot IntegrationSoftware Maintenance and Support

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75 members in 9H Digital's team

9H Digital cover
StoryWe believe in smart and nimble action. Consistently disrupting the local market as we grow, we’ve lead the way in harnessing the latest technology and platforms. 9H Digital is made up of a group digital natives from across the globe. We have a strong digital heritage as one of the first agencies of our kind in Malta.
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9H Digital was awarded 4 times

Sortlist Best in Class2022-11-1
Bronze Lovie Award 20202020-11-30Best Viral Video

Finalist - The Drum Digital Advertising Awards 20202020-1-31Digital and Creative

MITA Best Social Media Campaign2016-2-29Social Media


18 reviews for 9H Digital

(18 reviews)
Maha TaherHead of Corporate affairs, Communication and Sustainability at Nestlé
ServiceEmail Marketing
Team5001 - 10000

What was the objective behind your collaboration?The agency helped design the monthly newsletter for our company.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?1. The creative work exceeded our expectations 2. Their turn-around time was fast. 3. Excellent client servicing, fast and accommodating to our urgent needs. 4. Ability to work fast on such short notice.

Are there any areas for improvements?N/A

Maha Taher recommends this agency

ServiceEmail Marketing
Team5001 - 10000

Sarah AlhomyiedMarketing and sales manager at Masafi co ltd
ServiceWebsite Creation

What was the objective behind your collaboration?To build a high-quality website and branding materials

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?friendly and well-delivering team.

Are there any areas for improvements?If you can provide a project timesheet tracker for the client, the reason is sometimes we wait till an email update or an online call to know the progress

Sarah Alhomyied recommends this agency

ServiceWebsite Creation

Alex ButtigiegBusiness Owner at Coffeink
ServiceWebsite Creation
Team1 - 10

What was the objective behind your collaboration?ANCHOVY. helped me in creating a branding and business plan strategy for my new company and products I wanted to sell online.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?I enjoyed a lot the fact that they can support you with the consultation and strategy phase and also the execution: the creation of the actual brand, website and eCommerce accordingly to the consultancy and positioning phase. I like also working across different departments (strategy, branding, UX Design and development) They all gave me very valuable insights about the business, creative part and digital marketing point of view.

Alex Buttigieg recommends this agency

ServiceWebsite Creation
Team1 - 10

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