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Intcore Guiza, Egipto

Este perfil de agencia y su contenido los gestiona el propietario de la agencia.

Digital transformation is our aim

Intcore helped more than +90 businesses to grow and success in Digital transformation, UI/UX design , Mobile App Development, and web development

Highlighted Services:

  • Technical Consultations
  • UI/UX Design
  • Digital transformation Development & Design
  • Websites development ( php, .Net, Python, Ruby on rails)
  • iOS Native Apps
  • Android Native Apps
  • Mobile App Development [Google Flutter technology]
  • Cloud Solutions 
  • SEO and Google Ads 
  • Hosting & Servers
  • Security and performance evaluation and enhancement 

Highlighted brands we served:

  • Ministry of Education (UAE)
  • Ministry of Health (KSA)
  • Ministry of communication (EGYPT)
  • First Abu Dhabi Bank (Egypt)
  • GIZ (Germany NGO)
  • EFG Hermes (Egypt)
  • Americana Group (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE)
  • SMAAT (Saudi Arabia)
  • ASUS (Middle East)
  • AbuDhabi HSBC (UAE)
  • Bizol (Egypt)
  • CBC TV Channel (Egypt)
  • Tonic International (UAE)
  • Organic Permanent Makeup (U.S.A)
  • Ubreem (Saudi Arabia)
  • Haya Chat (UK)
  • MTL (USA)
  • American chamber of commerce (Egypt)
  • Meddaro (Egypt)

We also offer products like:

  • Event Management Application and System
  • E-Commerce Mobile Application & E-Commerce Web site
  • Newsletter 
  • Content management system

Our experience in  Sectors:

  • Digital transformation
  • Education 
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Payment
  • Financial & Banking sector 
  • Government sector
  • Events sector 
  • Mobility 
  • Food & beverage 
  • Tourism 
32 personas en su equipo
Habla Árabe, Inglés
20 trabajos en su portfolio
2 colaboraciones comenzaron en Sortlist
Trabaja de forma remota en todo el mundo
Miembro de Sortlist desde 2018
Fundado en 2014
1 premio conferido
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6 servicios ofrecidos por Intcore

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  • Descripción
    UI/UX analysis for web systems and mobile apps, UX interviews with End-User, UI visual designs for web sites and mobile apps and user experience challenges
    (15) Habilidades en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Web DesignUser flow problem solvingUI/UX Mobile App DevelopmentUI/UX Mobile App DesignUI/UX Web Designdeveloppementuser experience optimizationUX StrategyUI/UXUser Experience Design+5
    (18) Trabajos en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Clubenz - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Sfaqat Mobile App (Native Based on Magento ) - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    NSTI Festival (MOE UAE) - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    Wateen App (Saudi Arabia) - Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    (18) Clientes en Usabilidad (UX/UI)
    OPM by LorineHospitales & salud | international
    MERCKHospitales & salud |
    MeddaroHospitales & salud | international
    Ministry of Health Saudi ArabiaHospitales & salud | national

    Más información sobre Usabilidad (UX/UI)

  • Descripción
    We're specialized in mobile app development, Native Android & iOS App development .Also specialized in cross platform mobile app development like google flutter & React Native. providing free technical support for our project and paid technical support for fix bugs in running projects
    (25) Habilidades en App móvil
    App DevelopmentAndroidSwiftUI/UX DesignJavaMobile Application DevelopmentNativeCross-platformiOS AppAndroid App+15
    (16) Trabajos en App móvil
    Clubenz - App móvil
    Sfaqat Mobile App (Native Based on Magento ) - App móvil
    NSTI Festival (MOE UAE) - App móvil
    Wateen App (Saudi Arabia) - App móvil
    (16) Clientes en App móvil
    Ministry Of HealthGobierno y administración |
    AmericanaCatering | national
    OrGreenCatering | international
    Sfaqat CompanyE-commerce | national

    Más información sobre App móvil

  • Descripción
    We providing web application "cloud based" for basic solutions and advanced solution including high security standard like OWASP security standard.
    (12) Habilidades en Aplicación Web
    Company profile websiteWeb DevelopmentWeb ApplicationApplication DevelopmentWeb application developmentwebsite SEOgoogle seoweb systemcloud systemAPI integration with ERP+2
    (5) Trabajos en Aplicación Web
    Clubenz - Aplicación Web
    NSTI Festival (MOE UAE) - Aplicación Web
    Meddaro Health Care Application - Aplicación Web
    EFG Hermes Mobile app - Aplicación Web
    (5) Clientes en Aplicación Web
    EFG HermesBanca y finanzas | local
    Ministry of Education (UAE)Educación | international
    MeddaroHospitales & salud | international
    ClubenzAutomoción |

    Más información sobre Aplicación Web

  • Descripción
    Providing web development & web design for Web Sites, Progressive web Apps, Web Application, web Portals in all sectors and fields. Also Intcore can provide a technical consultation including fix bugs, enhancements and UI fix bugs for your running project
    (28) Habilidades en Creación de Sitios Web
    Progressive Web ApplicationAPI Development.NET Corewow commercefree supportfix bugstechnical consultationseo optimizationcmcms development+18
    (6) Trabajos en Creación de Sitios Web
    NSTI Festival (MOE UAE) - Creación de Sitios Web
    Dryve with Uber - Creación de Sitios Web
    EFG Hermes EMS and website - Creación de Sitios Web
    HSBC Golf Championship- Website and Mobile App - Creación de Sitios Web
    (1) Reseña en Creación de Sitios Web
    Rana Magdy
    (6) Clientes en Creación de Sitios Web
    Ministry of Education (UAE)Educación | international
    Tecno MobileHardware de tecnología y equipo | international
    HSBC BankBanca y finanzas | international
    ETSTransporte | regional

    Más información sobre Creación de Sitios Web

  • Descripción
    Website Search engine optimization Mobile App search engine optimization Google Advertising (Adwords) onsite page optimization off-site page optimization
    (9) Habilidades en SEO
    Website MarketingSMOSearch Engine AdvertisingEcommerce SEOSEO Consultinggoogle seoseo advertisingapp search optimizationSEO
    (1) Trabajo en SEO
    Clubenz - SEO
    (1) Cliente en SEO
    ClubenzAutomoción |

    Más información sobre SEO

  • Descripción
    We are providing E-Commerce for Mobile app & websites, including Native e-commerce mobile app, Cross platform mobile app and Google flutter e-commerce. we also have a big experience in Magento Mobile app, open cart mobile app, shopify mobile app
    (17) Habilidades en E-commerce
    open cart mobile appshopify mobile appmagento mobile appe-commerce mobile app developmente-commerce developersnative e-commerce mobile appe-commerce mobile appmagento ecommerceE-commerce WebsiteEcommerce Website+7
    (4) Trabajos en E-commerce
    EFG Hermes EMS and website - E-commerce
    HSBC Golf Championship- Website and Mobile App - E-commerce
    ASUS Computer Inc. "Incredible Is Women" Website - E-commerce
    Tecno Mobile- Facebook Application - E-commerce
    (1) Reseña en E-commerce
    Cherif Sabry
    (4) Clientes en E-commerce
    Tecno MobileHardware de tecnología y equipo | international
    HSBC BankBanca y finanzas | international
    EFG HermesBanca y finanzas | national
    ASUS Computer Inc.Electrónica de consumo | international

    Más información sobre E-commerce

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20 trabajos subidos por Intcore


Proyecto realizado para Clubenz en el sector Automoción para un público . A trusted platform dedicated to assist Mercedes Benz car owners to set up their own community and get access to quality services and technical guidance on everything related to their car models. At the same time, help in finding service providers of the highest quality who are recommended by the community and know all about their special offers to continue customer satisfaction

Aplicación WebApp móvilSEO+1
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Sfaqat Mobile App (Native Based on Magento )
Sfaqat Mobile App (Native Based on Magento )

Proyecto realizado para Sfaqat Company en el sector E-commerce para un público B2B / B2C. Sfaqat E-Commerce Mobile App Magento E-Commerce mobile application specialized in packing supplies and packaging tools in Saudi arabia, can help users orders their home supplies or restuarant supplies from the mobile application or the website and track the order delivery. Highlighted Features Guest Mode You can go throgh the application and purchase any item without registeration. Sync Data if you have account in the website, no need to register new account in the mobile app, just log in and all your data will be synced Checkout Variety once you complete your orders, you can pay by Google pay, Apple pay, Master card, Visa and Mada KSA Favorite & whishlist if you like any items and not decided yet to buy, you can save it in your list to buy later Shipping System Your order will ship automatically and will receive notification once your order on the way

App móvilUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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NSTI Festival (MOE UAE)
NSTI Festival (MOE UAE)

Proyecto realizado para Ministry of Education (UAE) en el sector Educación para un público . Highlighted Features Innovation Lab Includes overview information , Agenda System , registration APIs intgeration, timeline activity and participation system. Family Festival Includes main information, Main highlights, family Activities, Photos and videos for motivation and workshop Digital Certificate Everyone will attend the event will receive automatic Certificate , This Certificate can be auto generated from Fikrati Includes overview information , download event material by mobile application and website timeline activity and participation system. Judgement system Advanced system to help the judges evaluate the participation and ideas coming through the mobile application and website

Aplicación WebApp móvilCreación de Sitios Web+1
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Wateen App (Saudi Arabia)
Wateen App (Saudi Arabia)

Proyecto realizado para Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia en el sector Hospitales & salud para un público B2C.An initiative with the Ministry of Health that seeks to reduce the communication gap between donors and blood banks so that the blood donation process becomes easier.

App móvilUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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Meddaro Health Care Application
Meddaro Health Care Application

Proyecto realizado para Meddaro en el sector Hospitales & salud para un público B2B / B2C.Highlighted Features * Mobile App for Doctors & Nurses * Mobile App for patients * System for clinics (Web Application) * System for hospitals (Web Application) * System for laboratories (Web Application) * System for X-Ray centers (Web Application) * System for Conferences and events (Web Application)

Aplicación WebApp móvilUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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EFG Hermes Mobile app
EFG Hermes Mobile app

Proyecto realizado para EFG Hermes en el sector Banca y finanzas para un público B2B / B2C.This mobile app was developed with a similar objective as the website, to ease the attendance process of any event on the investor. * The app allows the investors to have their flight tickets and accommodation references with them the whole time. * Review the agenda of the event anytime to know what should be attended now, and next. * Know where the meetings are taking place. * View the information of whomever they’re having a meeting with * Review any important announcements, information, and news about the event.

Aplicación WebApp móvilUsabilidad (UX/UI)
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6 reseñas de Intcore

(6 reseñas)
Rana Magdy Co-Founder en Sweetry
ServicioCreación de Sitios Web
Equipo1 - 10
¿Cuál es el objetivo de la colaboración?
they delivered creative brand identity and working on our new website
¿Qué es lo que más has disfrutado durante la colaboración?
professionalism and clear communication with commitment
¿Hay algo en lo que podrían mejorar?
need to provide cheap packages for start-ups

Rana Magdy recomienda esta agencia

ServicioCreación de Sitios Web
Equipo1 - 10

Cherif SabryDeputy CEO en ORB Middle East
Equipo51 - 200
¿Cuál es el objetivo de la colaboración?
To build an E-commerce website for my company.
¿Qué es lo que más has disfrutado durante la colaboración?
They have a quick communication channels and they’re so flexible company when it comes to additional requirements.
¿Hay algo en lo que podrían mejorar?
Their sales team

Cherif Sabry recomienda esta agencia

Equipo51 - 200

Mohamed OsamaMarketing Manager en ITCAN
We are very satisfied with our cooperation with INTCORE. They are doing very good work with all the necessary services and are great in cooperation. Always on time, not exceed the budget, working with a good attitude and very professional. The app and website both work great. All participants of our conferention that used them were claiming they are really good and were speaking only in positives.

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  • Sede central347 Nile Corniche, Athar an Nabi, Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11728, Egypt

  • Prime Tower - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

  • London, UK

  • Riyadh Saudi Arabia

  • Kuwait City, Kuwait

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