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Description of Q-Alliance

We are Q Alliance – a software development company from Croatia with years of international experience. We handpick our projects and work with customers in 16 countries around the globe.

In terms of our Portfolio we cover: Design, E-commerce, WordPress, Enterprise, Custom Solutions, Online Customer Support, Mobile, Gaming & e-Learning.

We operate in two ways:

Project Outsourcing: Outsource an entire project to us and we’ll put our developers to work, follow your guidelines closely and deliver on time. After receiving your specs, we usually respond within a day or two. We also enjoy discussing the project challenges and give advice, but once we get to work, we don’t like talking too much. We just want to get things done. On time.

Remote Contracting: Choose Q developers for your team who will report to you directly and we’ll manage everything else. Finding a good programmer is hard. Finding a great one is even harder! So why hire locally and perhaps settle with average if you can contract an exceptional programmer remotely. Great talent will make a difference no matter where located.

Services offered by Q-Alliance

Q-Alliance offers these services:

Experts in Website Creation

We have a team of 50 in house developers that cover all the major technologies. As such we are considered Tech Agnostics because we adapt to each clients individual needs in the best way possible. We have a team of 11 Wordpress experts that do everything from creating new Modules, Custom Themes, Plugins, and even connecting sites with ERP's. On average we do up to 10 Websites on a monthly basis. For us there is no minimum amount of work, as we can do small landing pages in a day or two, up to much more complex sites. Additionally we also do E - Commerce Sites, and based on the size use different technologies. For smaller sites we use WooComerce with Wordpress, for medium sized we use Magento, and for larger and more complex sites we do Custom Solutions.

Examples of works

Factory Berlin Website

Factory Berlin Website

Website Creationwebsite creator, site creation consultancy, internet site developer, website coding consultancy, website creation expert


Website Creationwebsite creator, web agency, website creation service provider, internet site designer, web developer
Real Estate
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