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Is to understand what abouts are about; tofind out what abouts are doing wrong. Where, why, and what about? And finally:how about doing it right? That’s what Necon is about. We are a branding agency started in2007, Wrocław, Poland. Since then we’ve worked with businesses big and small onfive continents and we are not deterred by longitudes, latitudes, cultures orchallenges. Renowned and awarded for the quality of our work, we’ve neverstopped improving and readjusting our process, remaining true to theascertained steps: analysis → strategy → design. We believe that well designed communicationis a milestone in a company’s life, creating foundation for coherentbrand experience, far stronger than yet another “stand-out” step one can tripover.

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Experts in Branding & Positioning

We do our best. 1. We Analyse Research and preparation are crucial to every project. We do our best to fully understand the perspectives of the end customer and our client, as well as the big picture of the entire marketplace by gathering as much information, inspiration and insight as possible, until we have enough to build a conceptual backbone for any given assignment. What we do: analysis of existing brand communication communication benchmarking target group analysis consumer insight discovery qualitiative research design quantitative research design choice of applicable analytic tools operationalization of results 2. We Design Communication A communication strategy becomes useful when it can be summarized in one sentence and is elastic enough to apply to every possible scenario. What we do: communication positioning Big Idea brand personality, style and tone of voice customer journey design Identity With the creative background in place, a certain brand style becomes apparent and is extrapolated into all of the visual constants, with the logo as a final touch, allowing recognition. What we do: brand style design visual constants logo design 3. Implement The application of the brand to all of its relevant means of interaction. Be it tangible experience, software or internal guidelines, we ensure all is executed according to the developed strategy. What we do: brand collateral packaging design space branding web design and development user experience and interface design visual identity manual brand book 4. Consult Last but not least important step in the branding process. We’ll assist you in managing brand assets and remain close to provide support for reaching your audience with coherent, relevant content and behavior. What we do: print management sales peripheral design creative direction art direction and support SEO brand management

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Sanrun Mining Co.

Sanrun Mining Co.

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