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Markdao Agency Vietnam - Digital Marketing Solutions

Markdao Agency Vietnam is a 100% foreign owned subsidiary of France's Serdao Group. We specialize in providing graphic design services, SEO web design, social media planning, and SEO/SEM services. Customers trust Markdao Agency because we have a total solution and client focus on sales. We know that the problem that you usually have when finding service is time, that is why we want to help you do your plan as soon as possible. We believe that digital marketing is the bridge to linking your brand with your customers, and Google SEO is the right way to add interactivity to your business.

Not only do we keep up with the latest digital marketing trends, but we also ensure the strategy that Markdao team brings out effectively works. We guarantee the results will be maintained even after the termination of the contract. Markdao’s team is well trained to accumulate good knowledge and skills. This creates a professional working environment.

Web design is one of the services that customers need to improve the image for their brand. Not only that, finding the right agency to trust is a big problem, while more and more web design agency was established. With Markdao, we offer you a well-designed website that matches the personality and culture of your business. We bring you a neat design website, a fast design and a foolproof availability.

Our advantages of web design service:

  1. Custom CMS
  2. Fast loading page
  3. Bespoke website - Unique web design
  4. Search Engine Optimization friendly
  5. Mobile Friendly - Responsible for all devices
  6. Helpdesk 24/7
  7. Lifetime guarantee
  8. Quick design within 2 week


Markdao Web Design All-in-One from 2.899 USD:

  1. Initial configuration for the fan page
  2. Content creation (1 article / day)
  3. Mini-game organization (1 game/month)
  4. Comment support
  5. Discussion support
  6. 20 free marketing designs
  7. Marketing plan every month
  8. New support function on Facebook
  9. Advertising on Facebook (+ 10% agency fees)


Marketing design is a new trend in the increasingly competitive market today when the designer needs to know marketing, and marketers need to know design. This is almost two parallel jobs and plays a very important role in conducting advertising campaigns. In other words, marketing and design are "pairs of identical", in which marketing holds the key to the content, and design brings the graphics to materialize the content that marketers create.

Imagine that when you have an attractive website, but it does not get enough SEO standards, your online store will be less known than when you pay for marketing campaigns. On the contrary, if you only care about the content, you will not attract the attention of consumers. In short, the relationship between marketing and design is very tight. According to many types of research, color affects 60% to 80% of consumer spending decisions. Design combined with the right marketing strategy has never been outdated. Now, consumers look at the eye-catching look of a product to evaluate the brand. Nearly 93% of all Facebook postings contain images.

"Picture can speak" is the message that Markdao Vietnam Agency wants to target to create the most impressive products for businesses. Based on the unique design style combined with an effective marketing strategy, our graphic design services ensure the best results, boosting revenue for our customers.

Works (2) by Markdao Agency Vietnam

Toyota Ly Thuong Kiet
Toyota Ly Thuong KietOctober 2018
Southern Homes
Southern HomesOctober 2018

Services (2) offered by Markdao Agency Vietnam


Markdao Vietnam a professional team with more than 5 years experience in the field of Web Design and Digital Marketing, including SEM, Digital Media Planning, Social Media Marketing .... especially with professional Wesite SEO services in France and Vietnam.

Website Creation

------------------ A unique and original web design Your website is created according to your needs All we do is based on your request and the spirit of your brand. We are committed to bringing you the best experience by building your bespoke website. All details, images, and contents, designed express the spirit of your brand and ease of use. You have full control over the interface. There are no identical models to the previous ones and no limit. As a result, we guarantee you a website that is more attractive than a standard website. Our advantages of web design service: Custom CMS Fast loading page Bespoke website - Unique web design Search Engine Optimization friendly Mobile Friendly - Responsible for all devices Helpdesk 24/7 Lifetime guarantee Quick design within 2 week ____________________________ Markdao Web Design All-in-One from 2.899 USD: Initial configuration for the fan page Content creation (1 article / day) Mini-game organization (1 game/month) Comment support Discussion support 20 free marketing designs Marketing plan every month New support function on Facebook Advertising on Facebook (+ 10% agency fees)

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Trần Hân  8 months ago

Serdao coorporation



Une agence marketing digital professionnelle qui offre les services de qualité, notamment le marketing digital et le web design en parlant le français et le vietnamien. Merci beaucoup Markdao.

Thúy Quỳnh  8 months ago

Markdao Agency Vietnam



Great agency that accomplished all tasks received in the shortest time. The buffet design services are amazing. You will be able to ask them to correct the final product any times you want until you're happy and satisfied with it. They cover all aspects in the field of marketing with an affordable price. Both graphic designs and SEO services are very good. I think it's a nice place to start your online marketing investment.