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Description of IVEDA India

IVEDA is a Marketing Intelligence firm , specializing in gathering Information , capturing Insights and creating Intelligence to identify and profile Prospective Buyers and influence their“Buy Behaviour”.

IVEDA provides Clients with Information,Insight and Intelligence on Markets and Opportunities to ensure a qualitativeengagement with prospective Customers. A strong conviction that a commonon-ground engagement strategy cannot be adopted to address all opportunitieswith the assumption that they are in a similar homogenous environment, IVEDAprovides a closer understanding of the Prospects business to bridge the gapbetween the Seller and Buyer; which helps the Client Sales Team better the“Touch” while ensuring effective opportunity engagement.

Core Offering

IVEDA offers custom Marketing Intelligencesolutions aimed to reduce the gap between Marketing and Sales , thru a concerted Sales Centric Marketing Approach by aligning “Mature Opportunities” while incubating the rest.

Services offered by IVEDA India

IVEDA India offers these services:

Experts in Ergonomy (UX/UI)

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