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We deliver more than digital campaigns, design, and solutions. From the first meeting to the daily updates, the workshops, the presentations. When we listen, discuss, talk, celebrate. And you can count on us after going live. This is the Granyon experience.

We deliver digital strategy, Concept development, online prototypes, Digital design, and UX, campaigns, mobile apps, websites in both .net, Drupal and Wordpress.

At Granyon you'll meet the team that is going to work on your business. We don't believe in salespeople with big smiles but instead we want to proof our worth by delivering passionate teams who are ready to drop everything they have to work for you and your goals. 

Reach out if you are ready to meet engaged people who are willing to build your future digital solutions. 

You can find Granyon in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Cambridge, UK. 

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Digital Strategy
  • Insights, data science, and strategy are about knowledge and understanding. What is the history of your product? Who buys it? Who uses your service and why? Is there potential? What does the competition do? What is the landscape today for the solution we should build regarding technology and trends? Who owns this product? What's the business strategy? Where should the outcome take you, both emotionally and financially? Our insights and strategy team works to answer these questions. Together with you, we develop concepts and ideas through a series of exercises that we facilitate during the discovery phase. The outcome of this process is an organizing framework for the project that will serve as the foundation for a strategy decision, which primarily is about choosing what and what not to do, in order to create on what works for your business.
Website Creation
  • Design and development is of course about business and aesthetics, but also about the design of the whole solution. We work with digital branding: dynamic visual identity, imagery, typography, iconography, animation, photography, video, etc. Everything you need to communicate your messages effectively across channels. We work with page designs, the structure of information, the user flows and showcases this both in flat design files and in a dynamic, responsive shareable prototypes, that can be tested early and often and modified efficiently in an agile process. Our end product here is most often the prototype and a handover to the chosen development team. We have great partners in all the major CMS out there: Drupal, Sitecore, Umbraco, Sharepoint, and WordPress. We deliver prototypes for websites, web apps, native apps for smartphones, tablets or TV. No creativity by the hour We first design the process that fits you. Together we agree on deadlines and the extent of the tasks. Then prioritize and set targets to reach. Define the outcomes and explain the value we seek. On this, we deliver. Read why we don't believe in the hour-by-hour agency. An hour can be productive, or so-so. We all need breaks, go and get coffee, or we procrastinate over some social feed. We might also have the bad day with no sleep last night because that baby kept us awake. But on other days we are on a roll: the concept is clear, ideas are plenty, we feel productive as never before. This is the way humans work. And this is why we can't measure creative work by hours. We feel we fool ourselves, and you as our client. What we can do is agree on deadlines, and we put effort into describing the scope of work and expected outcomes of the different parts of a project before we start. Value descriptions can be scoped, priced and deadlines can be negotiated. Once we agree on these, our team can feel free to explore, unite, divide... they can work all night, or go for at inspiration trip. This all depends on the project and whatever it takes to bring the best ideas and execution up front. We deliver what we promise, and we do it on time.

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