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Description of Gentlemen Marketing Agency

Do you need a reliable and efficient Digital Marketing Agency in China ? We are specialized in Digital Strategy in China SEO, Social Media, viral Marketing for the Chinese Market. 

Starting as a two-man team working from a home office in 2012, Gentlemen Marketing Agency (GMA) is now one of the primary players in the Chinese digital marketing industry. The start-up agency is succeeding where many others have failed.

“China is an entrepreneurs’ dream, with new start-ups opening almost hourly” says GMA co-founder Olivier Verot. “But they are folding at a similar rate. Not understanding the market, growing too slowly, growing too quickly. They are failing for various reasons” he continued.

For a company that specializes in digital marketing and advertising, GMA’s growth has been steady over the past four years and the agency now employs 37 full-time staff, stretching desk space in the Jing’an office to capacity.

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