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Leopoldsburg, Belgium
Expand your Business, without Constraints.
Face44 specialise in working with leading agencies, and studios whether they are in design, development, tech or marketing, we execute high-end design and development solutions for the customers of our partner agencies/studios that have an impact. Face44 believes in collaboration over competition - to make our partners stronger by bridging capacity, skillset and diversity gaps. Trusted by dozens of agencies and studios globally who are sometimes constrained in their growth because they: Do not have enough capacity at a certain time, Miss a specific skill to deliver a project, Have to cater to additional clients’ needs that are outside their core expertise. Our approach is marked by unmatched flexibility. We offer engagement models tailored to your unique needs, with no strings attached. Our confidence in our ability to meet and exceed your expectations is reflected in the long-standing relationships we've built. Once you work with Face44, there's simply no need to look elsewhere. We provide an extension of expertise/team to its partners in the following domains: Strategy: Research Competitor Analysis User Journeys/Flows Mind Mapping Personas Design: User Experience (UX) User Interface (UI) Web Design Immersive Experiences Brand Design Motion Design Visual Communication 3D, AR, VR Prototypes Code: Full Stack Development Low/No Code Development (WebFlow & Framer) Web Application Development Creative Development Front-end Implementation Content Management Systems (CMSs) eCommerce Development Dev Support Regardless of your location, market segment, or size, if you aspire to be a top player in your industry or if you are already on that path - we are all ears: contact@face44.com
25 people in their team
Speaks Dutch, English, French
22 projects in their portfolio
Sortlist member since 2023
Founded in 2015
12 awards conferred


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  • Description
    With our Website Creation services, we're here to bring your and your customers' digital dreams to life. At Face44, we value flexibility, creativity, the latest tech trends, and innovation to ensure you get the outstanding results you deserve. Your success is our pride, and we're excited to work with you.

    We offer a range of services, including but not limited to:

    Our Web Design service is all about creating websites that not only work well but also look great. We focus on making sure your website is easy to use and visually appealing. Our team pays close attention to layout, text, colours, and navigation to provide a smooth and attractive user experience.

    With Immersive Web Design, we take your website to the next level. We add impressive features like interactive elements, eye-catching animations, and 3D objects created with code. If you want a website that stands out on the international stage, this is the way to go. We use the latest technology to create a captivating web experience.

    WebFlow gives us the tools to create highly interactive and dynamic websites. It's a cost-effective solution that allows us to add cool features to your site without breaking your budget. It's all about making your website engaging and effective.

    Our Front-End Implementation service is all about turning your design into a real, working website. We ensure that your website looks good and functions properly on all devices. We use technologies like React.js, Vue.js, HTML, and SCSS to create a website that's both technically solid and visually appealing.

    Creative Development takes your interactive and immersive designs and turns them into functional web pages. We use technologies like React.js, Three.js, Vue.js, GSAP, and WebGL to bring your creative vision to life. The end result is web pages that not only look fantastic but also work perfectly.

    We offer flexibility in content management systems (CMS) to suit your specific needs. Our options include:

    1. User-friendly open-source CMSs like WordPress and Drupal etc...
    2. Cloud-based CMS integrations like Shopify and WebFlow.
    3. More advanced headless integrations with PayLoad CMS and Contentful.

    No matter your preference, we have the right CMS solution to cover your needs.

    For eCommerce websites, we prioritize making the shopping experience easy and enjoyable for your customers. We pay attention to user experience, product pages, listings, special offers, and a smooth checkout process. Our goal is to create a virtual store that boosts sales and keeps customers happy.

    Our commitment doesn't end with website creation. Many of our agency clients trust us to keep their websites up-to-date and growing. We handle regular updates, add new content and features, and ensure your website evolves over time to meet the changing needs of your brand and audience.
    Skills in Website Creation (52)
    MySQLsplineDeploymentsUtility First CSS FrameworksLow CodeElementorFramerWebflowDark Mode DesignJQuery Development+42
    Works in Website Creation (15)
    Loop Earplugs - Website Creation
    YUNGO - Website Creation
    ULB University - CLA - Website Creation
    Flysite - Website Creation
    Reviews in Website Creation (5)
    Arno Weiste
    Phillip Reinhardt
    Justina Ivanova
    Jan Gheyle
    Clients in Website Creation (15)
    Alter EraClothing & Accessories |
    CLAEducation | local
    YUNGOMarketing & Advertising |
    Easier LifeHospitals & Healthcare |

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  • Description
    Our Ergonomy (UX/UI) service is a comprehensive solution that puts the user at the center of your digital products. Whether you're developing mobile applications, SaaS applications, cloud web applications, digital platforms, eCommerce platforms, interactive apps/solutions, or more, we've got you covered. Here's what we include in this service:

    We dive deep into the fundamentals, utilizing various research methods and drawing from insights and best practices of industry experts. This research phase ensures we understand your audience, your goals, and your competition.

    To truly know your market, product landscape, and objectives, we conduct a thorough analysis of your competition. This provides actionable insights to enhance your brand's digital presence.

    We meticulously map out each possible customer interaction, creating a comprehensive picture of the end-user experience. This helps us identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.

    Keeping your unique needs and objectives in mind, we map out a solution that visualizes, structures, and categorizes your ideas. This process helps us align your vision with practical design.

    To gain a deep understanding of your target audience, we create user personas. These personas guide us in crafting exceptional products that resonate with your users.

    Our focus is on discovering what users want and designing the simplest path to get there. This user-centric approach ensures that your digital products stand out and offer a truly differentiated experience.

    From concept to launch, we conceive and create engaging digital products with a user-friendly interface. We place a strong emphasis on making complex tasks feel simple and intuitive for users.

    To turn your ideas into reality, we create prototypes that allow us to test concepts and evaluate and enhance designs in a practical, real-world context. This iterative process ensures that the final product is user-friendly and efficient.

    No matter what type of digital product you're developing, our Ergonomy (UX/UI) service is tailored to create a seamless and delightful user experience. We're here to help you build products that not only meet your goals but also exceed user expectations.
    Skills in Ergonomy (UX/UI) (33)
    User ResearchUsability TestingPrototypingDesign ThinkingUI DesignUX DesignUI UXUser ExperienceMobile App UI DesignPayment Flow Optimization+23
    Works in Ergonomy (UX/UI) (16)
    Loop Earplugs - Ergonomy (UX/UI)
    EatThat - Ergonomy (UX/UI)
    ULB University - CLA - Ergonomy (UX/UI)
    Flysite - Ergonomy (UX/UI)
    Reviews in Ergonomy (UX/UI) (2)
    Pieter Vanderbeeken
    Karim Alami
    Clients in Ergonomy (UX/UI) (16)
    Alter EraClothing & Accessories |
    Billig FilterTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    iBobConsumer Electronics |
    PassportOthers |

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  • Description
    At Face44, our Software Development service is all about integrating the latest cutting-edge technologies and staying at the forefront of the newest frameworks, trends, data analytics, and research to deliver optimal results. When you choose our Software Development service, you gain access to a comprehensive range of solutions designed to meet your specific needs.

    Here's what we offer within this service:

    Our expertise spans across all types of web and mobile applications, including e-commerce platforms, SaaS applications, cloud applications, and more. We visualize the information architecture across a wide range of technologies, covering front-end prototyping and comprehensive back-end services. This means we're well-equipped to bring your digital ideas to life, no matter the scale or complexity.

    We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer a customized framework solution. This tailored approach allows you to stay ahead of the competition by having a framework that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements. It's all about giving you the competitive edge.

    We're not just here for the initial development; we provide ongoing support to ensure your software continues to perform at its best. While you focus on growing your business, we focus on enhancing the performance and security of your website. With our development support, you can rest assured that your digital presence is in capable hands.
    Skills in Software Development (14)
    Web AppsSoftware EngineeringSoftware ArchitectureSalesforce IntegrationCustom DevelopmentSoftware LocalizationCustom Software DevelopmentFlutter Software Development.NET DevelopmentCustom ERP Development+4
    Works in Software Development (12)
    YUNGO - Software Development
    ULB University - CLA - Software Development
    Flysite - Software Development
    Alter Era - Software Development
    Reviews in Software Development (2)
    Antoine SALOMÉ
    Sohail Ahmed
    Clients in Software Development (12)
    Odyssey ComputingSoftware & Computer Services |
    Hack Belgium LabsEntertainment & Events |
    ShipEcommLogistics & Supply Chain |
    Data DrivenOthers | local

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  • Description
    While our Software Development service covers a wide range of application types, including mobile and desktop applications, our Web Applications service specializes in creating applications that operate through web browsers. This means that the users can access your application from anywhere with an internet connection.


    * Django: A high-level Python web framework known for its simplicity and efficiency.
    * React Native: A JavaScript framework for building mobile applications with a strong focus on user experience.
    * Angular: A popular framework for building dynamic web applications with JavaScript and TypeScript.
    * Laravel: A PHP framework that simplifies complex tasks like routing, caching, and security.
    * Ruby on Rails: A web application framework that emphasizes convention over configuration for faster development.
    * CodeIgniter: A PHP framework that provides tools for faster and more efficient web application development.
    * CakePHP: Another PHP framework that offers a rapid development process.
    * Bootstrap: A front-end framework for building responsive and visually appealing web applications.

    And more...

    We recognize that every business has unique requirements. Whether you need a content management system, an e-commerce platform, a customer relationship management tool, or a custom solution, we tailor our web applications to your specific needs.

    As described in our Ergonomy (UX/UI) services, we prioritize user-centric design to ensure that your web applications are not only powerful but also intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly. This aligns with our dedication to exceptional User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design.

    Our web applications are built to be compatible with various web browsers and devices, ensuring that users have a seamless experience regardless of how they access your application.
    Skills in Web Application (33)
    Wordpress DevelopmentVueJS DevelopmentAngularJS DevelopmentAngular DevelopmentSQL DevelopmentWordpress DesignCMS DevelopmentCSS DevelopmentWebsite LocalizationRuby Development+23
    Works in Web Application (8)
    YUNGO - Web Application
    ULB University - CLA - Web Application
    Alter Era - Web Application
    ShipEcomm - Web Application
    Review in Web Application (1)
    Elke Verhaeghe
    Clients in Web Application (8)
    Alter EraClothing & Accessories |
    CLAEducation | local
    Billig FilterTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    PassportOthers |

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  • Description
    Mobile app design and development play a pivotal role in today's digital landscape. Here's why:

    In an increasingly mobile-first world, mobile apps have become a primary channel for engaging with users. They offer convenience, accessibility, and the potential to reach a massive and diverse audience.

    UX AND UI:
    The success of a mobile app hinges on its UX and UI design. A well-crafted app not only functions smoothly but also offers a visually appealing, intuitive, and engaging experience. Our Mobile App Development service prioritizes exceptional UX and UI, as explained in our Ergonomy (UX and UI) service, to ensure your app stands out from the competition.

    Mobile apps provide a direct line of communication with your customers. Through push notifications, in-app messages, and personalization, you can foster deeper engagement and build lasting relationships.

    Mobile apps open up various monetization opportunities, including in-app purchases, ads, subscription models, and financial transactions, particularly for Fintech Apps.


    Now, let's explore the different types of mobile apps:

    These apps allow users to shop, browse, and make purchases directly from their mobile devices. Examples include Amazon and eBay.

    Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter connect people and enable them to share content and interact with others.

    With a focus on well-being, these apps offer features like tracking workouts, monitoring health, and providing dietary guidance. Examples include Fitbit and MyFitnessPal.

    Apps like Microsoft Office and Trello enhance productivity by offering tools for document creation, project management, and communication.

    Educational apps, such as Duolingo and Khan Academy, offer a platform for learning new skills and subjects.

    These apps assist users in planning trips, booking accommodations, and navigating unfamiliar places. Popular examples include Google Maps and Airbnb.

    These apps provide the latest news, articles, videos, and updates on various topics. Think of apps like BBC News and Netflix.

    Apps like Uber Eats and Yelp help users discover restaurants, order food, and read reviews.

    Fintech apps offer financial services, including banking, investing, budgeting, and payment solutions, allowing users to manage their finances and investments with ease.

    Utility apps offer tools for various tasks, from weather forecasting to language translation. Examples include AccuWeather and Google Translate.
    Skills in Mobile App (12)
    App DesigningInteractive AppsMobile App UXiOS App DevelopmentNative AppsMobile PrototypingAndroid App DevelopmentMobile App UI DesignHybrid Mobile AppReact Native Development+2
    Works in Mobile App (3)
    EatThat - Mobile App
    EasierLife - Mobile App
    PTS Mobile App - Mobile App
    Clients in Mobile App (3)
    EatThat AppFood |
    PTS - Premium Transport Staffing, IncTransportation |
    Easier LifeHospitals & Healthcare |

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  • Description
    Branding & Positioning is crucial in establishing a memorable and distinctive brand identity that stands out in today's competitive landscape. We provide a comprehensive suite of services that includes:

    We dive deep into your industry to understand your competitors, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. This valuable insight informs our strategy for setting your brand apart.

    We believe in data-driven decision-making. Our team conducts thorough research to identify trends, market dynamics, and consumer behaviours, ensuring your brand strategy is built on a solid foundation.

    Your brand's tone of voice is its personality. We help you define a unique tone that resonates with your target audience, creating a strong and consistent brand message.

    Your logo is often the first impression of your brand. We craft visually captivating yet meaningful logos that encapsulate your brand's essence and values, leaving a lasting impact.

    We create comprehensive brand books/manifestos that outline the guidelines for using your brand assets dos and dont's, ensuring consistency and coherence in all your brand communications.

    Consistency in brand communication is key. We design presentation deck templates that align with your brand's identity, making your brand shine in every presentation.

    Our visual communication design services extend to various aspects of your brand, including advertisements, marketing materials, and social media content. We ensure your visual identity remains strong across all platforms.
    Skills in Branding & Positioning (16)
    Corporate IdentityBrandingTypographySocial Media BrandingOnline BrandingBrand NamingBrand DesignKey VisualCorporate Identity DesignSlogan Design+6
    Works in Branding & Positioning (9)
    Flysite - Branding & Positioning
    Alter Era - Branding & Positioning
    ShipEcomm - Branding & Positioning
    Odyssey Computing - Branding & Positioning
    Clients in Branding & Positioning (9)
    Data DrivenOthers | local
    ModlabEducation | local
    MijinPaard ZoektOthers | local
    FlysiteInternet | local

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  • Description
    From the lens of Face44, our e-commerce development services are more than just creating online stores; they are about building digital retail experiences for your brand via perfectly aligned design and development.

    As explained in our Ergonomy (UX/UI) service, at the heart of our e-commerce service is the commitment to making the shopping experience easy and enjoyable for your customers. We prioritize user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, ensuring that every element of your online store is designed with the user in mind.

    We pay meticulous attention to product pages and listings. Each product is presented with rich visuals, detailed descriptions, and user-friendly navigation. This approach not only enhances product visibility but also encourages informed buying decisions.

    To engage and retain your customers, we help you implement special offers, promotions, and discounts. These features add value to the shopping experience and can boost sales while fostering brand loyalty.

    A seamless checkout process is crucial for reducing cart abandonment rates. We ensure that your customers can complete their purchases quickly and securely. From adding items to the cart to payment and order confirmation, we optimize each step.

    In addition to the e-commerce experience for the end user, we also offer the option to create custom dashboards tailored to your business needs. These dashboards provide you with real-time insights into your e-Commerce operations, helping you track sales, inventory, and customer behaviour, among other crucial metrics.
    Skills in E-commerce (15)
    Custom DevelopmentEcommerceWebshop DevelopmentEcommerce WebsiteOnline storeOnline EcommerceEcommerce Web DevelopmentMagento EcommerceWordpress EcommerceEcommerce Solutions+5
    Works in E-commerce (3)
    Alter Era - E-commerce
    Billig Filter - E-commerce
    iBob - E-commerce
    Review in E-commerce (1)
    Zhanna Belskaya
    Clients in E-commerce (3)
    Alter EraClothing & Accessories |
    Billig FilterTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    iBobConsumer Electronics |

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  • Description
    Motion Design is the art of storytelling through movement. It's more than just graphics in motion; it's about crafting narratives that captivate and engage. We breathe life into static visuals, creating a dynamic and immersive experience that resonates with your audience and elevates your brand. Some of our key offerings include:

    A logo in motion is more than a brand symbol; it's a visual story. We transform them into dynamic brand identities that leave a lasting impression.

    Your portfolio isn't just a collection of projects; it's a true reflection of your brand. We craft showreels that transform your portfolio into a compelling visual narrative, showcasing your capabilities and achievements in a captivating manner.

    To breathe life into your work, these videos offer viewers an immersive journey through the interactions and successes of each component of the project.
    Skills in Motion Design (15)
    Project VideosInteraction DesignDigital AnimationOnline AnimationClip Motion DesignLogo Motion DesignMotion Graphic DesignVirtual Reality (VR)Motion GraphicsAugmented Reality (AR)+5
    Works in Motion Design (8)
    Loop Earplugs - Motion Design
    YUNGO - Motion Design
    LOOP - 3D and Motion Design Project Reel - Motion Design
    Flysite - Motion Design
    Clients in Motion Design (8)
    YUNGOMarketing & Advertising |
    BEFEBEntertainment & Events | local
    FlysiteInternet | local
    ModlabEducation | local

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  • Description
    We take social presence pretty seriously to reflect the brand values visually across different platforms. Our approach to social media is not just about maintaining a digital presence for our partner agencies; it's about crafting a compelling online narrative that resonates with your audience.

    We understand the intricacies of social media and provide you with a well-crafted content strategy. Our guidance and planning cover various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

    We take charge of managing and maintaining a social media planner. This includes scheduling posts, tracking content, and ensuring a consistent and engaging presence.

    Our design experts take care of bringing YOUR content to life. We create eye-catching visuals and set up templates for various types of posts, stories, reels, and more, ensuring your content looks polished and professional.

    Visual content is a key driver of engagement, and we place a strong emphasis on it. From regular visual design to 2D/3D animated content, we ensure your social media presence captures attention and keeps your audience engaged.

    Crafting the right captions and utilizing effective hashtags are essential for social media success. We provide you with captivating captions and well-researched hashtags to boost your visibility and reach.

    We can set up and run targeted ad campaigns to help you reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and drive specific marketing goals on social media.

    Our Social Media service is dedicated to building and maintaining your brand's online presence especially when it comes to the execution part of your ideas and story you want to tell the world.
    Skills in Social Media (21)
    Feed DesignSocial Media MarketingSocial Media ManagementSocial Media StrategySocial Media Services3D AnimationSocial Media CopywritingSocial Media DesignAnimationsSocial Media Optimization+11
    Works in Social Media (3)
    ULB University - CLA - Social Media
    Odyssey Computing - Social Media
    Hack Belgium - Social Media
    Clients in Social Media (3)
    CLAEducation | local
    Odyssey ComputingSoftware & Computer Services |
    Hack Belgium LabsEntertainment & Events |

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  • Description
    Graphic Design is more than just creating visuals; it's about crafting a visual identity that tells your brand's unique story.

    Whether it's business cards, brochures, posters, banners or an entire merch of a brand, we create stunning yet meaningful print materials that convey your message effectively.

    Our digital design expertise extends to web graphics, social media visuals, email templates, and more. We ensure that your online presence is visually engaging.

    From eye-catching ad creatives to compelling marketing visuals, we help you stand out in the competitive world of advertising.

    We bring your ideas to life with unique and captivating custom illustrations, making your brand more relatable and memorable.

    We create packaging that not only protects your product but also entices consumers and communicates your brand's personality.

    Complex data is made accessible and engaging through our infographic design. We help you simplify information and convey it effectively.

    If you have a specific visual concept in mind, our custom artwork service brings your vision to reality with precision and creativity.
    Skills in Graphic Design (33)
    Clip Motion DesignInfographic DesignEditorial DesignTypographyBusiness Card DesignImage EditingBrand DesignMerchandisingVisual EffectsPitch Deck Design+23
    Works in Graphic Design (5)
    Alter Era - Graphic Design
    ShipEcomm - Graphic Design
    Odyssey Computing - Graphic Design
    Hack Belgium - Graphic Design
    Clients in Graphic Design (5)
    Alter EraClothing & Accessories |
    iBobConsumer Electronics |
    Odyssey ComputingSoftware & Computer Services |
    Hack Belgium LabsEntertainment & Events |

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25 members in Face44's team

Face44 cover
StoryWe are a team of international professionals comprising designers, developers, and digital marketers. Yes! It’s a mix of Millennials and Gen Zs fully immersed in the digital world. We believe, having diversity encourages growth through active experimentation and learning.
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Face44 was awarded 12 times

Honorable Mention by Awwwards2023-1-30Web Design & Development
International Jury 2023 at Awwwards2023-1-28Design Assessment of the Websites Globally
Innovation Award by CSSDA2023-1-31Website Creation
Special Kudos Award by CSSDA2023-2-1Website Interactions
UI Design Award by CSSDA2023-1-31Interface Components of the Website
UX Design Award by CSSDA2023-2-1Usability of the Website
Site of the Day Award by CSSWinner2023-1-31Design, Frontend, Interactions & Overall Experience
International Jury 2018 at Awwwards2017-12-31Design Assessment of the Websites Globally
International Jury 2019 at Awwwards2017-12-31Design Assessment of the Websites Globally
Nominated Designer of the year 2017 Worldwide by Awwwards2017-11-30Design Innovation Track Record
Honorable Mention by Awwwards2017-5-31Valuable Design and Execution
Honorable Mention by Awwwards2017-2-28Web Design


11 reviews for Face44

(11 reviews)
Pieter Vanderbeeken
Pieter VanderbeekenVP Global Accounts at Across Health | Nexxworks | The House of Marketing
ServiceErgonomy (UX/UI)
SectorManagement Consulting
Team51 - 200

Face44 is committed to consistent excellence and seamless collaboration. This approach has greatly contributed to the success of our projects. Being deeply ingrained in the agency world, I understand the initial apprehension that comes with forging a new vendor partnership. When first engaging with Face44, this traditional fear was quickly assuaged. From the outset, their team demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs and objectives, providing impeccable service that has only evolved and improved over time. Face44 stands out as an "agency for agencies/studios", ensuring that their approach aligns perfectly with the unique demands of this niche. Our collaboration has consistently been marked by transparent, prompt, and effective communication, ensuring that projects progress smoothly from inception to completion. The team at Face44 has consistently upheld high standards of quality, showcasing a drive to learn and enhance their offerings with each project. Their flexibility and adaptability in meeting our ever-changing requirements have been commendable, and the results have invariably been impressive. In summary, working with Face44 has been an immensely positive experience. Their dedication, professionalism, and commitment to continuous improvement have made them a trusted partner for us. I wholeheartedly recommend Face44 to any agency or studio seeking a reliable and proficient partner.

ServiceErgonomy (UX/UI)
SectorManagement Consulting
Team51 - 200

Phillip ReinhardtCEO at PBJ Marketing – USA
ServiceWebsite Creation
SectorMarketing & Advertising

We've worked with Face44 for almost 8 years and counting and have successfully launched who knows how many websites When our clients are in need of smart, innovative design that -most importantly- CONVERTS, they remain our go-to partner. In an online world filled with smoke and mirrors, they've become an invaluable resource to us as a marketing agency, and trust them with any one of our clients.

ServiceWebsite Creation
SectorMarketing & Advertising

Elke VerhaegheManager at Gluon - Belgium
ServiceWeb Application
SectorArt & Handcraft
Team1 - 10

The cooperation with Face44 shows that geographical distance should not be a barrier - quite the contrary! Few partners can match Face44 in terms of communication and results. We have been working together for 2 years, and despite the geographical distance and time difference, it has gone completely smoothly.

ServiceWeb Application
SectorArt & Handcraft
Team1 - 10

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  • HeadquarterKlauwierstraat 2/3970, 3790 Leopoldsburg, Belgium

  • Lower Ground Floor, Plot No. 32, Street No. 37, I&T Centre, G-10/4 G 10/4 G-10, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000, Pakistan