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About Digital Echoes


Since the start of Digital Echoes, we have helped thousands of small

business owners worldwide achieve their goals – enhancing their brand and operational efficiency.

Now, we’re offering YOU the same opportunity!

Digital Echoes comprises of an exceptional team of multi-talented multi-taskers with an in-depth experience in a wide variety of B2B and B2C industries.

Digital Echoes provides a range of solutions including online and offline marketing and advertising, search engine optimization, social media consulting and management, web design and development, graphic design, re-marketing, mobile application development, email marketing, content writing and business solutions.



Some clients refer to us as web designers, others look at us as developers or internet guys. But most know us as digital marketing experts. We work with passion, constant curiosity and professionalism to strive for your goal. We partner with our clients to create streamlined digital experiences and digital marketing programs that generate clicks, calls and ultimately,

sales! We are detail minded, flexible and cost-effective.

Oh! And we speak like people, not like marketing professors!

We aspire to deliver an effective digital marketing campaign to your brand. That requires well thought out campaign objectives, careful campaign planning, social media expertise,

advanced writing, research skills, efficient campaign implementation and campaign success tracking procedures.



We’re an amalgam of programmers, analysts, creatives, and marketers. We invent ideas and design marketing strategies that can take your company to the next level. Some clients refer to us as web designers, others developers. But most know us as digital marketing experts.

We work alongside business owners, marketing directors and sales managers as an outsourced creative department, sharing our client’s goals and successes. As a small company, the advantage of being intricate and focused, flexible, cost-effective gives us the edge to propel your business well into the future.


We provide innovative, effective and integrated brand marketing and public relations solutions that can help our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals.



We want to delivering a goal-oriented brand marketing program and public relations campaign that can enhances your business awareness, improve your bottom line and foster growth.




We only do work we believe in.



We help integrate emotions into the digital stratosphere.



Great work just isn’t good enough – we strive for perfection!


We have a unique blend of talent that allows us to offer such a diverse range of services.

-Internet Marketing & Re-Marketing
-Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Web Development
-Mobile App Development
-Business Solutions
-Media Consultancy
-Media Office
-Social Media Management
-Event Planning
-Graphic Design
-Logo Design

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Social Media Management | Agha Restaurant
Social Media Management | Agha RestaurantAugust 2018
Social Media Management | Mains et Fleurs
Social Media Management | Mains et FleursAugust 2018
Lala Queen | Social Media | Public Relations
Lala Queen | Social Media | Public RelationsAugust 2018
Ajamian | Social Media
Ajamian | Social MediaAugust 2018
Particulier Chocolatier|Social Media|Photography
Particulier Chocolatier|Social Media|PhotographyAugust 2018
KOA Beach Resort | Full Marketing Solution
KOA Beach Resort | Full Marketing SolutionAugust 2018
The Lounge | Social Media | Photography
The Lounge | Social Media | PhotographyAugust 2018
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Services (3) offered by Digital Echoes


Search Engine Optimization is about getting you found online which is the goal at Digital Echoes. You may ask: “how can an online presence help grow my business,” right? Well, the reality is that our search engine optimization and marketing services can help generate a large amount of search traffic, sales and new customers for your business. Digital Echoes a leading search engine optimization company because of the results we provide our clients day-in and day-out.

Digital Strategy

Social Media

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No Fuse  11 months ago

No Fuse



I’ve worked with Digital Echoes for almost 2 years on No Fuse image, branding, concept, design, website and more. I could not be more impressed with their professionalism, teamwork, communication and results. In fact I always recommend them when asked about a marketing agency or consultant. They did not only make my job easier and expanded No Fuse’s exposure, but they make also our image look good. They are a true extension of my team and a very valued partner. All I can say is: “"Digital Echoes our Team Rocks! Just a short note to thank you for the daily help. Your team is superb, and helpful!"

Bassam Kreidy  11 months ago

KOA Beach Resort



Koa is a beach resort overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the Mountain of Zouk Mikael. Starting, I would actually like to take the time to thank every person in Digital Echoes. I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of professionalism they have. Their work is really up to scratch. We found in their team, trustworthy people who think similar to ourselves, creative and committed to supporting our initiatives... Besides managing our online platforms and offline marketing, Digital Echoes was more like a consultant agency for our business. They helped us, developing our concept, image and customer relationship. Their work on our online platforms and Internet marketing has made a significant difference to our business. We’ve seen a huge increase in page likes/followers and the number of clicks on “call us”, which has been pretty remarkable. Thank you Digital Echoes for always having a divergent thinking to involve a variety of aspects which lead to novel ideas and solutions. Finally, I can confirm that their effort and work were definitely worth the money we spent.

Adib Skaff  11 months ago

Miyagi Sushi & Grill



To the Concerned Department, At Miyagi, we have been offering the finest Sushi in Lebanon. Yet, we lacked an online presence which would enable us to attract more customers and at the same time reflect our growing popularity among the local populace. We tried everything we could, first working with a freelancer. To say that didn’t work out would be an understatement. Our next step was to look up online marketing companies which can get the job done on the cheap. Now, rather than boosting our image, they ended up harming our reputation. We got the feeling that social media marketing is perhaps beyond us, that is until we found Digital Echoes. At first, we were slightly taken aback by the prices they quoted, but the strategies and ideas they shared with us coupled with their confidence convinced us to give them a shot, and we are glad we did. Today, Digital Echoes handles our social media campaign and online advertising and it is going great. The number of Likes and Follows keeps increasing and we are able to engage our customers better. We are extremely satisfied with their services and would be happy to recommend them to other businesses seeking to build an online presence. Adib Skaff Owner – Miyagi Sushi & Grill

Sami Masri  11 months ago




Terghalei is a traditional Lebanese restaurant in the heart of Hamra. First I’m glad I decided to work with Digital Echoes. It’s really great how their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives, making them invaluable partners. Digital Echoes has been instrumental in helping us build an outstanding concept and branding. When it comes to digital marketing there are loads of commentators that talk a good game, but Digital Echoes help you make it happen. They create my outlet’s concept of online and offline ads, engaged customers and brought our new business great results. Digital Echoes expertise and "out of the box thinking" in helping us strategically deliver targeted content is a key value to improve our audience’s content journey. Their work on our online marketing has made a significant difference. We’ve seen the traffic on our social media platforms and the great content they provided Sami Masri General Manager Terghale Restaurant

Faten Akoury  11 months ago




To whom it may concern, Ortholuxe has had a very productive relationship with Digital Echoes. As an Orthodontic clinic, we first thought that it was hard to market ourselves but Digital Echoes has assisted us with our online reputation management. They are highly competent and you will not be disappointed with them. They are professional, highly motivated, and results driven. We are always impressed with the attention to detail, and the ability to integrate their strategies without hesitation. Digital Echoes are excellent at communicating on a regular basis to ensure that our goals are being met and to address our advertising and marketing concerns. If you find a challenging market that requires professional advice and assistance, Digital Echoes is the perfect solution! Dr.Faten Akoury Owner, Ortholuxe

mark escroc  11 months ago




To whom it may concern, We are in the food industry. We operate a chain of restaurants and cafés. At first, we found that Digital Echoes’ prices were high. But after trying their services, we found that they provided an even higher value than what would have expected. We are so pleased with the return on investment they are providing. We have worked with Digital Echoes for over a year. During this time they took care of our online reputation and advertisement. Although we have worked with them for a year, they have been in this industry for a long time. This is obvious in their knowledge of the industry. They are highly professional and handle their clients very well both in online marketing and advertising. In this constantly changing industry, there are a few aspects of Digital Echoes’ history that makes them stand out from other firms. They have a very low turnover rate with their clients. Once a client works with them, they rarely change to another agency. We have recommended Digital Echoes to two other companies and we are all pleased by their work, and we are happy to recommend them again. Sincerely Mark Makhlouf - Owner L’Escroc

hanna insurance  11 months ago

Hanna Insurance Consultants



To whom it may concern, We are an insurance brokerage firm. When we were approached by George Dagher from Digital Echoes regarding the marketing and advertising solutions they can offer to our company, we were afraid of taking the wrong decision. We operate in Lebanon, thus functioning under constant hard economic times and political turmoil. Under these conditions, businesses are always hesitant when it comes to making new investments and our case was no different. Having read the testimonials on Digital Echoes’ website, we decided to go for it and we are so happy we did! Within few months, we started to have an increase in our sales and the business leads kept on coming our way. We found their services to be invaluable! We would have no hesitation in recommending Digital Echoes and only regret that we didn’t hire Digital Echoes sooner. Sincerely Nazih N. Hanna CEO, Hanna Insurance Consultants

liquid Engineers  11 months ago

Liquid Engineers



Liquid Engineers is a Bar Catering company providing beverages solutions for Private celebrations, Corporate Events, Out-of-the-box Events, Store openings and weddings. Due to our complex and unique field of work that is not yet known to Lebanese market, it was essential to find the right digital marketing company that would reach our needed and finely targeted audience with the right message and content. Following several extensive meetings in order to understand our business and create custom made marketing strategies, Digital Echoes helped us sharpen our brand image, broaden our audience and ensure better engagement with them. Our planned target was reached even before the planned due date, Liquid Engineers has now a strong presence on both Social Media platforms and people’s mind. Working with Digital Echoes was as easy as it could be, very professional, supportive and details oriented team; highly recommended. Sincerely, Naji Abboud General Manager