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Rotterdam, Netherlands
We maximize growth for impactful brands.
You want to grow your pipeline. But, your current marketing activities have not gotten you the results you hoped for. Our team will help you set up and run the demand generation machine you need to generate inbound leads and grow your pipeline. From strategy to creation to execution, we’re with you every step of the way. New digital channels and tools to grow your business appear daily. When there are a million possible routes to take, how do you choose the most effective one? We believe in a holistic approach to growth. Not only do we work on the big-picture growth strategy, but we also apply deep channel expertise. We build funnels that convert through testing what works. We offer everything in-house that our clients require to grow digitally: from strategy to execution. We provide in-house expertise from a wide range of sectors, which allows us to develop and execute customized strategies that drive growth. Our fields of expertise in B2B growth: - Growth research & strategy - Social Media Advertising - Search engine advertising (SEO) - Search engine optimization (SEA) - Display advertising - Video marketing - Design and copywriting - Conversion rate optimization - Email marketing - Automation
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  • Description
    In the B2B marketing landscape, most prospects are currently not looking for your product or service.

    This group of people needs education and nurturing first, so that when the need arises for your offer, they understand the problem that you solve, and you are on top of mind in your category.

    We can help you set up a demand generation strategy to nurture and educate your leads with valuable content. In the last part of the process, we help you capture this generated demand.
    Skills in Growth Marketing (16)
    Lead NurturingLead GenerationB2B Online MarketingB2B Lead CaptureB2B Scale-Up Lead GenerationB2B Growth MarketingB2B Demand GenerationGrowth AuditB2B ReclameB2B Digitale Marketing+6
    Works in Growth Marketing (7)
    4,000+ quiz results with research-based Meta ads - Growth Marketing
    Reducing Logitech's CPL with 70% on the B2B market - Growth Marketing
    Ultimaker: Generating 5000+ leads in 20+ countries - Growth Marketing
    500+ leads generated for real estate company - Growth Marketing
    Clients in Growth Marketing (7)
    PCBO RotterdamEducation | regional
    ReworcSoftware & Computer Services | national
    LogitechTechnology Hardware & Equipment | national
    House.nlReal Estate | national

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  • Description
    Based on thorough ICP research and online presence research, social media channels are selected for paid advertising purposes.

    In most B2B contexts, the channel of focus will be LinkedIn, where we can use thought leadership ads, video ads, and still image ads, among others.

    Additionally, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can be very successful channels to use for retargeting purposes.

    Besides social media, search engines also play a major role in B2B marketing. Dapper is specialised in:

    1. Search engine optimization (SEO):
    Recent studies indicate that over 70% of clicked search results are organic. But search engines are growing more intelligent daily and the competitive landscape is only increasing. How can you ensure that your website is shown for the right search queries? Dapper has helped both start-ups and Fortune 500 companies to strengthen their SEO. We’ve developed a step-by-step process.

    First, we conduct keyword research to identify vital terms that the company wishes to be found on. Based on the outcome of these keywords, we create a content plan: what will we write and when? Following this, we conduct an audit and prioritization of technical improvements for the website. Lastly, we plan how to build the website and webpage authority through link-building.

    It takes about 4-6 months for SEO to demonstrate an effect. We believe that organic traffic is one of the most sustainable marketing investments a company can make.

    2. Search Engine Advertising (SEA):
    Your target audience is looking for products and services on Google. SEA campaigns ensure that your page pops up at the right place at the right time. You’ll be presented as a solution to a moment of inquiry, at the top of a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search page. SEA is a popular solution due to its instant results and scalability.

    3. Display advertising:
    Display advertising allows us to promote your brand on websites and social media platforms belonging to the Google Network. Using Google data, display advertising provides interesting targeting possibilities. Google Display campaigns are renowned for their low prices and are therefore ideal for reaching a large audience, such as for an awareness campaign.
    Skills in Online Advertising (51)
    VideoreclameThought Leadership AdvertisingThought Leadership AdsTikTok Paid AdvertisingPaid CampagnesInstagram RetargetingFacebook RetargetingYouTube AdverterenYouTube RetargetingAdvertentie Content Creatie+41
    Works in Online Advertising (17)
    Getting 200 clients in 4 weeks with GTM strategy - Online Advertising
    4,000+ quiz results with research-based Meta ads - Online Advertising
    Reducing Logitech's CPL with 70% on the B2B market - Online Advertising
    Ultimaker: Generating 5000+ leads in 20+ countries - Online Advertising
    Reviews in Online Advertising (3)
    Machteld van der Does
    Timo Dammer
    Julian Streuper
    Clients in Online Advertising (17)
    Sound of DataTelecommunications | international
    ValyuuConsumer Electronics | national
    Reizen Naar Je WerkTransportation | regional
    PCBO RotterdamEducation | regional

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  • Description
    On average, people spend 145 minutes per day on social media. Therefore, this will be an essential part of your B2B demand generation or general marketing strategy.

    Based on thorough ICP research and online presence research, social media channels are selected on which the company and personal employee brands (so-called ‘thought leadership’) are built, both with organic and paid content.

    In most B2B contexts, the channel of focus will be LinkedIn. However, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are very successful channels to use for retargeting purposes.
    Skills in Social Media (31)
    YouTube advertentiesThought LeadershipB2B Lead GenerationGoogle AdvertentiesTikTok adverterenB2B Social MediaB2B BrandingB2B MarketingLinkedIn adverterenYouTube adverteren+21
    Works in Social Media (12)
    Getting 200 clients in 4 weeks with GTM strategy - Social Media
    400% ROI increase in SEA in 2 Months - Social Media
    4,000+ quiz results with research-based Meta ads - Social Media
    Reducing Logitech's CPL with 70% on the B2B market - Social Media
    Reviews in Social Media (2)
    Angela Hordijk
    Sammie Perkins
    Clients in Social Media (12)
    PCBO RotterdamEducation | regional
    UltimakerConsumer Electronics | international
    House.nlReal Estate | national
    LogitechTechnology Hardware & Equipment | national

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  • Description
    The marketing strategies we design for you are based on extensive growth research because we’re convinced that every hour spent on research and strategy has a multiplying effect on eventual results for your business. Almost every collaboration, therefore, starts with a data collection. This data collection phase differs per client, but almost always consists of:

    1. Evaluating your existing assets. We will ask you and your most important stakeholders (like your sales team for example) many questions, look at your competitors, evaluate key marketing channels, review existing user research, and conduct technical assessments.
    2. Identifying your ideal customer profile, based on available research, or from scratch. We will map out the most desirable customer to sell your product to, together with their pains and gains.
    3. Define core messaging. Based on the insights from the previous steps, we will help you identify the topics you want to discuss in your content and which will most resonate with your audience. This will help you put together a coherent messaging strategy.
    4. Define formats, frequency, processes, and distribution. When the content and channels are set in stone, you are going to decide how, where, and when you want to distribute the content.

    With this strategy in place, you can start executing and iterating.
    Skills in Digital Strategy (22)
    Search Engine MarketingDigital Marketing StrategyB2B Lead GenerationB2B Social MediaB2B MarketingB2B Marketing StrategyCompetitor ResearchStakeholder InterviewsB2B Digitale MarketingDigital Marketing+12
    Works in Digital Strategy (14)
    Getting 200 clients in 4 weeks with GTM strategy - Digital Strategy
    400% ROI increase in SEA in 2 Months - Digital Strategy
    4,000+ quiz results with research-based Meta ads - Digital Strategy
    Ultimaker: Generating 5000+ leads in 20+ countries - Digital Strategy
    Reviews in Digital Strategy (3)
    Mariah Shannon
    David Schermerhorn
    Josha Riemens
    Clients in Digital Strategy (14)
    Xebia AcademyEducation | national
    SOPHIA MAERetail | national
    Boxspring TwijfelaarRetail | national
    UltimakerConsumer Electronics | international

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24 members in Dapper - the growth agency's team

Dapper - the growth agency cover
StoryDapper - the growth agency is made up of growth fanatics. Each with their own specialization and area of expertise. At heart, we’re pioneers who simply love what we do. The bulk of the Dapper team is based in Rotterdam with other team members working abroad. We’re always aiming to grow, even as we help others to grow.
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Member of Meta Business Partner 20222022-6-1Online Advertising

Member of Facebook Business Partner 20212021-5-31Online Advertising

Google Partner 20222022-5-31Online Advertising

Google Partner 20212021-6-1Online Advertising
Google Partner 20202020-6-1Online Advertising


9 reviews for Dapper - the growth agency

(9 reviews)
Josha RiemensDirector Jobmarketing & Outreach at Blue Beach
ServiceDigital Strategy
SectorHuman Resources
Team1 - 10

At Blue Beach, we aim to speed up the process to get people in the right working environment, and, with that, make good companies even greater. We ask Yvo, one of the founders of Dapper for advice and tactics on how to market ourselves in an inspiring way instead of being just another job marketing company on a regular basis. Yvo and I have regular calls during which we go through my growth goals and how to achieve them using Growth Marketing. We end up with concrete actions that I can implement to support my marketing activities. Having Yvo give clarity on what to do next is a big help in the interesting but complicated process of starting up.

ServiceDigital Strategy
SectorHuman Resources
Team1 - 10

Mariah ShannonCEO at Muse Tans
ServiceDigital Strategy
SectorLuxury Goods & Jewelry
Team1 - 10

Muse spray tan is an offspring of an LA-based spray tan company. One year ago, we decided to open a studio in the Netherlands and asked Dapper to help us build our client base and define our go-to-market (GTM) in the Netherlands. The goal was to get a first client base as soon as possible. Dapper conducted research on how to best approach the GTM. Afterward, they brainstormed to come up with experiments that would get in the first clients. Then, they selected the highest potential experiments, which were campaigns for Google and Meta. They started running these experiments and took care of every aspect: from strategy to design to setting up and optimizing the campaigns. They also helped to set up a process for the follow-up of leads that came from the campaigns. The most noteworthy are the Meta campaigns. Dapper tested many different messaging, propositions, visuals, videos, and audiences. Eventually, we scaled a funnel that offered new customers a discount on their first spray tan. These campaigns got us about 70% of our total clientele.

ServiceDigital Strategy
SectorLuxury Goods & Jewelry
Team1 - 10

Boris LuijtenFounder at Rotterdam in a Box
Team1 - 10

Before we started working with Dapper, our client base was only growing because we contacted people within our own network and clients were recommending us within theirs. We wanted to find an agency that could help us implement digital marketing strategies to become less dependent on these networks. During our collaboration, Dapper’s Growth Marketers ran several PPC experiments on social media channels and Google and direct message campaigns on LinkedIn. They also worked out and executed a SEO strategy that helped us improve our ranking on Google substantially. Thanks to their efforts, more people were able to find us online and willing to buy our boxes. This led to a tremendous increase in website revenue!

Dapper - the growth agency's answer:Thank you for your review, Boris! We are glad to hear that you are happy with the end results of our collaboration. If you need more help in SEO, SEA, or social media advertising in the future, you know where to find us!

Team1 - 10

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  • HeadquarterStationsplein 45 E1.184, 3013 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands

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