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Description of Brands&People

We are a brand-centric company focused on mobilizing commercial brands in Latin America. We steer, innovate, communicate and maximize brands to accelerate growth. We’re a people-centric company, too. Our team is an eclectic mix of brand leaders, creative directors, designers, copywriters, media executives and brand managers, headed by French strategist Emmanuel Moreau and Mexican designer Gerardo Ortiz, also co- founders of the influential design firm -1 and content company Underdog.

Long story short 

In 2001, Gerardo and Emmanuel, who met by chance in college, founded a small branding and design consultancy named -1:0:1 (Menosunocerouno). During its early years -1 led a new generation of Mexican design studios that garnered international attention for its branding work. As the studio continued to grow, managing increasingly complex communication projects, the founders developed a new agency model focused on larger brands in Latin America, along with a new breed of content production company for social and new media. In 2015, Brands&People and Underdog are born. This way -1 becomes our design company, Underdog our content company and Brands&People our brand company. 

Latin America 

Headquartered in Mexico, Brands&People moves when it needs to move. We follow the brand geography and go where the talent is. In any given week we might be receiving a brief in Panama, shooting a TV spot in Buenos Aires or sitting down to a planning session in Saint Croix. For us, moving feels natural.

Services offered by Brands&People

Brands&People offers these services:

Experts in Advertising

Brand Stewardship ® From Point A to Point B We map the destination for the brand — then we drive it there. Along with our Brand Partner, we delve deep into the industry to reveal the patterns that are holding the brand back. Then we come up with the strategic role and a vision for the brand that will allow it to break out and reach new heights. Finally, we steer the brand in a new direction, whether it’s a one-degree nudge or a full 180. We get every layer of the brand — from the internal culture to the communication strategy — on the same track. Brands Communication We take the brand’s strategic role to all brand expressions. A Brand Leader and a Creative Director capitalize its assets at every contact point. Together, they orchestrate each communication piece accurately to meet business and brand objectives. Our mission: seamless consistency. We build with our clients a collaboration and co-creation dynamic that allows the brand to thrive in the long run. - Tools Communication Strategy Creative Concepts Media Planning Positioning Campaigns Tactical Campaigns Brand Experience Production Oversight Brand Creation Communication Guidelines Message Matrix

Experts in Innovation

Brand Innovation From Point A to Point X We jump ordinary steps to go forward. Shortcuts. We push the brand out of its comfort zone. Our tactic is to shake it from the ground up, challenging its beliefs, structures and forms. We question with genuine curiosity, then we question and question again, to come up with ideas that can accelerate growth. After that, the brand will never be the same. - Tools Innovation Workshop Targeting Sessions Media Innovation Workshop Customer Journeys
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