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First New Cairo, Egypt
Power of the Bla bla
A Branding & Creative Agency. We build brands and shape reputations. Our raw materials are insights and ideas. Our end products are strategic communication that works.
12 people in their team
Speaks Arabic, English
36 projects in their portfolio
4 collaborations started on Sortlist
Works remotely across the globe
Sortlist member since 2021
Founded in 2019
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  • Description
    Our artists will listen to you and know how you want to distinguish your brand and provide you with the entire suite of branding elements starting by the logo, colors, typography, stationary, social media posts and packaging.
    literally everything!
    Skills in Branding & Positioning (33)
    Social Media BrandingBrand IdentityBrand StrategyLogo DesignVisual IdentityBrandingCorporate Identitya brandglobal brandinglogo branding+23
    Works in Branding & Positioning (16)
    SkyTech - Booth Design - Branding & Positioning
    Cyan - Branding - Branding & Positioning
    SAI - Branding - Branding & Positioning
    Linda - Photoshoot - Branding & Positioning
    Reviews in Branding & Positioning (9)
    Atef Gamal Eddine
    Bassam Sayed
    Mostafa Nasr
    Bassam Sayed
    Clients in Branding & Positioning (16)
    Research ConnectSoftware & Computer Services | local
    Tiko'sRestaurants | local
    Shihlin Street SnacksRestaurants | international
    LogofoliosOthers | national

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  • Description
    We don't just film, we orchestrate the symphony of your vision.
    At Bla Bla Studio, we're more than just videographers, we're storytellers. We weave your vision into captivating films that resonate with your audience, leaving them spellbound and wanting more.

    Our secret sauce:

    Listening ears: We believe the magic is in understanding your needs. We take the time to listen, delve deep into your message, and dissect your goals.
    Crafted ideas: Every video is a bespoke masterpiece. We don't do cookie-cutter solutions. We tailor each concept, script, and shot to fit your brand, story, and budget.
    Visual alchemy: Our team of artists and technicians bring your vision to life with stunning visuals, captivating narratives, and a touch of cinematic magic.
    Emotional resonance: We don't just show, we make your audience feel. Whether it's laughter, tears, or awe, we craft stories that connect on a deeper level.
    Skills in Video Production (8)
    Voice OverVideo ShootingVideo EditingPost ProductionStory TellingDirectingFilmingStoryboard Writing
    Works in Video Production (8)
    North By Vezeeta - Video Production
    Daikin - Documentary - Video Production
    Vezeeta X Hit - Video Production
    CAF - Online Ordering - Video Production
    Clients in Video Production (8)
    VezeetaHospitals & Healthcare | regional
    The AddressReal Estate | local
    ClaryPharmaceuticals & Biotech | regional
    HITSports | local

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  • Description
    Where Design Dances with Impact.
    At Bla Bla Studio, we believe graphic design is more than just pixels on a screen. It's a powerful language that speaks to your audience, ignites emotions, and drives results. We're not just designers, we're visual storytellers, weaving your brand's narrative into every image, icon, and layout.
    Skills in Graphic Design (35)
    Pitch Deck DesignCorporate DesignSocial Media DesignIcon DesignImage EditingBusiness Card DesignCreative DesignInfographic DesignBrochureMagazine Design+25
    Works in Graphic Design (6)
    SkyTech - Booth Design - Graphic Design
    Chordz - Social media - Graphic Design
    SAI - Branding - Graphic Design
    3 Diner- Social media - Graphic Design
    Clients in Graphic Design (6)
    ChordzTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    HuaweiTelecommunications | international
    SkyTechSoftware & Computer Services |
    Three DinerFood |

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  • Description
    More than pictures, we freeze time and paint emotions
    Forget snapshots, Bla Bla Studio crafts unforgettable stories through the magic of photography. We're not just shutterbugs, we're visual alchemists, transforming fleeting moments into treasured memories that evoke laughter, tears, and everything in between.

    Bla Bla Studio: Capturing Moments, Crafting Memories
    Headline: More than pictures, we freeze time and paint emotions with light and lens.


    Forget snapshots, Bla Bla Studio crafts unforgettable stories through the magic of photography. We're not just shutterbugs, we're visual alchemists, transforming fleeting moments into treasured memories that evoke laughter, tears, and everything in between.


    Weddings: Where stolen glances, tearful vows, and joyous celebrations are etched in eternity with breathtaking detail.

    Portraits: Where your unique spirit, quirks, and laughter are revealed in a single frame, making you rediscover the beauty you radiate.

    Events: Capturing the pulse of excitement, the energy of connection, and the magic of shared moments in vibrant, candid shots.

    Products: Where we breathe life into your creations, showcasing their essence and functionality with artistic flair.

    Bla Bla Studio is more than just a camera and a click. We're your partners in storytelling, guiding you through every step to create images that resonate not just today, but for generations to come.

    Our Process:
    Understanding your vision: We delve deep into your desires, expectations, and the emotions you want to evoke.
    Crafting the perfect scene: We collaborate with you to find the ideal location, lighting, and styling to match your story.
    Capturing the magic: We blend technical expertise with artistic intuition to freeze those precious moments in time.
    Skills in Photography (6)
    Fashion PhotographyFood PhotographyOutdoor PhotographyCommercial PhotographyEvent PhotographyDrone Photography
    Works in Photography (6)
    4my hair - Photoshoot - Photography
    Linda - Photoshoot - Photography
    3 Diner- Social media - Photography
    The Address - Women's Month Interview - Photography
    Review in Photography (1)
    Menna El Rayes
    Clients in Photography (6)
    The AddressReal Estate | local
    Le CaveRestaurants | local
    Marilyn AccessoriesRetail | local
    4my hairBeauty |

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  • Description
    Amplifying Your Voice, Igniting Growth
    In today's crowded marketplace, you need more than just a logo and a slogan. You need an advertising partner who listens, understands, and amplifies your brand's voice. Bla Bla Studio is that partner. We're not just ad designers, we're strategic storytellers, crafting campaigns that resonate with your audience, ignite action, and drive real business growth.
    Skills in Advertising (9)
    CreativeAdvertising CampaignGraphic Design AdvertisingSmall Business AdvertisingB2B AdvertisingTraditional AdvertisingBusiness AdvertisingGraphic advertisingBrand Advertising
    Works in Advertising (8)
    4my hair - Photoshoot - Advertising
    Vezeeta X Hit - Advertising
    CAF - Online Ordering - Advertising
    Clary - Creative - Advertising
    Clients in Advertising (8)
    SmartfoodFood | local
    Social Meida - FolioOthers | regional
    Maadi View El-Sherouk Ramadan BTSReal Estate | local
    Wabi Sabi Creative SpaceArt & Handcraft |

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  • Description
    Words that Captivate, Engage, and Convert.
    At Bla Bla Studio, we believe copywriting is magic. It's the art of seducing your audience with words, compelling them to click, buy, and fall in love with your brand. We're not just keyboard jockeys, we're story alchemists, transforming your message into irresistible prose that leaves them wanting more.
    Skills in Copywriting (13)
    advertising designgraphic advertisingWebsite Copywritingad marketingContent WritingCopyCreative CopywritingCreative WritingArticle WritingContent Edition+3
    Works in Copywriting (10)
    Daikin - Documentary - Copywriting
    Vezeeta X Hit - Copywriting
    Chordz - Social media - Copywriting
    CAF - Online Ordering - Copywriting
    Clients in Copywriting (10)
    Well Fit GoSports | local
    ChordzTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    VezeetaHospitals & Healthcare | regional
    DaikinConsumer Electronics | international

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  • Description
    Social media now is not about posts and captions, it about going viral and create a buzz!
    We do Social Media Management Not Social Media Posting and the difference is Huge!
    Skills in Social Media (10)
    Social Media Designsocial networkB2B Social mediaSocial Media StrategySocial Media GrowthGestion des Réseaux SociauxSocial Media ListeningSocial Media ContentSocialSocial Selling
    Works in Social Media (12)
    North By Vezeeta - Social Media
    Chordz - Social media - Social Media
    CAF - Online Ordering - Social Media
    Linda - Photoshoot - Social Media
    Reviews in Social Media (5)
    Islam Saadany
    Ahmed Gheith
    kareem fares
    Omnia El Meligi
    Clients in Social Media (12)
    Shihlin Street Snacks EGFood | regional
    VezeetaHospitals & Healthcare | regional
    ChordzTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    CAFBeverage | local

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  • Description
    We don't just write content, we craft content symphonies that resonate with your audience and drive impact.
    At Bla Bla Studio, we believe content is the tapestry that weaves your brand story. We're not just wordsmiths, we're content architects, meticulously planning, creating, and distributing narratives that engage, educate, and convert.
    Skills in Content Strategy (7)
    Social Media BrandingContent MarketingSocial Media Contentad marketingcontent editiondigital admedia promotion
    Works in Content Strategy (6)
    Chordz - Social media - Content Strategy
    Ghurnata - Documentary - Content Strategy
    3 Diner- Social media - Content Strategy
    Marilyn Accessories - Content Strategy
    Clients in Content Strategy (6)
    ChordzTechnology Hardware & Equipment |
    Daikin egyptUtilities | international
    Social Meida - FolioOthers | regional
    Marilyn AccessoriesRetail | local

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  • Description
    Bla Bla Studio: Orchestrating Unforgettable Experiences, One Event at a Time
    Skills in Event (5)
    Conference OrganisationSponsoringImmersive ExperienceExhibition OrganizationInternal Company Event
    Works in Event (2)
    SkyTech - Booth Design - Event
    Daikin Egypt Iftar Event 2022 - Event
    Clients in Event (2)
    Daikin Egypt Iftar Event 2022Home Services | international
    SkyTechSoftware & Computer Services |

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  • Description
    Conquering the Digital Jungle with Precision and Panache
    Forget scattershot campaigns and lost clicks. Bla Bla Studio is your expert tracker, your stealthy sniper, your online advertising hunter-gatherer. We navigate the digital jungle with razor-sharp targeting, creative ammo, and data-driven tactics, bringing down your business goals one conversion at a time.
    Skills in Online Advertising (5)
    Online Video AdvertisingSocial Media AdvertisingPerformance MarketingSocial Media AdvertisingDigital Advertising
    Work in Online Advertising (1)
    The Address - Women's Month Interview - Online Advertising
    Client in Online Advertising (1)
    The AddressReal Estate | local

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12 members in Bla Bla - Studio's team

Bla Bla - Studio cover
StoryWe are just a group of people who vowed to challenge the distractions and stay focused and listen actively to every single detail to provide the world with reliable marketing through different communication mediums.
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(18 reviews)
Dina essamFounder at Foodeck Tech

What was the objective behind your collaboration?Agency created social media content and supporting market material.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?Team very helpful, creative and professional. Easy to work with and delievers on time.

Dina essam recommends this agency

Ahmed GheithHead of Marketing at Cassbana
ServiceSocial Media

What was the objective behind your collaboration?Creating social media artwork and captions as well as animated videos and printed material designs

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?Quality, supportive, good prices and very flexible

Ahmed Gheith recommends this agency

ServiceSocial Media

Bassam SayedDigital Marketing Manager at SIGMA IT
ServiceBranding & Positioning
SectorTechnology Hardware & Equipment

What was the objective behind your collaboration?It was a pleasure to work with Bla Bla Studio on our branding, designs for social media templates, brochures, and our events creative designs and printings.

What did you enjoy the most during your collaboration?We chose to work with Bla Bla Studio because they took time to understand us at the start of the process and that approach was apparent in all of the high-quality work they produced.

Bassam Sayed recommends this agency

ServiceBranding & Positioning
SectorTechnology Hardware & Equipment

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  • Headquarterفيلا ٣١٩, علي السباعي، قسم أول القاهرة الجديدة، محافظة القاهرة‬ 4733110, Égypte

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