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Artobrand Consultancy & Design

Saudi ArabiaEastern Province

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Artobrand is a branding and environmental design agency based in the Kingdom of bahrain. For over 20 years we have created, developed and managed brands successfully, adding tangible value to our clients’ businesses. our agency is the gulf’s leading consultancy for the design of museums, exhibitions and visitor centers. 

Works (5) by Artobrand Consultancy & Design

A.S.K. Serenity Kit by Artobrand Consultancy & Design
A.S.K. Serenity KitNovember 2016
The Olympics Exhibition by Artobrand Consultancy & Design
The Olympics ExhibitionNovember 2016
A1 Services by Artobrand Consultancy & Design
A1 ServicesNovember 2016
DERMA ONE NK by Artobrand Consultancy & Design
DERMA ONE NKNovember 2016
Jumana Northern Town by Artobrand Consultancy & Design
Jumana Northern TownNovember 2016

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Branding & Positioning

€3000 – €10000

We create brands and inject new life into old ones, often in the form of environmental design. from strategy and design through to implementation, we engage audiences with inspiring brand experiences. Brand Creation Right now, vast numbers of brands are competing for people’s attention and loyalty. Such competition makes introducing a new brand one of the biggest challenges facing modern business. Take heart though: Artobrand has the expertise you need to succeed. Artobrand will: • Define your brand’s values • Qualify and quantify its positioning • Devise a strategy • Develop a powerful name and identity • Create sustainable brand architecture • Provide guidelines for the future In short, everything to help your brand thrive. Brand Development over time, brands evolve with consumers’ changing attitudes.your brand’s success depends on adapting effectively to those changes while staying true to its origins. To help you achieve this, Artobrand’s approach ensures that your brand’s development follows a logical, beneficial and sustainable evolution. Examining all touch-points, we can fine-tune your brand’s personality and positioning. or find innovative ways to enhance your brand across packaging, and printed, electronic and environmental media.We’ll even develop our own media to suit your needs. Brand Management If brands can be born they can also die. but with skillful and committed management, every brand can achieve immortality by continuing to resonate with its audience. Artobrand has over 20 years’ experience of helping brands live longer. We can gauge your brand communication. And develop it, ensuring your brand’s desired perceptions are reinforced and enhanced at every touch-point. We can respond swiftly to new opportunities. And find new market gaps. Whatever it takes to keep your brand in good health. Identity and complete brand systems, including typography and other elements. Environmental including branded environments such as offices and retail spaces, as well as exhibitions and museums. packaging design and development of branded packaging and related collateral. Digital design and development of branded electronic communication such as online experiences, television commercials and radio spots. Print design and development of printed collateral such as brochures, reports and corporate stationery. unique touch-points design and development of items such as gifts, souvenirs and other unique brand expressions. Environmental Design Artobrand is a full-service environmental design agency. our award-winning team combine interpretation, fresh ideas and the latest technology to design environments that engage and inspire people. Working closely with clients we create original designs for museums, exhibitions, corporate environments, displays, trade shows and experiential marketing.

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