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1. to attract a wider range of photography enthusiasts to Lumix products.

2. to boost the brand’s position as a leader on the non-DSLR cameras market.


To present the Lumix GF3 camera advantages:

- light and compact 

- perfect picture quality that can be compared to that of DSLR-cameras 

- touch display


The Lumix GF3 stands out even among DSLR-cameras. But what could we use the heavyweight DSLR-cameras for? We could use them for muscle training!


To launch a viral advertising campaign featuring a fitness club that uses DSLR cameras as dumbbells. We use viral promotion techniques.


Aleksey Sukhous started his own fitness club ‘Zerkalochka’ where people train with the help of DSLR-dumbbells. The cameras are not only heavy but also, according to Sukhous, have a ‘photoincapsulating’ effect which means they transfer the energy from the cameras to the body.

Aleksey managed to attract a lot of attention to his project and obtained a lot of followers.

The last stage of the campaign was a video where Aleksey explained why DSLR-cameras are only suitable for fitness trainings and that the light camera that makes good quality pictures is actually Lumix GF3.

Client: Panasonic
Location: gorod Moskva
Industry of the client: Technology Hardware & Equipment
Audience: Business to Consumer
Geographic scope: National
Service provided: Advertising

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