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April 2014
Travel PR

Since many years, the Belgian Province of Liege was looking for solutions to strengthen its visibility on the German market, ...

Travel PR

April 2014

Since many years, the Belgian Province of Liege was looking for solutions to strengthen its visibility on the German market, ...

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The 100th Anniversary for Women’s Right to Vote

The 100th Anniversary for Women’s Right to Vote

May 2016
May 2016

The 100th Anniversary for Women’s Right to Vote

We  won the tender for the 100 year celebration for Women’s equality and right to vote. The tender was given by the Danish Government and the Ministry for Children, Equality, Integration and Social Affairs.

The government wanted the celebration to actualize what equality, democracy and community participation means for the individual citizens.

We built the campaign from the bottom up with the development of the idea concept, planning, marketing and the execution of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote and stand for election.

The celebration should reach the wide Danish population, not only being informative, but also involving. 


The target group for the campaign was the whole Danish population. We could see that one message wouldn’t appeal equally well to all target groups through traditional communications channels, so we choose a pure digital strategy with influencers, ambassadors, social media, and word-of-mouth as the central tools for accomplishing the campaigns targets.

Our overall idea and concept was; 100 PEOPLE, 100 SPEECHES, 100 CHANNELS. Letting 100 selected Danes interpret the celebration, women’s equality, democracy and right to vote in a speech.

Musicians, actors, comedians, journalists, broadcasters and a wide range of CEO’s from interest groups participated. All the ambassadors had to activate their own and the interest group or company they represented channels. Giving the campaign visibility in places PR and advertising can’t reach through a traditional campaign and making it the largest and widest ambassador campaign ever made in Denmark.

The 100 speeches were individually published from April 20th until Constitution Day on June 5th through the campaign’s own web page together with a Facebook page that was created for the celebration.

Simultaneously, the 100 speakers published their own speeches through own channels and media, such as social media, online newsletters, web pages, trade media etc.

Common for the speakers’ channels were, that they were privately og company owned channels that we could not reach through traditional PR and advertising.

And here came the viral multiplier effect; the 100 speakers’ fans, followers and friends commented, shared, and spread the message about the many speeches which were also shared. The 100th anniversary celebration message was spread as ripples with a pure online, word-of-mouth effect that was seen and read by the Danes and gathered and used by the media.

Using the 100 very diverse famous influencers, we succeeded in spreading the same message in various ways to many different targets groups, young as old.

The celebration was further pushed through a giant PR effort for the celebration as a whole, and also the 100 influencers’ speeches to traditional and digital media (TV, radio etc.).

Furthermore, we developed activities to support the whole concept and celebration. We created a tailor-made children’s show with the Danish children’s entertainer, Sigurd Barret.

We organized a concert at the Distortion festival in Copenhagen, a Constitution Distortion, to reach out to the younger target group with the celebration’s message. The activity entailed a big DJ and artist line up where multiple of our speakers went on stage and gave their tribute to the Danish Constitutional Act.

The culmination of the whole concept was June 4th 2015, where we ended the campaign with a big celebration show broadcasted on Danish Public Television, DR, with attendance of the Danish Government, the Danish Prime Minister, the Royal Danish Family, and our 100 famous speakers. The show naturally also had equality, democracy, and community participation as central points of rotation. The show was sent prime time on the Constitution Day, precisely on the 100th anniversary for women’s right to vote and eligibility.


Data and campaign measurements are collected by Norstat and calculated by Mediabroker.

The campaign is an information campaign which overall aim was to create awareness of the 100th anniversary of Women’s right to vote in 2015.

We had an untraditional approach for spreading the message that was anchored in the native advertising mindset where the 100 ambassadors, their own digital channels, and the viral spreading from fans and followers worked as the primary channel.

The campaign was backed up by a strong PR strategy and involved activities with the ambassadors that beside their own viral effect, should influence traditional media with their speeches.

The campaign reached a total knowledge of:

· 65% of the Danish population, equivalent to 2,900,000 people.

People who can remember specific speeches:

· 20% => 900,000 (1 out of 5 Danes)

People who have seen the celebration show or part of it:

· 29% => 1,305,000 people

Danes who were aware of the Distortion campaign:

· 14% of the Copenhageners (postal codes 1000–2500) => 65,000 people

Attention around the children’s show:

· 6% of the families with children under the age of 11 states remembering the act of Sigurd Barret. That corresponds to 65,000 people

The spreading and the viral effect of the campaign activities are difficult to measure but we have measured the following in the first link (stated in numbers of people).

SoMe data

- Followers: 2,953,048

- Interaction: 30,784

- Video views: 375,964

- Blog mentions: 19

PR activities generated 88 articles that reached out to:

- Printed media: 5,722,700

- Web media: 23,003,565

- TV features: 481,000

- Radio features: 236,000 listeners

- Various features in TV, news and newsletters

Statements from the Danish Ministry for Gender Equality:

“The 100 speeches were innovative and engaged a number of different profiles that widely reached out, and it succeeded in finding them, get the speakers to participate with very good and personal contributions”

“Predominantly a very positive, fun and professional collaboration. We were in safe hands with Think PR”

“In an overall perspective, I think that the celebration was well-succeeded, and the occasion of putting equality on the agenda was utilized”

“I think that the 100 speeches were really good. It was a strong concept, and the planning and the execution of the speeches went really fine”

“Generally, the activities were super good. The 100 speeches made sure that the messages reached out widely and the execution proceeded supple and fine”

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