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About: Shopperations is a planning and collaboration platform for retail and brand marketers. It lets them implement cooperative marketing events, collaborate better with its internal team, quickly analyze the current and previous data and do so many more that was earlier impossible to do in a single place.

Problem: The Shopperations CEO, Olga Yurovski, once was a shopper marketer. She had been responsible for understanding how the company’s customers act as shoppers, where they buy the company’s products, how they make such decisions and how she can stimulate sales by performing different promotions. Olga found that she and her colleagues had no tools except Excel and email to manage budgets from several departments, collaborate with partners and coordinate promotional events. 

So, she had come up with an idea of a cloud-based solution for shopper marketers that would unite all the data shopper marketers need to work with in a single place. At first she was partnering with a fellow developer to introduce a prototype, and then she reached us to help her turn that prototype into life.

Solution: We implemented a fully working MVP of Shopperations for retail managers. Although the product was really stable and impressive, Olga found there’s a bigger, consumer packaged goods market, that lacks their own tailored version of Shopperations. So we helped Olga pivot the product and make an alternate version with functions specifically required by marketers in the CPG industry. 

During our partnership we also put efforts to make the product as much intuitive and easy to use as possible. Since Shopperations works with huge amounts of different information that you enter in one place and then it appears processed and calculated throughout the whole platform, the top priority was to avoid overloading users with numerous data representations.

Achievements: CincyTech, the seed stage investment fund, was extremely impressed with Olga’s idea and had awarded her with $50,000 to stimulate the product development.

After the product release, Olga negotiated cooperation with her first clients. Early adopters are actively using the product and loving its usability and robust feature set.

More clients will join soon and are currently in the negotiation processes. Developing the success of the CPG version is a primary goal for Yurovski, though Shopperations for retail marketers is also a completely developed product that will be further improved.

Notable Challenges: The whole architecture implies entering a lot of differentiated data. Marketers are expected to specify lots of budget numbers, select event dates, attach pictures and so on. So we needed to make all those customized data fields work flawlessly with each other and test every possible scenario to address all corner cases.

One of the notable features of Shopperations is its highly customized calendar that supports not only generic years and months, but also fiscal periods, which differ from country to country.

We created that calendar from scratch, as there were no similar solutions created before.

To make Shopperations extremely helpful for marketers and avoid any required calculations, all the entered data is required to be heavily visualized yet easily accessed throughout the platform. You can quickly check up what portion of money you are expected to spend on offline advertising based on your previous spendings, or dig into archives to see why a particular approach didn’t work.

Client: Olga Yurovski
Location: Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Industry of the client: Marketing & Advertising
Audience: Business to Consumer
Geographic scope: International
Service provided: Web Development

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