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Because the life of a diabetes patient is, more often than not, filled with obstacles, we created a virtual reality application to exemplify the daily difficulties of these patients, through an adventurous ride.

How it works:

The user puts on the Oculus Rift display helmet and goes on a virtual journey in which the challenges are those of a diabetes patient. The doctor at the exhibition stand can offer the necessary support to make the ride easier and make sure the user completes it successfully.

On the suspended bridge, if the user looks to the left, the image becomes blurry, thus illustrating hypoglycemia. To overcome this block, marked by the message ‘HYPOGLYCEMIA! Ask you doctor’s advice to go further’, a helping virtual doctor lends a helping hand by offering two sugar cubes.

Going further in the journey and looking to the right, the user will be facing a threatening flock of birds attacking, along with the message ‘HYPERGLYCEMIA! REGAIN CONTROL!’. The virtual doctor appears again, pointing out the necessary measures to be taken in order to keep the glycemic values within normal parameters: education, exercise, diet, treatment.

When the journey is complete, the user sees the message ‘CONGRATULATIONS! You have just experienced a short excursion into the life of a diabetes patient’. The virtual doctor points to a board summarizing all the ways to keep this disease under control.

Along the trip we inserted logos of the products and Zentiva branding elements, to ensure brand awareness.

Client: Sanofi
Location: Bucharest
Industry of the client: Hospitals & Healthcare
Audience: B2B and B2C
Geographic scope: International
Service provided: Innovation Marketing

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