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Kimia Faam

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Nanosil is a product brand which took his hand on a technology in chemistry that dramatically helps to overcome microorganisms in different spaces. Story starts with formation of brand name beside main ions which are H2O2 and Ag+ .then the combination begins and a Nanosil drop starts to grow. After viewing the tooth enamel bacteria we see that active oxygen eliminates cell wall and Ag+ ions get inside to eliminate bacteria cell DNA and enzymes.

Client :Kimiafaam Consultant: Dr. Majid Moghaddam Copywriting :Mojtaba Oriuee, S.Mahdi Pourmotahari. Creative/Art / Technical Director: Mojtaba Oriuee Modeling: MojtabaOriuee ,Mohammad Karami Animate: Mojtaba Oriuee Shading, Lighting, Layout :Mojtaba Oriuee Compositing: S.Mahdi Pourmotahhari Compositing Lead: Mojtaba Oriuee VFX: Mojtaba Oriuee Cell wall elimination: Mohammad Ghadimi DNA elimination simulate: Amin Sadeghvand Storyboard: Alireza Lotfalikhani Music : Dan Phillipson Voice :Isa Zamani

Softwares:3DS Max ,Vray , GrowFX , Krakatoa , Frost , Multi Scatter , Softimage , Houdini , After Effects, FrischluftLenscare .

Client: Kimia Faam
Location: Tehran
Industry of the client: Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
Audience: B2B and B2C
Geographic scope: Regional
Service provided: Motion Design

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