Public Relations for Dermatologists against cancer: 'Living with healthy skin'

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Industry of the client: Hospitals & Healthcare
Service provided: Public Relations
Audience: Business to Consumer
Geographic scope: Local
Tags: social campaign, media relations, lobbying, Public Affairs, public relations, PR

The Centre for Disease Preventionand Control (CDPC) reports: skin cancers take first place among cancers. To encourageskin examinations, a campaign was started for public involvement and attitudechange, to have them see a dermatologist and to for stricter regulation ofsolaria. Huge involvement by the public and many dermatologist visits resultedwhen mass media and opinion leaders were involved, appointments withdermatologists were available across Latvia, and toll-free phone andfree-of-charge consultations offered on the web. Changes were drafted in Cabinetof Ministers regulations with regard to hygienic and safety requirements forcosmetic tanning services and the oversight of these requirements.

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Living with healthy skin

Living with healthy skin

Public Relations (PR)corporate communications company, public relations expert, PR expert, social communications agency, public image agency
Hospitals & Healthcare
social campaign
media relations
Public Affairs
public relations

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