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To increase customer loyalty and to increase Tele2 brand presence on the Internet.

Brand positioning:

Tele2 — offers lowest price rates on Russian market, so you can talk endlessly.


For the cheapest tariffs of Tele2 and infinitely long conversations you need a special phone, which could never be discharged. For example, in a hamster-powered phone — Homaphone.

Due to the provocative idea of thehamster-powered this advertising campaign got a viral spread. During the teaser phase Homaphone aroused great interest: many of its perceived seriously about it, Tv-news reports, posts in social networks. Some even took Homaphone for new development of Skolkovo (Russian Goverment Center of New Technologies Research and Commercialization). After the launch of the site it became clear that hamsters are still free, and Homaphone is — just an advertising campaign of Tele2, a parody of Russian technology and a «fashion to modernization». The site also revealed a link between the main advantage of Homaphone it’s «infinite battery» and the cheapest tariffs of Tele2.
Client: Tele2
Location: gorod Moskva
Industry of the client: Telecommunications
Audience: Business to Consumer
Geographic scope: National
Service provided: Advertising

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Unforgettable freshness

Unforgettable freshness

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