Helping Parents To Care with KAKATU



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Good Parenting issue has always been a bottleneck between today’s dad and mom efficacies. And in this vast digital life also super-busy modern parents couldn’t get their hands fully to their babies, yet the democratized gadget is mainstreamed like never before. So Kakatu made by Bandung Digital Valley winners and fellow to prevent and protect young generation from negative information such as violence, pornography, bully and other fruitless digital content. We partnered up to re-design their Brand IDentity and conduct brand research to strengthen Kakatu’s way of communication. We also develop their character & mascot which is to be future fairy godfather for Indonesian kids.

Client: Kakatu
Location: Bandung City
Industry of the client: Software & Computer Services
Audience: B2B and B2C
Geographic scope: Regional
Service provided: Branding

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Helping Parents To Care with KAKATU

Branding & Positioningonline Advertising specialist, advertising agency, product marketing company, online Advertising agency, branding agency
Software & Computer Services

Helping Parents To Care with KAKATU

Branding & Positioningpositioning specialist, ad agency, brand marketing consultant, product positioning expert, advertisment company
Software & Computer Services

Helping Parents To Care with KAKATU

Branding & Positioningbrand advertising agency, brand building company, advertisment company, professional advertiser, professional ad agency
Software & Computer Services

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