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Industry of the client: Construction
Service provided: Web Design
Audience: Business to Business
Geographic scope: National
Tags: Design, web development, strategy, Digital strategy, Digital business, Business Development

Today Danish Design Centre marked the start of this years PLUS Partnership, including an exciting partnership between Granyon and Solar Danmark A/S (Solar). As part of the DDC Plus partnership programme Solar is teaming up with Granyon and CPH IDs Lars Thøgersen to experience a long term design proces, that will aim to help Solar identify completely new ways of serving their clients. It will be a process of design thinking, service design, heavy prototyping and lots of idea generation, and we just cant wait to get our hands dirty and our heads full of excitement. 

Great potential

The potential for Solar is enormous, and it would be easy to jump quickly into solutions, maybe from in other sectors, that could inspire a quick fix to the apparent challenges. But the purpose of the PLUS Partnership programme is to allow for real design thinking to take place, and allow us to assume, test, fail and repeat, more than we would normally do in a agency-client relationship. We are very excited!

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