Mobile App Development for Forge Special: 'Exposure'

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Industry of the client: Entertainment & Events
Service provided: Mobile App Development
Audience: Business to Business
Geographic scope: International

When events are conducted, their organizers and sponsors have no info on how visitors behave on the event’s territory, what they pay attention to and if they interact with different stands, tents, banners etc. Such data would allow organizers to optimize the effectiveness and visitor satisfaction on their events, while sponsors could measure ROI and figure out if it’s profitable for them to represent their brands on those events in the future.

When the CTO at Forge Special Projects Jeremy Rollinson had reached us for the first time, he had only the technology to collect the info on mobile devices carried by visitors and their movements. He required a web product to be made on top of it that would be able to process that data and provide useful stats.


Having Wi-Fi device tracking sensors installed on the territory of the event, Exposure can retrieve the data from them and process it using an extremely complicated mathematical model to show the following statistics:

how many people interact with a particular brand activation. how much time they spend learning the specific product/banner/stand. what zones are visited most. how many people visited the event.

Providing both real-time and historical analytics, Exposure lets event sponsors and organizers understand the visitor flow and make necessary changes to increase brand awareness and event performance.

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