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E-commerce platform for clothes vendor

August 2016
E-commerce platform for clothes vendor

E-commerce platform for Ukrainian clothing brand with an ambitious goal to inspire young people to grow and change the world around them.

E-commerce platform for clothes vendor

August 2016

E-commerce platform for Ukrainian clothing brand with an ambitious goal to inspire young people to grow and change the world around them.

Work details
Ivano-Frankivs'ka oblast
Industry of the client
Business to Consumer
Geographic scope
Service provided
Web Development
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June 2016
June 2016


About: Pindify is a place where you can publish, distribute and promote your texts, films, music or art. The ultimate goal of Christopher Wallen, the product owner, is to help the Creative Class to earn for a living by providing their followers a brand-new and valuable way to support them.

Problem: The set goal was to create a platform from the ground up using the design and business logic provided by the client.  Christoffer Wallin wanted to have the solution as functional as possible before starting to promote it. Although we formally had something we called a minimum viable product, our scope included delivering both a desktop and mobile version of a service, and, later, implementing an iOS application.

Solution: In January 2016 we had eventually released a fully functional Pindify.com web service. It's design and architecture was updated according to hundreds of new features added since the beginning of the project. The iOS application is yet to be released. Soon we will start collecting users' feedback, which will result in new change requests and requirements, so Pindify is to be further improved and polished.

Notable Challenges: Although Pindify reminds of Pinterest, the cards in Pindify are much more functional and dynamic. They contain not only pictures, but also music, texts, Youtube videos, and all that can be accessed within a service, with no need to navigate somewhere else. To make that card system working smoothly, we needed to optimize the usage of AngularJS. Not only we improved or even rewrote from scratch a few third-party AngularJS libraries, but also switched to one-way binding wherever it was possible and PubSubJS for event dispatching.

Another problem was to make the card grid adjustable to the screen's width. Now it works even more smoothly than Pinterest, as cards move automatically when you resize the window screen. And it doesn't lag at all thanks to using the relatively new CSS Transform Translate method, which loads video chip instead of CPU to process the commands.

When it was decided to build a mobile interface, we started doing it from scratch using BackboneJS, as it is easily extendable and stable, and one of its extensions called MarionetteJS allows to speed up the development process and write a clearer code. Such approached allowed a single developer to deliver a mobile interface within less than ~12 weeks.

Web Application

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