Branding for Espressonite & Juicetopia: 'Branding for new Myanmar Coffee and Juice chain'

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Industry of the client: Food
Service provided: Branding
Audience: Business to Consumer
Geographic scope: Regional


A new chain of coffee shops needed a name and full brand identity to connect gourmet espresso to a Myanmar culture

After the launch, the client needed a new brand identity for a juice bar chain that would be separate from the coffee shop but connected to the same brand family


We created the name Espressonite and a logo that was grounded in traditional Myanmar dress while still modern and related to coffee

For Juicetopia we created a “brand family” by designing a female version of the Espressonite logo and connecting it to juice


Sales are strong at Espressonite’s flagship store and at the newly opened “coffee truck”, and more outlets are coming soon

The first Juicetopia location will open in the upcoming months

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