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Designing furniture for flat pack distribution is not so complicated. Dismember a table, package it, open it and place the legs with screws, it is something that has existed for a long time. But to do the same without any screws, minifix lock, adhesives or any type of bolts, is a task of another level. No tools, no hassle. Just like the furniture we designed for Inmobil: Design for all. 101 is a set of 2 chairs, 2 utility benches and a table that requires NO TOOLS for assembly, besides being able to put together the full game in less than five minutes, it is something that has never seen before in flat pack furniture. Another aspect that has not been seen in commercial furniture is the assembling system of the parts. The Mexican system patented TASE (Trap Angle for Securing Elements) that was developed specifically for this project, is a system used for the integration of the furniture surface to the structure, providing structural rigidity and mechanical connection between all parts. The strength and quality of the materials were definitely a challenge, you can’t use any type of wood for the parts, since most splinter easily, are bent over or broken with little use. 101 uses special resistance plywood that meets required specifications. All parts are obtained from a special arrangement on the sheet of plywood, then we cut it with CNC routers for accurate cuts and exact tolerances without which the system would not be possible to achieve.

Client: Inmobil
Location: Monterrey
Industry of the client: Household Products
Audience: Business to Consumer
Geographic scope: National
Service provided: Graphic Design

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