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Anais Digital

Service: Communication

Budget: Around €40,000

Alexandra's interview

Alexandra LeunenHead of UX

Could you describe your company and what position you currently hold?

Alexandra Leunen, Head of UX at Anais Digital and I have 20 years of experience in advertising.

What issue lead you to contact Sortlist and why?

In the past, agencies like Anais Digital used to prospect by taking their shepherd's crook and trying to establish as much human contact as possible. We were looking at Anaïs Digital for a solution to increase bandwidth. In an agency you prefer to devote your time to your real job: designing applications for your customers.

Sortlist is for me the ideal partner for agencies.

What brought you to Sortlist?

Sortlist totally changed Anaïs Digital's approach in terms of New Business simply because it brings us a lot of qualified leads, without any active approach on our part. On the one hand, advertisers put briefings online find us very quickly, and on the other hand, if an advertiser types "Agence UX Bruxelles" for now Anaïs Digital stands out first as the best agency in UX. People come to us, thanks to Sortlist and we must no longer go to them. We can really sort out what interests us and especially what corresponds to our professions. This allows us to bring value. There is no point today in going cold calling and making five appointments with customers if we know anyway that what they are looking for is not in our expertise. Yes Sortlist is a platform but you prove it today: there are poeple behind it. This Sortlist human also offers it and the one who has a huge added value within the platform.When we think about the amounts requested by Sortlist if we had to invest that amount in SEO or in time spent to find relevant briefings in our budgets, and in line with our businesses, we would lose out. It is certainly the return on investment that, in my opinion, is most relevant to Sortlist. In my opinion, today it would be a little unconscious for an agency not to ensure its digital presence, its referencing, and the fact of finding as quickly as possible the best briefings corresponding to its expectations. To do this, there is no better way than Sortlist.

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