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Agence 148

Service: Search Engine Advertising

Budget: Around €20.000

Alexia's interview

Alexia BerrebiProject Manager at Agence 148

Could you describe your company and what position you currently hold?

Hello, my name is Alexia Berrebi, I am a project manager at the 148 agency. The 148 agency is a creative and digital communication agency, we created 6 poles of skills. Like advising for example, we are going to advise companies and brands about their strategies. We are also planning to create printed and online content. For instances, we are currently creating websites and apps. We are going to communicate on social media for companies, advertise on Google, or create events. We exist for around ten years. We had a good growth for the past 10 years, at the beginning they were two and now we are a team of nearly 15 people.

What issue lead you to contact Sortlist and why?

We always had a rather confidential positioning. We were used to work with word-of-mouth. Indeed we had incoming calls and it allowed us to have some interesting projects this way. But we never did pure prospection, we never had commercials. Sortlist solicited us two years ago and talked to us about the matching system between clients and agencies beginning with a brief, so based on a project where we know what to expect even before meeting the client. So, we thought it was a good way to start finding new leads without necessarily any pure and hard prospection. From this moment on, we started with Sortlist and we had a lot of different projects thanks to the online platform. So, one of our first clients that we met on Sortlist is still one today (Tounies agency). When we met them, it went exceptionally well and we directly developed a strong bond with all their developing and acquisition strategy and even today it keeps being one of the most faithful clients we ever had.

In my opinion, Sortlist is kind of the Tinder of agencies and companies with less trouble.

If you were to recommend Sortlist to a close friend, colleague or partner what would you say?

If I had to recommend Sortlist to anybody, I think that I would tell him that it allows you avoid any expensive pure prospection. It is a huge relief to be able to consider the project while having it, the brief and a few information about the most important tasks before signing it. In my opinion, Sortlist is kind of the Tinder of agencies and companies with less trouble.

According to you, what tagline would best define Sortlist?

In my opinion, Sortlist is kind of the Tinder of agencies and companies with less trouble.

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