Pay per Opportunity

€5M worth of business brought to members monthly.

Human-validated opportunities, awarded only to relevant agencies.

Pay per Opportunity advantages

What our 'Pay per opportunity' system can provide you with


Limited competition

You will be in competition with a low number of agencies on each opportunity. We authorize maximum 4 other agencies to get introduced to the client for each opportunity.


Credit policy

If after sending your first message and trying to call several times, you were not able to interact with a client within the first 14 business days (in other words, if you had no interaction with the client using any means within 14 business days), we will credit your Administrative Fee back to your Sortlist account.

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Save money

Discounts on Administrative Fees are available when purchasing our membership plans. It gives you extra discounts on opportunities as well as competitive advantages features. You will be able to see the amount of offered Administrative Fee on your invoices in your agency settings.

Pay per Opportunity in details

Everything you need to know about our 'Pay per Opportunity' system

What is Sortlist’s Administrative Fee?

Sortlist is a Pay per Opportunity system, where you pay in order to accept opportunities and get introduced to clients through paying an “Administrative Fee”. “Pay per Opportunity” means you only pay to get introduced to clients. There is no commission when the project is complete or on future jobs with the same client.*

* Except in specific cases, if your agency has a special agreement with Sortlist.
How do I get billed?

You are billed each time you accept a new opportunity. Each opportunity has a specific value based on many factors such as the validations made by our team, the budget estimation, the popularity of the opportunity, etc. At this time, the only way to buy an opportunity is with a credit card. If you don’t have credit card, you can use a Paypal account as well .

How much do I have to invest in order to talk to a new client?

The amount required to accept an opportunity will change with each request. The Administrative Fee required for an opportunity depends on the validations made by our team, the budget estimation, the competition in your market, etc. Here is an estimation grid of the Administrative Fee that you might pay for an opportunity.

ClassBriefing’s budget estimationSortlist’s Administrative Fee*
Studio1k€-10k€50 €*
Studio & Agency10k€-20k€100 €*
Agency & Premium20k€-40k€200 €*
Premium>40k€400 €*
* The Administrative Fees shown in this table are estimations based only on the budget of the opportunity. The Administratives Fee could be lower or higher due to other factors such as the validations made by our team, the popularity of the project, etc. All the amounts are ex-VAT.

Any questions?

We are here to help.

  • Can I buy an opportunity once at a time?


    Yes. Administrative Fees can be paid at each request, and you can also receive discounted Administrative Fees with our plans.

  • Do the Administrative Fees included in my plan expire?


    The Administrative Fees included in plans are valid only during the lifetime of the plan. If the plan is cancelled, you lose these Administrative Fees. Accept opportunities that matter to you only when your team is ready to take the challenge.

  • Do I have to pay the Administrative Fee on each request?


    No. You are free to decline the briefing and not to talk to the client.

  • What happens if I don’t have any offered Administrative Fees from plan?


    You pay the full Administrative Fee when you want to accept the opportunity, or you pay the balance if you don’t have enough offered Administrative Fee to accept the opportunity.

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