Living Stone Success Story - Sortlist

Livingstone Success Story

Nous présentons les agences à Living Stone.

Voici leur histoire.

Projet: Digital Strategy


Sortlist really works. It’s like having an external organization that supports me in sales.

Could you describe your company?

Living Stone was founded in 1992. We’ve always been active in B2B marketing with a strong focus on technology, engineering companies and healthcare technology companies. I’m one of the Managing Partners at Living Stone.

How do you find new clients?

The business Development of all marketing agencies must be challenged. The way we’ve done Business Developement in the past was mostly word-of-mouth and especially outbound marketing.

Could you tell us more about your experience with Sortlist?

We heard about Sortlist through another agency and I looked into the website at that time and I thought 'why not try it?'. I’m very satisfied, I must say, because – I think it was just two months after we had started – I got in contact with a prospect. We immediately got a good personal 'click', we then came up with a marketing plan and today they still are a great customer who we work with.

What do you love most about the platform?

Sortlist really works. It’s like having an external organization that supports me in sales. When I receive a message from Sortlist, I immediately want to look at it.

What would you say to other agencies that don't know Sortlist?

If someone aske me 'why do you work with Sortlist?' or 'would you advise me to work with Sortlist?', I would say: try it. It will open up your eyes and show you that other businesses might also be interested in your services. You start by a simple phone call with the client. The first introduction has already been done by Sortlist, so basically it seems like if it’s already your second conversation with the customer.

How would you describe Sortlist?

Thinking about Sortlist, what kind of words pop up to my mind? That it’s fast and flexible. Sortlist quickly responds to any questions, comments or remarks we have. And they care about their customers. That’s what I really like. They listen to us. That is what Sortlist stands for. It’s a smart generator of new business.

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