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We are specialized in SMS Marketing for more than 9 years, We update our database in daily basis. We are the biggest SMS company in Qatar with the highest turnover in the country with the most efficient database and prestigious number of golden clients. The only company in Doha that has high infrastructure and dealt with government directly. 

 Mobile phones today are not any longer for communication only but furthermore for doing business. First of all, they're a source of information, and information as you know - is money as we are providing global SMS network connectivity.

M&M Marketing Agency offers BULK SMS at very competitive prices for international operators. SMS costs will vary depending on the number of SMS required and the targeted operators. Our SMS coverage includes more than 450 GSM operators. M&M Marketing Agency has one of the largest networks of all SMS providers, achieved through intelligent routing and an extensive partner network. This network extends to over 400 operators in 140 countries, so no matter where you want to send a message, we have you covered.

Send text messages online for better business communication. Sending mass SMS from mobile phones isn't a wise idea, especially when it comes to business communication. With the help of our online SMS service, you can now send text messages and SMS from computers on a large scale and in a convenient manner. Our web SMS services enable you to communicate with your colleagues, employees, suppliers, customers, affiliates and others by sending bulk text messages via our Messaging Platform. With our years of experience, we have developed a mass SMS solution that allows you to send text to phone from a computer, without downloading any software. M&M Marketing Agency simplifies the process of text messaging from a computer by helping you to send to any number of people at any time. Our online text message service gives you the power to send text messages from a computer to an unlimited number of people, within a short period of time, in the most cost-efficient ways.

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€7000 – €1000000
SMS AdvertisingBrand SMS MarketingSocial Media MarketingSEO/SEMBrandingWeb DesignWebsite Development


€1000 – €1000000

We have one of the most updated Email database for the region for 2018

Bulk Email PlatformEmail Marketing

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