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SegWitz Tech


About SegWitz Tech

SegWitz is a Malaysia Digital Agency born to help businesses in Malaysia in “digitization” , “digitalization” and “digital transformation“. Businesses in Malaysia are not really fighting competitively in the internet space. There are , but not many. The reason is that Malaysia do not really have the right platform to educate business owners on the importance of the Internet and how they can leverage the Internet to their success.

Segwitz will take away the perception that Technology is an expense. Having a website is not an expense. Having a management software is not expense. They are all an investment. Data gathering is a point which is overly out-looked here in Malaysia. Data is so power that it can bring a business down or up. Advanced data collection and analytics are a crucial process in the manufacturing industry and we believe that it will increase the efficiency of the production of the goods.

SegWitz is a Malaysia Digital Agency which offers Web Development Services , Mobile Application Development Services,Video Games Development Services ,Software Development Services and Graphics Designing Works. We will further grow into the Fintech , Internet of Things , Blockchains and Cyber Security in the coming days.

Services (2) offered by SegWitz Tech

Mobile App

€1000 – €1000000

Beautiful App Design There are 28 million apps in the Play Store and 2.2 million apps in the App Store. With so many competitions, what do you think are your chanced to deliver a winner ? EXTREMELY LOW !!! Unless you make it with the right person. -One design for your desktop, tab and mobile. -Beautiful and modern design that makes difference. -Boost your sales with strategically built user experience. Concept/Idea/: Before detailing , clearly define the purpose and mission. What is it going to do ? What is the core app is ? What problem is it going to solve ? Research: Ask this 5 questions. Why ? Where? What? Who? When? Designing: Defining user persona , wireframs (UX) , User Interface and System Design. This is a phase where we actually put together the system to see how it should look and how it should work. Development: We make sure the designs incorporate all the ideas collected during the earlier phase. We always keep the UX/UI in mind. We believe that having an app which is poorly designed is equal to not having an app. An app must be able to retain its users just with the beauty of it combines with the functionality.

Ionic 3
react native
Angular 2
App Design

Web Application

€1000 – €1000000

A business is more likely to position itself better with a web online presence. Social media are so mainstream , its not enough gain your potential customers’ trust. Have a website and rank up. -Get a design which suits, your business vibe.. -Website is your business's online employee working 24 hours finding leads. -Boost your sales with strategically built user experience. Process: Consultation Understanding how a business works inside and out is the first important thing we will do. This is to actually understand on how do the website benefits the business. There are times when clients do not really understand their requirement when making a website for internal management. By having a full grab on the business,we will be able to understand what to do and what not. We focus entirely on delivering a beautifully designed working site that actually leads to the growth of the business , because clients’ growth are our growth. Wire-frame The design of a website is very important. 10 years ago ,if you have a website,its good enough.But now,you have to have a website which is beautiful enough to retain users. There are ready made templates and custom made. We will evaluate and propose the right option to our clients. Business websites mostly built with ready made templates while internal management site or productivity softwares are custom made. Final Design We will deliver the site after testing . Clients must make a final overall check before accepting the site. We even suggest our clients to test using real customers and get their feedback or monitor their usage using heatmaps via tools like HotJar or CrazyEgg.

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