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Description of Phoenyxus

We're a Web Development agency focussed on helping startups build & launch their Minimum Viable Product online. We take you through the process of planning, developing & launching your MVP - and once you have that ready, we'll help market it, promote it online - thus helping you validate your business idea. 

We also provide full fledged Design & Development services for all kinds of online businessess from Blogs to large scale E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding Solutions & Creative Designs.

Services offered by Phoenyxus

Phoenyxus offers these services:

Experts in Web Application

We help plan, build & execute the launch of your online business - be it a blog or an Ecommerce website, or a custom solution. We have over 5 years experience in building various kinds of sites - Hiring Platforms, Ecommerce Platforms, Communications Portals, Facility Management Portals, Community Portals, and the like.

Experts in Digital Strategy

Plan & execute your entire Web Business with us - we help you define your Minimum Viable Product, build it for you, launch it - all within 10 days. We also take on Marketing & Promotion of the business, all with the goal of - validating your business idea!
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