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Description of Ocelott

Ocelott is an Istanbul-based interaction design and communication consultancy agency. The very foundations of its business model, which it briefly refers to as “Interaction Design and Consulting” are derived from scientific methods. With the idea of being a global player in mind, the company has achieved substantial growth in today’s extremely competitive and dynamic digital scene. By making itself available at strategic and operational levels, Ocelott has managed to generate added value to various brands both locally and globally. Ocelott’s unique business approach goes beyond just catering to obvious needs. To help its clients widen their perspectives and views of how they perceive today's digital and mobile scene, Ocelott acts as an external thinking mechanism that implements the right strategy for each specific case at hand. From consulting to hands-on production, Ocelott leads successful projects by incorporating Communication, Information Systems, Product Design, Marketing and VCD doctrines. Within this context, Ocelott provides: Interaction Design and Communication Consulting Services in the digital scene - Management of Digital Marketing Campaigns: Design, Implementation and Reporting - Brand Management and Corporate Identity Design - Social Media Strategy Consulting and Management Interaction Design, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Strategy, Brand Management, Communication Consulting, Marketing Campaigns

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