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Company Profile: It was in the year 1996 when Multimedia Informatics spread wings across and was set to fly high flights by working as a full service agency. Today with a diverse and dedicated clientele spreading across multiple brands there is no stopping. Two decades has surely strengthen and our zeal to serve our client better has kept us from rusting. In a Òbigger is always betterÓ marketplace, we recognize that the boldest or most comprehensive approach does not usually represent the best interests of our clients. We listen with care to what our clients have in mind Ðespecially the intentions behind the advertising needs they express Ðand communicate actively throughout the creative process to fit advertising solutions to their desired results. In a world of cut throat competition millions are spend to develop a brand, because brand they say is your promise of what you will deliver. It_s easier to lose a customer than retain one. You retain only if your brand is in safe hands. And Multimedia Informatics is that hand. A hand which will shape your brand just like potter moulds clay into a beautiful pot. Being heard amid of the roar of your competitor_s voices is a daunting task in today_s crowded marketplace. In a throne strangled environment we will pave the way for your brand. Just like a caring gardener would plant the roots deep in the soil. As a caring agency we assure that your brand is rooted deep in target audience imagination.

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