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Description of Konstellation

Konstellation is a digital advertising agency dedicated to developing meaningful digital experiences with high impact and great results. We call ourselves a Creative Digital Advertising Agency because we are equally focused on creativity and technology. We believe in the power of a great creative concept, we know how to create one and we have the technical knowledge to turn it into a great customer experience on digital platforms. We deliver creative online solutions that are innovative, unique and memorable. Konstellation was established in Copenhagen in 2006. Today the office consists of 25 talented employees and a bunch of freelancers. Wanna play?

Services offered by Konstellation

Konstellation offers these services:

Experts in Social Media

What if marketing created a solution so innovative, that it exceeded normal branding? A solution so interesting that independent media and bloggers worldwide wrote about it (free of charge), strictly due its never-before-seen wow-effect? That is not just airy dreams or half baked promises. That’s marketing innovation. It does not necessarily take a big brand to pull it off. Just a bold one.

Experts in Branding & Positioning

Brands rely on catching the consumer’s attention. This is best done by creating something worth talking about. It’s fairly simple: The more consumers can relate to the subject, the more they engage with each other and the brand. The emotional connection is crucial because it lets the brand be a facilitator rather than a teacher. Someone who doesn’t speak to, but with people. Thereby triggering the natural human urge to respond.
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