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Description of Immineo

Sick of always getting beat online by your competition? You should, if you want to win and be THE BRAND that people trust online.

It's 2016, time to start advertising in the present.

We're a new digital marketing agency that offers branding, design, web development, app development and digital/social media marketing services.

We specialize in social media marketing on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube and mobile app creation for iOS and Android.

We're a team of digital natives that will do everything to make your online presence memorable, exciting, fun and profitable using only the most modern techniques and tools available. And some that are only available to us.

Not sure if you should trust us? Drop us an e-mail; we will give you five tips on how to improve your online presence FOR FREE!

We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Services offered by Immineo

Immineo offers these services:

Experts in Social Media

We offer professional social media marketing services that include: 1. Community management 2. Ads management (Twitter, Facebook) 3. Digital strategy creation & execution 4. Snapchat video producing 5. Social media paid advertising plan creation & execution 6. Creation of graphics for social media channels

Experts in Graphic Design

Besides social media marketing, we offer visual communication services which include: 1. Caligraphy, 2. Typography, 3. Illustration, 4. Drawing & Painting, 5. Photography & Video Production, 6. Poster design, 7. Graphic communication, 8. Visual design, 9. Industrial design, 10. Brand Identity, 11. Logo design, 12. Book Design, 13. Editorial design, 14. Digital design

Examples of works

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

Graphic Designgraphic designer, web design agency, design expert, graphic design company, design specialist
Entertainment & Events
Logo Design

Logo Design

Graphic Designdesign expert, design specialist, web design agency, graphic designer, graphic design company
Logo Design

Logo Design

Graphic Designdesign specialist, web design agency, graphic designer, design expert, graphic design company
Art & Handcraft
Book Design

Book Design

Graphic Designdesign expert, graphic designer, web design agency, design specialist, graphic design company
Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Graphic Designgraphic designer, design specialist, graphic design company, web design agency, design expert
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