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It's Brand 3.0 now - enabling market advantage from user value: So, I define and design for brand place and purpose, with decision makers looking to attain a market advantage from a clearer sense of self, that enables winning culture and preparedness for the newly networked world. 'Design', then, needs to move past simply celebrating the surface of things, and we need to demand broader answers, to deeper questions - as such, design must work more to inspire people, than to simply push products. I'm interested in the 'brand of things', and increasingly the 'data of things' - culturally, economically, artistically, organizationally, ethically, personally - and as an outcome, apply a critical eye to 'brand of business' and/or the 'brand of me' in working with business transformation.  I am passionate about organizational culture and design, employer and personal branding, and how great design sets brands apart therein.

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Experts in Branding & Positioning

RELEVANCE matters most: who are you, and what makes you stand apart? The world deserves more difference today: when I see how even today businesses still choose to underinvest in, neglect, ignore, and underrate the effect of brand image, choosing to go an easy way and simply be average, and unremarkable. One way to affect this, is to affect brighter brands, that are built on a clear purpose and acted on with brave and bold action - and which are meaningful, memorable, characterful and actionable - so that we feel a little better about the products and businesses we engage with. Simply put, enchanting aesthetics and intelligent ideas - the blending of intuition and insight - push brands to become the most they can be, disrupting an increasingly similar world, so that both businesses and buyers benefit from rejuvenated belief, interest, delight, advocacy and engagement.
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