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About EOI Digital

EOI Digital is a result driven digital agency that is based in Hong Kong & Manila with a global representation. The company was founded by Roy Selbach (Malaysia Airlines, Vistaprint BV) & Amadeo Brands (Cyber Capital, Pink Elephant) from the Netherlands to provide solutions for companies to help them digitalize their business. With years of experience of large international companies we are helping businesses like you to become digital. Let’s move forward!

- Graphic Design

- Web Development

- Digital Marketing

We work hard to make the world better by providing businesses the ability to become digital. Through the power digital technologies, we offer the best possible results for every project we take on. Our vision is to transform the current traditional landscape and convert it into an all-digital optimized environment through empowerment of businesses with our 360° digital services.

Works (5) by EOI Digital

EOI Digital - Skyrocket your revenueJune 2019
Krakakoa - Social Media Segmented Ad FunnelMarch 2019
Ta2lab - Full Brand PositioningMay 2019
Sprinto - Social Media Content CurationMay 2019
Fitwear Fashion - Website & AnimationsMay 2019

Services (3) offered by EOI Digital

Digital Strategy

Marketing Strategies are constantly changing, is your brand ready? The future of marketing is online. We believe in the power of digital marketing and our campaigns prove this. We use a careful selection of digital marketing tools tailored for your business to ensure the best outcomes. This involves organizing digital marketing campaigns, creating content for your website, doing search engine optimization, starting social media interaction and rolling out paid advertisement campaigns. We can help you achieve all this and boost your brand to getting the attention it deserves.

Social Media

Leverage the power of social media. Social Media in itself has grown to be this whole other dimension and it can get overwhelming. Your content has to be consistent but interesting enough for people to take notice. At the same time, it has to reflect your brand all the way and is a big part of your overall branding. Social Media is where people will get updates about your latest products and events so it’s important for it to be attractive and easy to understand. With people’s attention span growing shorter and shorter, social media content has to be well thought of and carefully planned for it to succeed in getting a wide audience to take notice. From the photo to the caption and keywords used, it all has an effect. An effective social media content strategy can get your brand viral and bring you a huge influx of visitors in a short amount of time.

Branding & Positioning

The attention your brand deserves. Your corporate identity is what keeps your business on brand and consistent while displaying any material from your brand. As a brand style guide, it involves everything that defines your business from your personality, character to the way your brand expresses itself. It’s how you can make your business distinct in the way you present it to the world from your business cards, letterheads to brochures. It’s your brand’s way of physically expressing your company’s culture. This communication style and behavior is vital in maintaining a good image for your business. It will be vital in all the relationships your business plans to make as this will guide them towards your style and whether it fits theirs as well. Your corporate identity will make you actualize your business’s brand and make you stand out from your competition.

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Erik Brands  2 months ago




EOI Digital helped me and my clients to get a better understanding of Blockchain technology and supported me with my branding and Digital marketing I loved working with them and would recommend them.

Anurak Wanaporn  2 months ago

Logo BKK



I know the two founders for quite some time. As both are super ambitious and knowledgable in what they do. This is mainly because they have worked for large-scale corporations and you can see the professionalism from that. I mainly use them for whitelabeling their creative artwork. The price & quality is outstanding and nothing compare any. I exactly don't want to promote them, since I want them to work for me alone =D. But anyways, guys you deserve a review like this! Goodluck to you!

Chris Hawk  2 months ago

Fitwear Fashion



Having a start-up company is not easy! While I'm focused on the business, I was looking for a strong partner who could handle my branding & digital marketing efforts. EOI Digital helped me create a webshop, brand identity and helped me with setting up segmented nurture retargeting campaignes, which helped me generate an ROI of more than 1.700%! I actually; never heard of sequenced social ads and this was even possible. They showed me that follow-up animations in the sequence that you want; increase the likelihood of a purchase of a website visitor. While many companies just focus on themselves, EOI Digital helped me grow my company! 5 Stars, highly recommended!