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Description of comRatings Ltd.

讯实网络(ComRatings)是中国领先的数字媒体用户行为测量和分析技术公司。我们致力于使用创新的数字媒体用户测量和分析技术,基于海量的互联网用户行为数据平台,实时动态地测量和分析数字媒体的用户使用行为,为广告主和媒体提供用户定向(Audience Targeting)的精准营销,有效找到目标用户,帮助互联网广告和营销客户购买用户而不是流量,不断提高网络营销的投资回报率。 ComRatings is the leading digital audience measurement & analytics technology company in China. Based on innovative digital audience measurement technology, proprietary audience analytics methodology, and massive click stream platform, our mission is to measure and organize the China's online audiences in real time, and to provide real-time audience targeting, so that advertisers and agencies are able to deliver the right advertisement or content to the right audience at the right time and price.

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