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Description of boomarkt agency

We are a multimedia advertisement agency. We focus on software development, marketing, design, film production and postproduction. Our members have worked on top projects with Coca-cola company, Samsung, PDVSA , Chevron Texaco, etc. We've even produced a group of apps in house that help people find what they're looking for.  Our mission is to create and empower projects, from start ups to production. We'd love to hear from you, we guarantee the best results at competitive rates.

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boomarkt agency offers these services:

Experts in Mobile App

We build custom tailored apps and software to match customer's necessities, most of the time a customer will approach us with a specific need. Our job is to find solutions that exceed and impress our customers. One example is our in house app Boomarkt. Boomarkt is a relationship of multiple apps that interact with a single purpose. From the general public point of view, it helps users find what they're looking for. Establishments, cupons, produccts and events related to a location and niche are some of the many items that can be found in Boomarkt. for more information please visit:

Experts in Branding & Positioning

For us, understanding our customer is paramount. Personality and strengths over flaws are the key to a successful brand launch. We asses the environment where the brand will develop and help our customer's personality and traits shine towards the direction that audience will listen to. All of these parameters are our building blocks to create the look and feel of a brand. From aesthetics to communication.
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