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Creativity and Innovation in a Total Agency 🚀
🇺🇸 🇬🇧 We are an interactive communication and digital advertising agency with over 14 years of expertise in the most innovative areas and services in the online world. With a dedicated team of over 60 professionals operating from our offices in Spain, Portugal, Miami, Mexico, and Colombia, we craft global strategies that are agile, transparent, practical, and cost-effectivee, making the objectives of our clients our top priority. Adopting a data-driven approach, we enhance the digital value of your brand and products to optimize KPIs and generate a positive ROI. But numbers mean nothing without creativity, so we elevate creativity to a core element in our executions, providing distinctive and successful elements every time. Our services include: - Digital Consulting and Strategy - UX and Design Thinking - Front and Back End Programming - Full E-Commerce - Design and Content - Paid Media - Influencer Marketing - AI Integrations - Growth Marketing - Motion Graphics Get in touch with us, and let's achieve remarkable things together! ··· ____________________________________________··· 🇪🇸 🇨🇴 🇲🇽 Somos una agencia de comunicación interactiva y publicidad digital con más de 14 años de experiencia en las áreas y servicios más innovadores del mundo online. Con un equipo de más de 60 profesionales desde nuestras oficinas en España, Portugal, Miami, México y Colombia desarrollamos estrategias globales ágiles, transparentes, prácticas y costo-eficientes haciendo de los objetivos de nuestros clientes, la prioridad número uno. Desde una visión basada en datos, incrementamos el valor digital de tu marca y productos para optimizar los KPIs y generar ROI positivo. Pero los números no son nada sin creatividad, así que hacemos de ella, un pilar fundamental en nuestras ejecuciones proporcionando elementos de diferenciación y éxito. Nuestros servicios: - Consultoría y Estrategia Digital - UX y Design Thinking - Programación Front y Back End - Full E-Commerce - Diseño y Contenidos - Paid Media - Influencer Marketing - Integraciones con IA - Growth Marketing - Motion Graphics Contáctanos y hagamos grandes cosas juntos. ··· ____________________________________________··· 🇵🇹 Somos uma agência de comunicação e publicidade digital com mais de 14 anos de experiência nas áreas e serviços mais inovadores do mundo online. Com uma equipa de mais de 60 profissionais nos nossos escritórios em Espanha, Portugal, Miami, México e Colômbia, desenvolvemos estratégias globais ágeis, transparentes, práticas e rentáveis, tendo como prioridade os objetivos dos nossos clientes. A partir de uma visão baseada em dados, aumentamos o valor digital da tua marca e produtos para otimizar os KPIs e gerar um ROI positivo. Mas os números não são nada sem criatividade, é por isso que a consideramos um pilar fundamental nas nossas execuções, fornecendo elementos de diferenciação e sucesso. Os nossos serviços: - Estratégia e Consultoria Digital - UX e Design Thinking - Programação Front e Back End - Full E-Commerce - Design e conteúdo - Paid Media - Influencer Marketing - Integrações de IA - Growth Marketing - Motion Graphics Contacta-nos e vamos fazer grandes coisas juntos.
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Speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish
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Founded in 2009
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  • Description
    We provide a complete and customized solution to boost your business in the world of e-commerce and achieve online success, focusing on:
    Custom Online Store Design: We create attractive and fully customized online stores that reflect your brand's identity and offer a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

    Reliable and Scalable E-commerce Platforms: We implement robust and scalable e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, that adapt to the specific needs of your business and allow you to grow without limits.

    Optimization for Conversion: We design your online store with a focus on conversion optimization, using intuitive design and navigation techniques to guide visitors towards purchase and increase conversion rates.

    Product Catalog Management: We configure and manage your product catalog efficiently, optimizing descriptions, images, and categories to facilitate customer search and navigation.

    Integration of Secure Payment Methods: We integrate a variety of secure and convenient payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, among others, to offer a seamless shopping experience and increase customer trust.

    Continuous Support and Maintenance: We offer ongoing technical support and regular maintenance to ensure that your online store is always operating optimally and free from technical issues.

    Performance Analysis and Optimization: We use analytical tools to monitor the performance of your online store, identify areas for improvement, and optimize the user experience to increase sales and maximize the return on investment.
    Skills in E-commerce (15)
    eCommerce MarketingMarket LaunchMagento EcommerceDigital CommerceOnline EcommerceShopify MarketingOnline storeEcommerceEcommerce WebsiteEcommerce Analytics+5
    Works in E-commerce (6)
    Carter Cash - Web Analytics - E-commerce
    Klass Wagen - Web & Paid media Analytics - E-commerce
    SEO La Tartina: Visibility and Positioning - E-commerce
    Inquieto Dashboard: Key KPI Analysis - E-commerce
    Reviews in E-commerce (4)
    Alberto Fernandez
    Miguel Ángel Manchón
    César Lorences Ruiz
    Ana Bravo Coderque
    Clients in E-commerce (6)
    La TartinaFood | regional
    Carter-CashAutomotive | national
    Movistar ArenaEntertainment & Events | international
    ElectroDepotE-commerce | national

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  • Description
    At Bluecell, we elevate marketing with our specialized Growth Marketing service, focusing on innovative strategies and tactics designed to accelerate your company's growth, effectively attract customers, and maximize your return on investment.
    Our Growth Marketing service includes:
    Growth Hacking: We apply creative and cost-effective tactics to quickly grow and acquire customers, always searching for the most efficient and effective ways to boost your business.

    Customer Acquisition: We focus on effective strategies to acquire new customers, using detailed market analysis to identify and capture your target audience.

    Growth Audit: We conduct thorough audits to identify growth opportunities in your business, evaluating your current strategies and proposing data-driven improvements.

    CTR Optimization: We optimize your advertising campaigns to improve the Click-Through Rate (CTR), ensuring your ads generate more clicks and, consequently, more conversions.

    Lead Acquisition & Inbound Lead Generation: We specialize in acquiring leads and generating inbound leads, attracting quality prospects through engaging content and inbound marketing techniques.

    B2B Lead Generation & Lead Management: We offer specialized solutions in lead generation and management for B2B businesses, ensuring a steady flow of high-quality leads.

    Lead Qualification & Conversion Rate Optimization: We qualify leads to ensure your team focuses on the most promising prospects and optimize your conversion rate to maximize the results of your marketing efforts.

    Lead Outreach & Lead Nurturing: We establish effective strategies for lead outreach and nurturing, ensuring that prospects remain engaged and progress through the sales funnel.
    At Bluecell, we combine these key Growth Marketing skills to create a comprehensive approach that not only increases your customers and sales but also builds a solid foundation for the sustained growth of your business. With our expertise and customized strategies, your company is destined to reach new heights in the competitive business world.
    Skills in Growth Marketing (13)
    Inbound Lead GenerationLead GenerationLead NurturingConversion Rate OptimizationGrowth HackingCustomer AcquisitionLead ManagementB2B Lead GenerationLead AcquisitionLead Outreach+3
    Works in Growth Marketing (5)
    Clinica del Country and Clinica La Colina - UX - Growth Marketing
    Faber Castell - Social Media - Growth Marketing
    Decathlon Colombia - Social Media - Growth Marketing
    SEO La Tartina: Visibility and Positioning - Growth Marketing
    Clients in Growth Marketing (5)
    Decathlon ColombiaClothing & Accessories | national
    Clinica del Country and Clinica La ColinaHospitals & Healthcare | international
    Faber CastellArt & Handcraft | international
    ATAM Clinical TeamHospitals & Healthcare | national

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  • Description
    At Bluecell, we offer bold and adaptive strategies designed to drive your business towards sustainable success. With a focus on measurable outcomes and limitless creativity, we guarantee a path towards differentiation and growth in an ever-evolving market.
    Our added value lies in several key aspects:
    Deep Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of the market, competition, and trends relevant to your industry. This allows us to identify opportunities and challenges that may impact your business.

    Creativity and Innovation: We are constantly seeking new ways to address business challenges and find unique opportunities to differentiate you in the market. Our creativity and innovation allow us to think beyond the conventional and propose innovative solutions that boost your business.

    Adaptability and Flexibility: We understand that the business environment is constantly changing. Therefore, we quickly adapt to new circumstances and adjust our strategies as necessary to ensure that your company remains agile and competitive in an evolving market.

    Focus on Measurable Results: We are committed to delivering tangible and measurable results. We use key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the success of our strategies and adjust them as necessary to ensure that we are meeting your business objectives and aspirations.

    Expert Advice: Our team is composed of strategy experts with experience across a wide range of industries. We provide you with personalized and evidence-based advice to help you make informed decisions that drive your company's growth.
    Skills in Digital Strategy (7)
    Digital EntrepreneurshipDigital ConsultingDigital ExpertiseDigitalizationDigital TransitionDigital InnovationDigital Marketing Strategy
    Works in Digital Strategy (18)
    Clinica del Country and Clinica La Colina - UX - Digital Strategy
    Spotify - Aitana Album Promotion and Launch - Digital Strategy
    Klass Wagen - Web & Paid media Analytics - Digital Strategy
    J Balvin 'Jose' Album Launch - Universal + Spotify - Digital Strategy
    Reviews in Digital Strategy (11)
    José Manuel Doncel
    Juan Carlos Moyano
    Jose Luis Fernandez
    Gabriel Francisco Afanador
    Clients in Digital Strategy (18)
    SpotifyEntertainment & Events | international
    PfizerPharmaceuticals & Biotech | national
    Clinica del Country and Clinica La ColinaHospitals & Healthcare | international
    Universal MusicEntertainment & Events | international

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  • Description
    Let us support you in creating and managing your website. At Bluecell, we offer:
    Customized and Professional Design: We create tailor-made websites that reflect your brand's identity and values, ensuring an exceptional user experience and making a lasting impression on your visitors from the very first moment.

    Mobile Optimization and SEO: We develop responsive websites that adapt to any device and are optimized for search engines (SEO), which guarantees greater online visibility and improved ranking in search results.

    Advanced Functionalities: We incorporate advanced features according to your needs, such as contact forms, social media integration, online stores, online bookings, and more, to enhance interaction with your customers and increase conversions.

    Ease of Management and Update: We implement intuitive and easy-to-use content management systems (CMS) like WordPress or Shopify, which allow you to manage and update your website content independently without the need for technical knowledge.

    Security and Maintenance: We ensure the security of your website by implementing advanced protection measures, such as SSL certificates and regular software updates, to protect your data and your customers' information.

    Continuous Technical Support: We offer ongoing technical support to solve any problems or questions you might have with your website, ensuring that it always operates optimally and without issues.

    Performance Analysis and Optimization: We use analytical tools to track the performance of your website, identify areas for improvement, and optimize its operation to ensure a smooth user experience and maximum return on investment.
    With our Website Creation service, you get not just an impressive site, but also a powerful tool to grow your business online. From design to implementation, we are here to turn your vision into a successful digital reality.
    Skills in Website Creation (8)
    ElementorWebsite DevelopmentResponsive Web DesignMagento Web DevelopmentSmall Business Web DesignWebsite OptimizationMultilingual WebsiteWebsite Design
    Works in Website Creation (8)
    Clinica del Country and Clinica La Colina - UX - Website Creation
    Yo Decido - Casa de la Esclerosis Múltiple - MERCK - Website Creation
    Alejandro Sanz - Management and strategy in S.M. - Website Creation
    Rappipay: Interactive Landing and QR Technology - Website Creation
    Reviews in Website Creation (9)
    Ana Bravo Coderque
    Sara Murgioni
    Maria Dolores Risueño
    Eduardo Ayala
    Clients in Website Creation (8)
    Universal MusicEntertainment & Events | international
    Clinica del Country and Clinica La ColinaHospitals & Healthcare | international
    SM EditorialPublishing | national
    MERCKHospitals & Healthcare | international

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  • Description
    At Bluecell, we specialize in transforming the way your business interacts and grows in the digital environment through our advanced offering in Artificial Intelligence services. Our unique perspective combines cutting-edge skills with customized strategies, ensuring that you fully leverage AI technologies to boost your business.
    Our focus on Artificial Intelligence services includes:
    AI Strategy: We develop comprehensive AI strategies tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. This involves meticulous planning that encompasses everything from early technology adoption to its implementation and scalability.

    Virtual Assistant & ChatGPT Consulting: We implement virtual assistants and offer consulting on technologies like ChatGPT, enhancing the efficiency of your operations and enriching your customers' experience.

    Generative AI: We use generative AI to create innovative content and creative solutions, from digital marketing to product design, opening up a world of possibilities for your brand.

    Marketing Optimization: We apply AI techniques to optimize your marketing campaigns, ensuring that every ad, content, or social media strategy is finely tuned to reach your target audience most effectively.

    AI Expertise: Our team consists of AI experts, ensuring that you receive the best advice and technical support in the implementation and management of AI solutions.

    AI Image Generation: We revolutionize the way you generate visual content by using AI-based image generation tools, creating stunning and unique visuals for your brand.

    Chatbots & AI Customer Service: We enhance customer service with intelligent chatbots and AI-based customer service solutions, providing quick and accurate responses to your customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

    AI Research: We stay at the forefront of AI research, ensuring that your business is always up-to-date with the latest trends and technological advancements in this field.
    At Bluecell, we combine these key AI skills to offer you a significant competitive advantage, ensuring that your business not only stays relevant but leads in the digital era. With us, your journey towards digital transformation will be smooth, innovative, and filled with success.
    Skills in Artificial Intelligence (14)
    AI ResearchAI StrategyLarge Language Models (LLM)ChatbotsSpeech RecognitionImage RecognitionAI Customer ServiceGenerative AIChatGPT ConsultingAI Expertise+4
    Works in Artificial Intelligence (3)
    CelIA: The Avatar Created in Bluecell - Artificial Intelligence
    AI Virtual Assistant for WhatsApp - Artificial Intelligence
    Enfamil: Multichannel Marketing Strategy - Artificial Intelligence
    Review in Artificial Intelligence (1)
    Felipe Cantor
    Clients in Artificial Intelligence (3)
    BluecellMarketing & Advertising | international
    EnfamilHospitals & Healthcare | international
    Bluecell ComunicaciónMarketing & Advertising | international

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  • Description
    With our Content Strategy service at Bluecell, we offer you the opportunity to create and distribute relevant, valuable, and compelling content that attracts, engages, and converts your audience, driving the growth and success of your online business. Our approach includes:
    Strategic Content Planning: We develop customized strategic content plans that align with your company's business and marketing objectives, identifying topics, formats, and channels to maximize the impact and relevance of your content.

    Audience Research and Analysis: We conduct thorough research on your target audience, including their interests, needs, and online behaviors, to create content that resonates with them and generates interest and engagement.

    Topic Development and Editorial Calendar: We create topics and an editorial calendar to guide content creation and distribution over time, ensuring balanced coverage of relevant topics and seasonal opportunities.

    Original and Engaging Content Creation: We produce original and engaging content in a variety of formats, such as blog articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, and social media, to inform, educate, and entertain your audience, positioning you as a thought leader in your industry.

    SEO and Keyword Optimization: We optimize your content for search engines (SEO), using strategic keywords and best practices in technical optimization to increase visibility and organic traffic to your website.

    Content Distribution and Promotion: We implement content distribution and promotion strategies to amplify its reach and maximize its impact, using channels like social media, email, influencer marketing, and online advertising.

    Tracking and Analytics: We monitor the performance of your content using advanced analytics tools, evaluating metrics like traffic, engagement, conversions, and ROI to measure success and adjust our strategies as needed.

    Continuous Optimization and Improvement: Based on data and audience feedback, we continuously iterate and improve our content strategy, identifying improvement opportunities and adjusting tactics to maximize impact and return on investment.
    Skills in Content Strategy (8)
    Target Audience DefinitionStorytellingShareable ContentSocial Content StrategySpecification WritingMultilingual ContentBlogging StrategyContent Advertising
    Works in Content Strategy (12)
    Carter Cash - Web Analytics - Content Strategy
    MERCK - Influencer Marketing - Content Strategy
    Gala EQUAL - Promoting Equality in Music - Content Strategy
    Klass Wagen - Web & Paid media Analytics - Content Strategy
    Review in Content Strategy (1)
    Zenobia Lara Hernandez Pinzon
    Clients in Content Strategy (12)
    MERCKHospitals & Healthcare | international
    VodafoneTelecommunications | international
    SpotifyEntertainment & Events | international
    Klass WagenAutomotive | international

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  • Description
    At Bluecell, we offer innovative and visually stunning 3D content creation that captures attention and captivates your audience through:
    Creativity and Visual Realism: Our 3D production team creates visually impressive and highly realistic content using advanced technology and rendering techniques to achieve astonishing results.

    Customization and Adaptability: We create customized 3D content tailored to your specific needs, from product models and architectural visualizations to character animations and virtual worlds, ensuring that each project uniquely reflects your brand's vision and objectives.

    Versatility of Applications: We provide a broad range of applications for 3D content, including business presentations, promotional materials, educational content, interactive simulations, games, and immersive virtual reality (VR) experiences, to meet all your visual communication needs.

    Professionalism and Quality: We commit to delivering the highest quality 3D content, working with industry artists and experts and using cutting-edge software and technology to ensure outstanding and professional results in every project.

    Innovation and Creativity: We develop creative and innovative concepts for your 3D projects, exploring new ideas and techniques to stand out in a competitive market and differentiate from the competition.

    Optimization for Digital Platforms: We design 3D content optimized for distribution on digital platforms such as websites, social media, mobile apps, and virtual reality platforms, ensuring an impressive visual experience and optimal compatibility on any device.

    Strategic Promotion and Distribution: We develop promotion and distribution strategies for your 3D content, using digital marketing techniques like SEO, online advertising, and content marketing to increase visibility, reach, and maximize impact on your audience.

    Results Measurement and Analytics: We track the performance of your 3D content using analytics tools to measure key metrics such as views, interactions, and conversions, providing you valuable insights to evaluate the success of your projects and optimize future productions.
    Skills in 3D (12)
    3D Architecture3D Rendering3D Animation3D Modeling3D PrintingIndustrial Design3D Design3D Visualisation3D Game Development3D Product Rendering+2
    Works in 3D (3)
    Illustrated Stories: Break the Circle Nutricia - 3D
    CelIA: The Avatar Created in Bluecell - 3D
    Enfamil: Multichannel Marketing Strategy - 3D
    Clients in 3D (3)
    BluecellMarketing & Advertising | international
    EnfamilHospitals & Healthcare | international
    NutriciaOthers | national

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  • Description
    In our advertising service at Bluecell, we blend innovation, creativity, and strategy to develop impactful advertising campaigns that capture the essence of your brand and communicate it to the world. We specialize in creating advertisements that not only catch the eye but also forge an emotional connection with the target audience. Our team works closely with each client to understand their business objectives and audience, ensuring campaigns that are both relevant and effective.

    Innovation and Creativity: We combine innovative approaches with creative execution to develop advertising campaigns that truly stand out.

    Emotional Connection: Our ads do more than catch the eye—they build an emotional connection with the target audience, enhancing brand loyalty and engagement.

    Customized Campaigns: We work closely with each client to understand their business objectives and audience, ensuring that every campaign is relevant and precisely targeted.

    Comprehensive Solutions: From conceptualization to execution, our services include graphic design, copywriting, multimedia production, and media planning.

    Close Collaboration: Our team collaborates closely with clients to ensure that all aspects of the advertising campaign align with their vision and goals.

    Utilization of Latest Trends and Technologies: We stay ahead of industry trends and leverage the latest technologies to maximize the impact and reach of your campaigns.

    Maximized ROI: Our strategic approach ensures that your advertising investment is optimized, achieving maximum returns through precise targeting and timely execution.

    From conceptualization to execution, we offer comprehensive solutions that include graphic design, copywriting, multimedia production, and media planning. We are committed to innovation and utilizing the latest trends and technologies to ensure that your message reaches the right audience at the right time, thereby maximizing the return on your advertising investment.
    Skills in Advertising (13)
    Business AdvertisingWeb AdvertisingEthical AdvertisingGuerilla AdvertisingAdvertising ProductionDisplay MarketingAdvertising CampaignSocial AdvertisingGraphic Design AdvertisingMulti Channel Advertising+3
    Works in Advertising (5)
    Carter Cash - Web Analytics - Advertising
    Klass Wagen - Web & Paid media Analytics - Advertising
    Kymco: Kymco Like 125 Launched - Advertising
    Clandestine Sun in E-Commerce and Social Networks - Advertising
    Review in Advertising (1)
    Sandra Cid
    Clients in Advertising (5)
    Carter-CashAutomotive | national
    Decathlon ColombiaSports | international
    Clandestine SunE-commerce | international
    Kymco SpainAutomotive | national

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  • Description
    We offer you the opportunity to stand out in a saturated market and create a strong, enduring brand that resonates with your customers and propels you towards long-term success through:
    Brand Identity Development: We create a unique and memorable brand identity that reflects the values, personality, and vision of your company, ensuring an emotional connection with your target audience.

    Logo and Visual Elements Design: We design a distinctive logo and cohesive visual elements that convey the essence of your brand and stand out at all touchpoints, from your website to your social media profiles.

    Compelling Brand Narrative: We develop a compelling brand narrative that authentically and engagingly tells your company's story, connecting with your customers and differentiating you from the competition.

    Brand Positioning Strategy: We define a clear brand positioning strategy that identifies your unique place in the market and helps you stand out among the crowd, thus increasing your relevance and visibility.

    Brand Style Guide: We create a comprehensive brand style guide that establishes clear guidelines for the consistent use of your visual elements, brand voice, and key messages across all communications, ensuring coherence in your brand image.

    Brand Reputation Management: We monitor and manage your brand's reputation online, responding proactively to customer comments and criticism to protect and strengthen your public image.

    Strategic Branding Campaigns: We develop strategic and creative branding campaigns that generate awareness and engagement with your brand, establishing a lasting emotional connection with your target audience.

    Competition and Market Trend Analysis: We conduct a thorough analysis of the competition and market trends to identify opportunities and challenges that may affect your brand positioning, ensuring a relevant and competitive strategy.
    Skills in Branding & Positioning (28)
    Global BrandingBrandingCorporate IdentityVisual IdentityBrand StrategyBrand IdentityBrand DevelopmentEmployer BrandingCorporate BrandingDigital Branding+18
    Works in Branding & Positioning (17)
    Carter Cash - Web Analytics - Branding & Positioning
    Clinica del Country and Clinica La Colina - UX - Branding & Positioning
    MERCK - Influencer Marketing - Branding & Positioning
    Gala EQUAL - Promoting Equality in Music - Branding & Positioning
    Reviews in Branding & Positioning (2)
    Juan Fernando Uribe
    Gregorio Olmeda
    Clients in Branding & Positioning (17)
    ATAMMedia | national
    SM EditorialPublishing | national
    Decathlon ColombiaSports | international
    Clandestine SunE-commerce | international

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  • Description
    We help you build a solid and engaged social media community that increases the visibility and engagement of your brand, strengthening relationships with your followers to drive growth and long-term success.
    Here’s how we support you:
    Community Building: We create and nurture strong social media communities around your brand, encouraging active participation, loyalty, and interaction among your followers to strengthen their emotional connection with your brand.

    Personalized Attention: We provide personalized attention to your audience, responding quickly and efficiently to their questions and comments, and offering exceptional customer service that enhances customer satisfaction and your brand's reputation.

    Content Creation: We generate original and relevant content that resonates with your audience and fosters engagement, using a variety of formats and styles such as text posts, images, videos, and polls to keep the community interested and engaged.

    Crisis and Reputation Management: We are prepared to handle crisis situations and manage negative feedback in a professional and effective manner, protecting your brand’s reputation and strategically managing public perception.

    Data Analysis and Trend Monitoring: We utilize analytics tools to monitor the performance of your social media, measure community engagement, and analyze trends and behavior patterns, providing you valuable insights to optimize your content and engagement strategies.

    Campaigns and Special Activations: We design and execute special campaigns and activations on social media to promote events, product launches, or other marketing initiatives, increasing your brand's visibility and generating excitement and participation among your followers.

    Collaboration with Influencers and Partners: We facilitate collaboration with relevant influencers and partners to amplify your reach and increase community engagement, leveraging existing relationships and establishing new strategic partnerships for mutual benefit.
    Skills in Community Management (11)
    Youtube Community ManagementCommunity Management ExternalizationContent ProductionFacebook Community ManagementInstagram Community ManagementCommunity BuildingLinkedIn Community ManagementMonthly ReportingTwitter Community ManagementComment Moderation+1
    Works in Community Management (3)
    Faber Castell - Social Media - Community Management
    Yo Decido - Casa de la Esclerosis Múltiple - MERCK - Community Management
    Alejandro Sanz - Management and strategy in S.M. - Community Management
    Clients in Community Management (3)
    MERCKHospitals & Healthcare | international
    Universal MusicEntertainment & Events | international
    Faber CastellArt & Handcraft | international

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StoryWe were born in 2009, in 2013 we opened in Bogotá, in 2015 in CDMX and Lisbon and in 2016 in Miami. Through partners we also work in Dubai.
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41 reviews for Bluecell

(41 reviews)
Tania GómezStore COnept Leader at Decathlon
ServiceGraphic Design
Team501 - 1000

The objective of our collaboration was to design spaces in Decathlon stores in Mexico, as well as produce and install printed materials for point of sale. We requested proposals to enhance the store ambiance and highlight the services and products we offer. What I enjoyed the most during our collaboration was the team's willingness to address doubts or new requests. I would also like to highlight Bluecell's problem-solving abilities in any situation, as these aspects have created a valuable relationship between Decathlon and the agency, strengthening our trust day by day.

ServiceGraphic Design
Team501 - 1000

Miguel Ángel ManchónE-Commerce Tech at García Carrión

The objective of our collaboration was to improve and develop the website, as well as enhance e-commerce sales. What I enjoyed the most during our collaboration was feeling supported in the pursuit of constant innovation to strategically and creatively stand out.


Roland Alexander BloomfieldSales Manager at LA TARTINA CAKE & COFFEE SHOP
ServiceWebsite Creation
Team1 - 10

The objective of our collaboration was to create a website for our new digital strategy and also strengthen other communication channels. What I enjoyed the most during our collaboration was interacting with excellent professionals who made the process of research and design smooth and enjoyable, transforming and bringing our digital fantasies into a very concrete reality.

ServiceWebsite Creation
Team1 - 10

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